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  1. Page breaks for wide reports
  2. Integration with .net assemblies
  3. Double linking field value in child table
  4. onclick field appear
  5. How to add email confirmation
  6. Alpha Temporarily Locks
  7. How to update the Supercontrol Webbrowser?
  8. Using buttons in embedded browse
  9. Print Database Structure
  10. Disable all shortcuts accept the shortcut's I defined
  11. retaining calculated fields on record update
  12. Keeping a Form with drop/add to dbf
  13. Inserting records.
  14. sql update from variable
  15. Xbaxic: why does this not work?
  16. A5v9 Heirarchy... Does it exist?
  17. Embedded browse: show fieldname and recordnumber?
  18. Can't open a set
  19. Getting a list of users
  20. Damage Limitations!
  21. Kiosk application
  22. MS Outlook and signatures
  23. Concept question about QODBC Quickbooks
  24. Date, Calendar, Group Count Help
  25. SQL argument list help
  26. Rebuild Index Error
  27. Insert a variable a form
  28. Debugger Crashes in both V8 and V9 Desktop
  29. Date Query - Slow response time
  30. Buttons disappear
  31. Help not printing off in expected order
  32. Find by Index Method
  33. Administrator password
  34. How do I get original fields values?
  35. Calculated field
  36. A5v9 Filtering Lookup
  37. Adding picture or images jpg
  38. xdialog return value
  39. Quick Summarize question
  40. Invoice Reports Menu AlphaSports
  41. what is the best approach?
  42. 2 days spent on a form design HELP
  43. Display in windows 7
  44. Transpose riddle
  45. v9 bugs forcing me to v10
  46. John's automation thread?
  47. Link records in Browse to Form
  48. "Spooler subsystem corrupted"
  49. Help with If statement
  50. Which records cause error on append op
  51. Scrolling on a form
  52. Reading a record from an SQL Select Statement
  53. parts explosion report
  54. Reading Only 1st record from an SQL select
  55. Search substring of numeric fields
  56. Passive Link table enumeration
  57. Selecting active records only.
  58. Query multible records the query against sql
  59. Print Field Conditionally Bold
  60. User Password Self Maintenence
  61. Help doing query on only records from another query
  62. Printing Mailing Labels
  63. Field Events
  64. tabbed forms with 2 rows of tabs
  65. Tablesum() to get totals do not work
  66. Transfer value upon click inside a browse
  67. Advice on Word Documents
  68. export from memo fields causes loss of hard returns
  69. size of character fields
  70. putting variables in memo fields
  71. Report "order" problem
  72. How to upgrade an App
  73. Square in char field
  74. x_dialog Killfocus event
  75. Windows7 and Alpha9
  76. Best way to enter data in browse with xdialog form
  77. Report preview: PDF concatenate
  78. default text in a memo field
  79. license query
  80. Using multiple sets of tables with a single application
  81. How to change the color of buttons in xdialog
  82. How do I change the date format in a report?
  83. New problems with Form
  84. Mail report and fetch to next record using a filter
  85. xdialog background color
  86. Child records mix up
  87. New Computer Install of A5V9 cannot find NetMailer
  88. Script disappears!!
  89. Edit calculator form
  90. Saving Calculated fields to table from form
  91. Need help on xbasic calculator
  92. How to run a .lnk shortcut program using Xbasic?
  93. Windows 7 64 bit
  94. Value in a field from next record
  95. Misbehavior with more than 29 child tables
  96. bubble help...
  97. sys_print not printing pdf file
  98. Variable not found
  99. Help exporting records
  100. differences between code command file and the code in a command button on a form
  101. Copy value from form to newly opened form
  102. Cannot export report to PDF, Excel, etc.
  103. Mask on Variable Field on Form?
  104. Time field won't display on letter
  105. Blank pages at the beginning of reports
  106. Building a LQO query
  107. Help with condition formula
  108. selling Alpha apps on the web
  109. Button On Preview But Don't Print It
  110. common editable values linked from a field?
