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  1. Close a page on submit
  2. Need help with edit combo list showing some entries in bold - almost works
  3. Publish letter and report edits without having to publish entire DB
  4. Error Computing summary Values
  5. Debugger Problems
  6. 'Invalid Object Name' with AlphaDAO and SQLServer 2008 when edit date col
  7. How Do show my field values in % using the summery value total?
  8. Formatting label control in grid web component
  9. Those 403 Forbidden errors!
  10. Change button color if field contains data.
  11. Problem if Table name contains SQL Reserved Word
  12. How to Auto Save - Then image upload
  13. Is this a BUG - I keep getting error message but I find no reason why
  14. Error, Please Help !!!
  15. onprintinit event
  16. Calling a grid from a grid
  17. Making a JAVA code run over the whole grid..
  18. Grid with dynamic date columns
  19. Publish converts link to all lower case
  20. Set field to True when row expander used?
  21. Page Layout Builder - Unresponsive
  22. Live Preview not accurate
  23. Embedded file and email display
  24. wav file in a5w page
  25. Recover lost password not working
  26. Delete Image in Blob field
  27. Any way to execute a search by hitting Return (Enter) key?
  28. Do linked content tabs lazy load?
  29. Search not working for Grid based on a SQL Statement?
  30. Non-specific Web Publishing error
  31. Web .dbf files hardcoded to local Drive C:
  32. Conditionally allow insert into a grid?
  33. Automatacally emailing after record is inerted
  34. Condition ...
  35. File Download Feature Pack Help
  36. Inventory Stock Level Ideas
  37. Generated a5i script contains errors
  38. Email Error Message
  39. Export to TEXT FILE issues
  40. MySql: how to set an argument for a dynamic grid filter to NULL
  41. create red border around text box when field validation fails
  42. Server Maxing out from one Login - Anyone seen this?
  43. Report did not print - Could not create ResultSet
  44. Options for Canceling a Report
  45. Producing Reports in Alpha 5 Web applications
  46. Creating a JavaScript error message.
  47. Problem passing a variable to a "grandchild" grid
  48. Server cannot be started
  49. Converting existing Detail part to a new Editable grid. Can it be done?
  50. Plant Sale project - need some guidance - live url posted.
  51. Can Save
  52. Show button in Parent Grid based on value in field on Child Grid
  53. Refresh grid bug
  54. Search Part Records per Page Default?
  55. Get current row value into variable
  56. Anybody have sample code that generates and emails a vCard file from a web app?
  57. Renaming / deleting published objects
  58. Feature pack file upload component - problem
  59. Email from browser using a query
  60. Excel Import Genie for 10.5
  61. Exception errors when using HTML
  62. Condition on a field/Grid
  63. Publishing Question
  64. Errors in: event.AfterValidate code: Variable already typed
  65. Confirm New Registration
  66. Append operation from web page
  67. How to apply <RowNumber> field in web component?
  68. Set text to each TabPane that is open?
  69. Add multiple records in child table in one form
  70. Disable field vs. removing Updateable check
  71. Filling in a field on a Grid
  72. How Do You Use the Tabbed UI Builder?
  73. Opening a desktop form from a grid
  74. When is auto increment value assigned?
  75. Running xbasic upon butten press, with sql depenent on text box
  76. Where to download v10.5 Developer
  77. Open word document for editing
  78. Updateable Grid with Search AND Updateable Detail ??
  79. .html_message
  80. Creating a report
  81. Summary Total on Add Records Only Grid?
  82. using asp.net sessions in alpha 5 ?
  83. Cascading Drop-down Choices
  84. How to delete full database ???
  85. Expand grid with no records
  86. SQL_lookup(), lower boundary
  87. OnSearchPartFilterCompute with SQL
  88. Server Demo Expired Server down Alert
  89. Hot Key
  90. Grid Filter Expression (SQL)
  91. An open note to Selwyn Rabins
  92. Record Count...well sort of.
  93. 2 D Barcode possible.
