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  1. Tablecount confusion
  2. Report help
  3. Runquery()
  4. Alpha5 performance issue on Microsoft SBS 2011
  5. Incrementing Month
  6. Transfering files from XP OS to Windows 7, using Alpha Five v9
  7. Alpha 5 v.9 compatible with Windows 7?
  8. Table Open Table structure
  9. locating address of a variable
  10. The summarize operation title
  11. In a SET I can not export a Child RTF field
  12. Doing a comparison based upon a date field...
  13. An xDialog Events
  14. Help with Content and Filter Expressions: Table.external_record_content_get()
  15. Fetch.find rec success but no fields display on Form
  16. What repeat script after 5min
  17. Table_mode_delay_initial_fetch
  18. Desktop icon
  19. Query by form alternative
  20. xDialog and Print events
  21. Active Link Update Date Failing
  22. Changing an Embedded Browse on-the-fly using Xbasic
  23. Help With Uniqueness Test Expression
  24. Tablesum filter intermittent
  25. Report Group Property
  26. sensing delete record event
  27. Browse problem in Windows 7 64
  28. Help with textbook inventory program
  29. network
  30. Week to view diary
  31. Autofill Form Field
  32. Global variable not retained when declared in autoexec
  33. Importing Excel Data Issues
  34. Database Statistics / Updating Remote Databases
  35. unhide control panel
  36. how do you get last value from Child table?
  37. v9 Windows 7 64 bit compatibility issues
  38. Creating a Branch Table ... Question on Xbasic Speed ...
  39. <tbl>.fetch_find
  40. Button Color Change Based on Data
  41. Complex Links in a Set
  42. Creating a Word File
  43. Screen stretching based on user resolution settings
  44. Only want creator of form to be able to edit it
  45. Ltrim and left problem
  46. filter builder defaults to .or. condition
  47. Storing a Time Variable
  48. xDialog Edit form value
  49. .OR. within an If function ?
  50. Develop an Application in a different language.
  51. Would you please tell me if i can do this on Aplha 5 version 9 Platinum Edition
  52. Settings for one step backup, can I change for all stations on a lan at the same time
  53. Allow growth when printing; failure and work around.
  54. File Picker in a Browse.
  55. Need help on TIME calculations...
  56. Req to update single parent field on Form
  57. Return to current row after sorting an embedded browser
  58. problems with letter in ALPHA 5 VER. NINE
  59. Call a Function from an xDialog Event
  60. Error: Script:a5_get_stored_menus2 line14
  61. Alpha Five Desktop Templates
  62. Changing Order of a field in Alpha mailer
  63. Alpha 5 and QB
  64. Record(s) not viewable in browse. Corrupted somehow?
  65. Query.filter = Left(Field_name,len(variable)) = Variable
  66. Bound fields in forms
  67. Select Multiple Items in List Box
  68. Thank you, Guys
  69. Report disappears as a result of join Operation
  70. Edit CorelDraw file from alpha
  71. DBF fields nullable ?
  72. Set opens in Entry Mode, not possible to Cancel Changes, Possible to Close Set
  73. Alpha 5 on Windows 7 64bit
  74. Default form full: Not all fields will be displayed
  75. Data doesn't show up after a created a set
  76. Alternating Row Colors in Reports
  77. How to prevent unwanted saving records in dbf set-in
  78. Creating a runtime
  79. Can I have a report based on variables or table in memory only?
  80. Consolidating A5 files into One Folder
  81. How to get the Ids only using for...Next,
  82. Auto Increment filed rule in set
  84. Procedure terminates with certain pdf files
  85. refresh form when in embedded browse
  86. Browse Sort
  87. Event behavior
  88. Lookup [ filed rule ]
  89. Creating an auto-increment number
  90. Table lookup [ condition ]
  91. Report based on results of quick filter???
  92. Query Genie Does Not Show Fields for a Table?
  93. Error loading Database
  94. How do you open Sub- UDF from parent UDF
  95. xDialog Box and Set.external_record...
  96. Problem setting up permissions to design and run some Reports, but not all Reports
  97. Email Multiple Records through Alpha5??
  98. Closing Xdialog Box
  99. Normal method for SELECTING items in A5
  100. Saving file to USB stick
  101. System Haulted - Problem with Alpha 5 v.9 (and v.10, and v.11)
  102. StatusBar
  103. Export/Import Form Layouts
  104. Record List Combo Box
  105. Alpha Five Error Message
  106. Script Ran Timestamp
  107. System-Email Settings
  108. Function to Extract Number of Pages from a PDF
  109. OLE Automation Error
  110. Authorize.net Problem after change from W2k to Windows 7
  111. LTRIM or what?
  112. Printer Issue - Runtime Version Cannot Use Printer Loaded on it through Network
  113. Error message
  114. formula help
  115. Creating a "calculated" database field...
  116. db help
  117. one 2 one link to table with Jpeg Image Field
  118. Alpha 5 version 9 run engine not connecting to sql, error 2003? need help urgently:-{
  119. running alpha on windows 8
  120. Embeding Image (jpg) on report from a weblink...
  121. Help with patient Recall
  122. Variable on a Browse
  123. Run Alpha5v9 on Windows 7 - Virtual PC - Windows XP mode
  124. moving a form in one application to another
  125. Fail to open document
  126. Amyuni Document Converter vs Alpha Five printer
  127. Import of data into active link table
  128. How do shared the data from Child to parent xdialog?
  129. ui_get_number - formatting problems
  130. Week at a Glance
  131. Embedded xDialogs
  132. setting a colour on Form selection tabs ?