  111. error on trying to locate text
  112. UDF for Print layout
  113. 2 A5 Databases With A Common Tbl
  114. Missing date "slashes" in date fields
  115. Hiding "Navigation" tabs at the bottom of forms in v9
  116. How to clear and array
  117. Formatting Shorttime field in letter
  118. If statement for numeric variable values
  119. How to test for empty result set from an SQL Select Statement
  120. Problem with loading Startup Form on Shadowed db
  121. Terminal Server Shadowed vs. Not Shadowed
  122. Global Variables are not updating.
  123. Layout is locked by another session
  124. How to get Time from ODBC Date/Time field
  125. Shadow Copy Out of Network
  126. Button to open form from embeded browse
  127. A5 Call Excel & run Auto_Open() macro
  128. Conditional count() in report ?
  129. Fields mismatch after export from runtime
  130. Can't open database
  131. COUNT
  132. SIC Code Directory
  133. Message for Tom Baker
  134. massive delete the files in the Code and/or the Operation
  135. Windows Small Business Server 2008
  136. Adding blank records to a table
  137. Do not show the 1st rec and & creates a blank record
  138. xDialog Event
  139. Sort/Update through Browse - Help
  140. how to change a form field type
  141. Calculated Field Won't Refresh
  142. Updating multiple records from script
  143. Help with copying value of calculated field to a variable
  144. Using HTML editor for simple HTML
  145. Keylist_build()
  146. Backup Utility
  147. Rogue leading quotation mark returned
  148. help in creating multi field filter
  149. image_filename_encode help on network
  150. onrow doubleclick
  151. Delete issue
  152. date expressions
  153. Netmailer for v. 9
  154. query expression
  155. need a5 v9
  156. extract thousands digits
  157. Shaded rows
  158. Append and Line Number
  159. Table fetch_first
  160. how to process running balance?
  161. xDialog {Condition}
  162. Compare Fields within Record on Query
  163. Refreshing Form's Filter/Order
  164. Hidden fields
  165. cannot install Alpha Five Version 9 Platinum Edition
  166. When form goes to embed browse it goes back to first record
  167. Browse Row Highlight
  168. xDialog - Event Action
  169. xDialog - Insert option
  170. Conditional Lookups
  171. What does "Enter Must Begin First" mean?
  172. Failed to save document
  173. Filters Keep Disappearing a while ?
  174. Tree View
  175. Determining Active Form
  176. Operations stopped working on upgrade to Win 7
  177. PDF_APPEND Error
  178. Messed up links
  179. query.create() error
  180. Run multiple posts & an update
  181. Tab Object Problem
  182. Problem adding blank records
  183. Opening a cash drawer from alpha
  184. Need To get Visual Basic 6 or .Net Sample Codes Converted For A5
  185. Design Question - Best method?
  186. Calculated Values
  187. Do I need the Run Engine installed?
  188. Duplication of Records in Report
  189. Delete Records peculiar issues
  190. pdf printer driver problems
  191. windows7 ulitmate 64bit-operations not working
  192. a function in browse filter fails
  193. Runtime With Rpt Design Allowed
  194. Error 2003 cannot connect to database?
  195. Browse adds blank records?????
  196. xBasic Scripts - script_play or UDF
  197. table.external_record_content_get() UNIQUE RESULTS
  198. Import correct recno() from MS Visual Fox Pro table
  199. A5v9 crashing on one workstation only
  200. A5v9 Amunyi PDF and Windows 7 32-bit
  201. Could Not Load That Saved Setting
  202. Email_send() doesn't work on one customer's system.
  203. Report disappered, how do I get it back
  204. Print this record and selection filter
  205. Shadow db login displays alpha logo
  206. VMWare is Network Optimization Needed
  207. Switching SQL database location
  208. ADO SQL Execute Problems
  209. Sort by academic year calendar
  210. A5v9 Locking Up...
  211. Win 2008 Server, domain, running s-l-o-w
  212. Which is Faster or is it Insignificant?
  213. Totaling parent table based on child table value
  214. A5V9 Full Version behaving as Runtime
  215. I just got the record number is past end of table
  216. Clipboard and Read Only Fields
  217. sql Select statement
  218. file_add_to_DB()
  219. CtoD() of particular Format
  220. User Login based on NT Login
  221. http_get_page2
  222. CheckBox Problem
  223. Form Editor Right Click Menu Abreviated
  224. Xbasic OK/Cancel Condition issue
  225. Screen resolution & sizing
  226. using v8 and v9 in same network
  227. Error loading database
  228. How to create a Union against Alpha DBF table
  229. Calculated fields
  230. Simple way to do e-mail merge?
  231. How to handle a situation where users need to track multiple payment options?
  232. xDlg - Check Box List Events
  233. Closing a Form
  234. Removing Dashes
  235. Screen Scraping
  236. Delete Record - No Alpha Dialog
  237. Alpha5 is always maximize or Mininize-NO Windowing!
  238. Posting to another Database
  239. Action Scripting - Dialogs
  240. Create record if it does not exist
  241. Blank Fields in a Report
  242. Question about possibility of using sub records
  243. "printing" dialog box makes screen flutter
  244. LIVE or STATIC Queries?
  245. Logging off on A5 Desktop
  246. suppress repeated values on report
  247. Modal entry
  248. Question on Alphasports Invoice Entry Form
  249. Searching records by Date
  250. Tablesum() again!