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  1. session variable property not found
  2. localIDVNullValues.0 error...
  3. Needing advice on new server purchase.
  4. Grid Action Buttons Only
  5. Checkbox in search section
  6. Report won't span years
  7. Loop through grid rows using javascript (check all delete checkboxes)
  8. Passing a var between a grid and a a5w page in a div
  9. Insert Merge Fields in Detail View - lose row labels? Is this normal?
  10. file upload - user defined >refreshing grid in popup window
  11. General Report Filtering By Date
  12. Print a PDF in Tabbed UI to printer?
  13. Creating Grid variables to use as data entry in another Grid
  14. Naming Conventions
  15. Alpha5 on CompuServe
  16. <META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT="5"> with a grid
  17. Age Calculation
  18. copy size of form field
  19. Frame Security
  20. use id and password in sql
  21. Alpha with MySQL ?
  22. How to activate Working message after submitting search part?
  23. Show/Hide Expression bug?
  24. Help with Grid Filter and iff()
  25. Search Animation
  26. Alphabet Button vs Search by Name - force either/or
  27. Recommended structure of Alpha setup on a network.
  28. Zero Length String Error When Submit to MS Access
  29. 18 Users at once?
  30. Open Source Projects - What would you want?
  31. 403 error, ONLY in IE, NOT in FireFox and Chrome, Build 4091-3658 Mar-8-2011
  32. Child Table column totals displayed in Master table
  33. mapping./ gis features coming in v11
  34. use session variables in CanUpdateRecord
  35. Reports and import layout
  36. Developer Edition - Cannot Delete Display Format
  37. Save Session Variable
  38. PIVOT & Display Format crashes Developer Edition
  39. MS Access w/A5
  40. SQLite support??
  41. Capitalization not working
  42. Creating a Pivot table from MS SQL
  43. Trigger the OnClick event of a button from Xbasic
  44. Override Javascript System Event when called from a button
  45. Useful Tool in Firefox
  46. Is v10.5 Build 4091-3658 stable?
  47. Image Upload: "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"
  48. X (close icon) in pop up window replaced by "Submit Query"
  49. CSS for Ajax Popup
  50. Hide Search Submit button until criteria met
  51. Nesting result sets
  52. displayed value in edit combo box
  53. OnAfterSQLCommandExecute error - newbie SQL
  54. Name instead of Email From?
  55. Action button in Search part?
  56. Internet Security
  57. Error w/ newest patch
  58. WAS setup on Windows 7 - open port 8080
  59. Help with Import Excel Genie
  60. IE v9 is out
  61. Error opening Grid table/view
  62. Grid/Column Sizing
  63. Bug? Grandchild won't update
  64. 500 internal server error
  65. Column Width and Style Sheet
  66. How Do I Set Date Value Using Date() in ajax callback
  67. Error Opening Grid
  68. Cross file validation Help
  69. lookupc() Function Error
  70. Error saving report via web application
  71. Amazing Video & Image Delivery through the Power of the Grid.
  72. Was Download
  73. convert "him" to "her" etc
  74. New Video on the 3 hour Winery Membership Build from a Spreadsheet.
  75. Help getting list of security questions in a grid
  76. linked grids losing style sheet format
  77. problem returning date from lookup grid
  78. Button Background Border
  79. 500 Internal Server Error
  80. creating menu item login url for webmail
  81. proper sql statement in Grid's event
  82. a5ws_logoutuser (session,request,response)
  83. Rules of Codd - Help
  84. Tabbed UI: Trying to display a list of PDF files from a table as menu items
  85. RowEditStyle
  86. Auto respond email
  87. Lookup Grid Refresh
  88. I Need help or suggestions you
  89. go to a webpage based on number of credentials
  90. how to get session variable value in xbasic function declarations?
  91. getgroups() not working - ????
  92. get user list based on group
  93. erratic grid behavior
  94. Image for new record
  95. Drop down scrolling limiting
  96. adding to a grid shows strange characters
  97. Alpha Five Printer
  98. grid.HelpWindowButton subelement not found
  99. Very Complex Report - Best Approach???
  100. after validation event login component
  101. I need a simple form
  102. Defined Record is Too Long
  103. CSS & Grids
  104. Flying Start Genie
  105. display image reference file images in a pdf report for web application
  106. Free-form Column Layout referencing Data caching values
  107. put information on top of image
  108. Customer Favorites - best approach?
  109. session.__protected__.ulink not populating
  110. session varibles (adding)
  111. Hosting on a VPS. Installed SSL. Howto auto-redirect to https://?
  112. Centre popup modal screen
  113. Error Saving Grid
  114. Close and Print from Popup?
  115. How do i change the delete icon 'tooltip' (title="Delete Row")
  116. get users ip address
  117. Application Server Crash on PDF Reports
  118. Hide an individual tab pane based on security group
  119. Hiding tab pane with session var
  120. Flickering / Flashing webpage on opening modal dialog box in Internet Explorer
  121. cache problem resolved
  122. Why the difference
  123. Error when exporting to Excel - feature pack
  124. Adobe Forms in a web app
  125. Automatic Image upload
  126. Page Layout Builder - ERROR refreshing the page in the tab
  127. Setting session variables.... whats the optimal/ideal place to declare?
  128. Loop Through Grid Records to Change Schedule Dates
  129. error with cacading drop down...