  133. Letter will not wrap text with a calculated field
  134. Not loading in the whole data-only part?
  135. How to work with a COM Object
  136. Need Help Interpreting Hook Log
  137. overwrite file xbasic
  138. Tablecount mystery
  139. Form will not open, error msg states "the system can't find the file specified .SET"
  140. Setting which field is active when you open a form
  141. Problems posting data
  142. Return flag from "Save change in progress"
  143. Read from table with no form
  144. Error messages when doing Form design
  145. Forms not displaying mode alteration when altered
  146. Date calculation confusion
  147. USPS functions stopped working
  148. Reinstalling V9 Platinum and V9 Runtime on Win7
  149. xbasic query table by variable to return T if found F if not
  150. Using proxy with HTTP_POST_PAGE2()
  151. CSV File Import to quickbooks
  152. DBF not recognized
  153. No sent date on emails that are forwarded to other email addresses
  154. http_get_page2 trouble with calculated url
  155. Reports of two databases are getting combined
  156. Problem with calculated field in Group footer
  157. printing
  158. Alpha 5 v9 on Windows 8
  159. Browse editor permits adding columns but cannot delete ??
  160. Alpha5 version 9 and Windows 7 compatibility
  161. A simple way to avoid blank report previews.
  162. Why does EMAIL_SMTP_SEND() fail 10% of the time?
  163. stop a Function
  164. Linked table returns SQL Error executing SQL SELECT statement opening link table code
  165. Querying a Set
  166. cardsystem parameter error in form view
  167. sys_print issue
  168. How to tidy data of varying length
  169. Version 9 Missing Report tab
  170. New to Alpha 5v9 ..... looking for definative answer to compatibility
  171. Schedule daily records to week table
  172. How do I copy an entire database?
  173. Expression for Character String
  174. Can't enter customer info
  175. Joining Tables
  176. How to Calculate "0", Null Field value
  177. Use xBasic to change table locations within set
  178. Standard Label Definitions not found on runtime machines
  179. Email Body needs to be inserted from a .htm File or .jpeg File
  180. Create lookup rule in Xbasic
  181. Changing button color under program control
  182. can not update during compact using win7
  183. month calculation
  184. Run as Administrator in Win 7 and files do not show up
  185. Can't get the filter right for a Tablecount function in a calculated field
  186. Windows 8
  187. Change record problem
  188. A5 v9 on Windows 7
  189. Business day with weekend
  190. New user - field expression help needed
  191. How To Create Tables in MySQL
  192. Naming PDF Reports to email
  193. Report w. RTF fields sizing issue
  194. After Sys_open()
  195. Blanking Zero Values
  196. Report Field Dimension - Weird Behavior
  197. Long-Running SQL Server 2005 Post Operation
  198. In Alpha Sports How to place a Column In A Sales History Browse to Show Total Sold
  199. Can I use an alias in a color equation in a report object?
  200. renumber invoices in a5v9
  201. Path issue with Image File Reference fields
  202. Installing on New Computer with Windows 8
  203. Hiding Confidential Information in a Lookup Database
  204. Need to Take Scheduled Snapshots of Products table in POS Software. Suggestions Pleas
  205. Saving Multiple Sets of Information Under a Single Record
  206. query filter with date range
  207. print report prints too many copies
  208. CDATE() and CTOD() ?
  209. is_deleted() - seems to check status of next record ??
  210. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Essentials 64-bit machine
  211. Record_list_box with an xdialog
  212. Conditional Object problems
  213. How to ... If Variable = "text" then
  214. How to Hold previous records from this Finding sample
  215. Field Rules lookup confusion on table - Field name changes
  216. Close Current form and Open an xdialog
  217. Excel 2013 ole.GetObject("","Excel.Application") Error
  218. Alpha DAO problem
  219. How to get value from list?
  220. Array works in v10 and up but not v9
  221. Line in report disappears
  222. Alpha5 v9 purchase
  223. =var->AskC_SO
  224. Install on a new computer
  225. Locks up on Script Genie
  226. counter on labels
  227. Printing multiple copies of a single label - Alpha Five Version 9
  228. UI_dlg_box show condition
  229. Connect to multiple SQL Server Databases in a single form
  230. Some weird result
  231. Just share things
  232. Vertical Lines in report?
  233. email_smtp, can I find the SMTP response code from the server?
  234. xdialog Calendar
  235. Calc field help please.
  236. Variable Not passing from string
  237. How to get the Return Value from this sample
  238. duplicate records in passive link table
  239. How do you keep track of which form, browse or report design has changed in design?
  240. error printing to PDF Word and Excel
  241. How do I make sure a SET is correctly synchronized with tables
  242. table not updating
  243. Export to Excel from Report Preview
  244. Corrupt Letter on one workstation only
  245. Find from list
  246. query stops working
  247. Corrupt DBF
  248. 1 file, 2 computers
  249. A5 Documenter and Aims Analyzer
  250. Access Denied when Editing Structure of a table