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  1. response to "Are you sure you want to lose your changes"
  2. Disappearing Tables & Sets, Forms, Browses, Reports, Letters, Labels & Operations, BUT NOT THE CODE files
  3. Saved forms don't open anymore.
  4. Xbasic in Linux
  5. help with db setup
  6. Query to find a field that starts with a word that is 3 characters long
  7. xDialog Parent Tab and Sub-Tabs
  8. Lookup construction problems
  9. Show column style from row records
  10. secured & bound to another database
  11. Query not working when ran from shadow database
  12. Left arrow behavior
  13. Zip - Backup a database problems
  14. Moving data from Memo fields to Character fields
  15. Shadow database - not working properly
  16. Backing Up Database
  17. Error when packing a table
  18. Wait_until
  19. alpha will not close
  20. Zipping Files
  21. Are you sure you want to lose your changes ?
  22. Losing Records after a backup
  23. Embedded or include with xdialog
  24. I need to copy client details on a booking form as they occur, to a central client table automatically
  25. Change the Table Field name for Filter string
  26. How to read every nth records from List
  27. Alpha Five Version 9 and Windows 8
  28. DDM file is broken
  29. Newbie Variety of Questions
  30. Form based off set - fields in child tables not displayed on form
  31. Query by form, aspect not working, *4050 fails
  32. Help on the ARRAY
  33. How can I copy the Reports Menu (Alpha Sports) into my own database where some fields my be different.
  34. Disappearing file
  35. Printing in Alpha V Version 9, Build 1465
  36. Warning: .close(.F.) and CanExit event
  37. Post or Update Child Records
  38. split field
  39. Update Field Error
  40. Previous Values Lookup problem after Table/Field rename
  41. SQL Resultset
  42. Convert_type or something else
  43. Deleting external calculated fields that reside in the drag/drop list tool
  44. too many tables and sets and form in one control panel
  45. Help i have never seen this before what causes it
  46. How to upgrade from V9-V11/12
  47. How do you export a database to then put on a newer version of alpha five?
  48. how to use the authorize.net sandbox api
  49. Port Knocking has anyone implemented this
  50. My autoexec is running but runs fine if i run it when database is open
  51. How to sense change in calculation field
  52. Making a pre-opened URL site active on the screen
  53. Records on form clear on chage
  54. string scanner help
  55. Field questions
  56. titles
  57. Layout tab on Control Panel
  58. A curiousity question
  59. Ham radio Logging code
  60. variable field in Alpha Sports
  61. Mail merge to an excel sheet
  62. run script within thread
  63. wildcard??
  64. Alphasports-fire district db
  65. customize error messages
  66. is the Function 'close_if_exists()' still exist
  67. Current Form or Another Form
  68. Secured and bound to another database
  69. over ride filter for first record
  70. How can I get a new Licence Code for A5 V9
  71. printer not activated errors A5V9 on Windows 10 or 7
  72. Version 9 in Windows 10We
  73. Reading Data from Large Text Files splitting files but read together
  74. scraper data too large for variable how to cycle past unwanted data
  75. Startup_100_Register_Controls error
  76. gen_ledg_xact Auto-increment field not starting from Simple default expression
  77. Report Printing Too Many Copies - As Many as Child Links
  78. numeric field problems
  79. Disappearing data on record change
  80. Empty Field until selected to prevent over shoulder viewing
  81. I need some formatting help
  82. Memo Field word merge print each line not all in 1 row
  83. Stuck in a loop
  84. Alternating Row Colors in Reports
  85. Updating Booking calendar for 2019 & 2020
  86. How to overcome a sql rs.data() empty resultset
  87. Changing development Laptop
  88. Multiple databases in different install paths pack tables issue
  89. Installation
  90. Ctrl+K dialogue window invisible
  91. [A5LINKRPT] Error
  92. Timing problem - Stanley Matthews
  93. using for each on a text file