  130. Map Properties in the Grid Builder
  131. client side calculated field syntax
  132. session expired question....
  133. automate the F11 key in a web application
  134. how do I display only certain security groups
  135. Set the publish button to keystroke?
  136. Remote Publishing Fail - Can't find SQL data.
  137. Creating new records from a grid - including the grid checkbox column for selection
  138. Submit without Warning?
  139. TabbedUI - Default Pane
  140. Filter Dropdown list in SEARCH part, based on grid filter
  141. Using Search value in callback
  142. Display Image
  143. Change Checkbox Text at runtime?
  144. Report list method
  145. Website problems after update
  146. populate fields in a grid to a word template
  147. charts in grid
  148. Support for Deactive License
  149. CurrentGridFilter and CurrentGridOrder in Report.saveas
  150. Setting the display of a field to a set length
  151. images not displaying after publish to host
  152. Working with Firebird
  153. Reports And Filter Expression
  154. images and security
  155. Summary totals
  156. Search Grid / Target search on ID field only....
  157. help window - search fields
  158. free format
  159. Error - Fatal error running a5_ajax_grid(): Property not found grid.HelpWindowButton
  160. Add record if doesnt exist in lookup
  161. How do I capture an error in Xbasic?
  162. Window JS Events in Open Grid AS
  163. Capturing the result of a PayPal transaction
  164. Access Violation, Please Help
  165. Filter grid on different fields
  166. Embedding Fonts in PDF report.saveas()
  167. Birthday Report
  168. Images not showing on server
  169. Image path field
  170. IE6 Formatting
  171. Highligt radio button in search part of the grid
  172. Mapping Feature
  173. Capture photo from device
  174. Validate the End Date is Greater than Begin Date
  175. Post data from a grid to an external webpage... how?
  176. Pass XBasic array to JavaScript
  177. day month ends
  178. cannot get Detail to show values from outer join fields
  179. Is there a difference using a filter in SQL or PageLayout?
  180. Software as a Service (Saas) and Multi-tenant Architecture
  181. Screen displays incorrectly on Firefox 4
  182. Link to file in Data folder on server
  183. Web Projects Control Panel Preview
  184. "No printer configured" - Windows 2003 Server - Amyuni Version x64
  185. Is this already possible in Alpha V10?
  186. Image Inversion?
  187. Ajax pop up window link is wrong
  188. how to avoid _resetRow(x) interactive confirmation
  189. sql to xml
  190. Image Management Webinar
  191. Web Security - interesting read...
  192. Is there a way to dynamically create property strings
  193. Procedure to Copy a Project?
  194. Images on email
  195. Unable To Connect to Remote SQL Server
  196. Question about .a5w extension
  197. Time card data entry
  198. Alias for Images - successful use anyone?
  199. Us post office link?
  200. All of a sudden... Groups Values Display?
  201. Refreshing Tabbed UI Header
  202. Javascript to set focus on a field on another tab
  203. Bug in Reports? ALIGN property of Memo field not working
  204. Need Help with Port 80 Message
  205. A5 Crashing
  206. how to turn off auto /div
  207. Image Upload when Image is removed
  208. hidden fields
  209. Going Backwards: Pass Grid values into JavaScript array
  210. index.a5w versus default.a5w
  211. How to set a column heading over a RowExpander column?
  212. sql anywhere
  213. MailEnable WAS and Zebrahost
  214. Image Management - Help to Others
  215. Grid is OK, but not on A5W page
  216. Using an argument in a SQL In operator
  217. Remove Blank Lines
  218. Porting security to sql
  219. Best way to rapidly re-evaluate current version
  220. Setting up AFWS and IIS
  221. refreshing row expander grid
  222. Function requested is not supported
  223. Errors Searching Properties
  224. Report.saveas issue
  225. rearrange edit delete icon in grid
  226. ActiveX Event problem
  227. AFAS as Service , print file not work !
  228. Events category in a grid component
  229. Turn off Enter key Submit behavior in IE
  230. feature pack file download
  231. File Upload Feature Pack Bug
  232. New Alpha 5 Website - Volunteers Needed
  233. Reapplying jquery object to items after grid refresh/redraw/change
  234. Report Does not print
  235. Cannot Locate GridLinker
  236. Password worked, then it didn't
  237. UTF8 in AlphaFive
  238. Web Template - settings for Contact email?
  239. Images on web pages - difficulty with path
  240. Updating Grid Files
  241. how to place table fields into a5w page with background
  242. Layout Name errors using report.saveas
  243. Error opening an email connection
  244. CSS not updating to hosting server?
  245. Flickering when moving fields in grid builder
  246. FindKey Question
  247. 2 Tables - 1 Result - 1 Grid
  248. Redirecting between grids with session variables
  249. Updating a field automatically because other fileds value is X
  250. PHP Script Integration Alpha Five