  94. Cannot view .A5W, HTML or Grid in Internet Explorer
  95. Staying on detail view record after insertion?
  96. Could be really cool but need some help! - GPS Tracking
  97. Statistics challenge! Struggling with calculated fields on a report.
  98. Hide Data
  99. Email Attachments
  100. Lookup problems
  101. Crosstab Report in v10.5
  102. Remove all didgits after decimal place from dbcount
  103. Unbound Controls that do not Dirty Grid
  104. Navigating to a tab after submit
  105. Sort Arrow image?
  106. Sending an email:Alphapedia help
  107. web app/dbf: Uploading Image
  108. Simple Field Increment Problem
  109. New jQuery Calendar for V10 Web
  110. Read only grid with active dropdown boxes
  111. getting Javascript values in Xbasic
  112. File Upload Feature pack
  113. Can the calendar component do this?
  114. Image not in PDF report.
  115. Calculated field expression - not seems working
  116. Link Label for Close in detail section
  117. Error handling ?
  118. TabbedUI Button size
  119. 403 Forbidden
  120. Printing uploaded images in a report
  121. ON Grid Submit Event
  122. Quickbooks Online Integration
  123. Upgrading (?) to SQL
  124. Error on new laptop
  125. Image upload error
  126. Field validation
  127. e.DataSubmitted not working?
  128. Count of Values in an integer field
  129. Starting grid display at particular record
  130. How to follow Development - Testing - Production paradigm in Alpha 5 ??
  131. Error with grid on a web page, Invalid order expression: Item+Description
  132. How to get the primary key value in the afterUpdate event in the grid ?
  133. How do I do a subtotal on a grid
  134. Callback value passing
  135. Change text on page depending on type of user logged in?
  136. Global java functions; session functions
  137. Tablet
  138. new Date() puzzle
  139. Operations from the web
  140. Building a string from a lookup
  141. Set a default date for calendar in grid
  142. how to set search filter on initial start of a grid
  143. update Query not working?
  144. Error while downloading a file ?
  145. Web Page Xbasic Debugging
  146. Xbasic file_copy Error "Access denied"
  147. e-mail client on server and local host
  148. Static and User Filter on Lookup Grid
  149. Add new records from selections in multiselect checkbox field within a GRID
  150. Response.SendFile Problem
  151. generating report as excel?
  152. multiple searches in quick search?
  153. Modify session variable on button press
  154. Application Sever crashed because of CacheGzippedOutput fatal error
  155. Using {grid.Object}.setValue to get the current date
  156. Printing Photos in Reports
  157. Problem getting javascript to make a check in a checkbox effective
  158. Filter Grid?
  159. Show/Hide expression does not work in browser
  160. Overrule confirmation message in tabbed ui message
  161. Send mail and attach
  162. URL filter sometimes messes up my grid's built-in filter
  163. Help Icon in Freeform Layout?
  164. Blank line in Dropdown List
  165. Email BCC?
  166. Version 10.5 The Core.JS Library
  167. Retrive groups from user assigment?
  168. Allow growth when printing; Memo field not growing
  169. Posting Date Field to Table using Dialog
  170. e.datasubmitted not found
  171. Add Days in Javascript?
  172. Session variable = Enigma
  173. e variables
  174. Logging user Activity ?
  175. Help! Published Grid - now it can't find table?
  176. Component loses fields after changing sort on database in Query screen?
  177. Cannot add record
  178. Custom Login Component?
  179. Separat Field using " " in CSV file
  180. variable use with inline javascript
  181. Error on Append that has been working now it does not.
  182. My Localhost update problem V10.5
  183. "0" to blank for numeric field
  184. Short Time Field-working with it
  185. Xbasic update record
  186. Concatenating arguments in an SQL filter
  187. Disable update/insert in child grid.
  188. Parent and Child Keys
  189. Is there a way to disable window (X) close button using javascript
  190. Web Application Server RAM problem/Thread transition log, anyone seen this?
  191. Filter Records on Mult Values
  192. Tabbed UI is launching PDF in a seperate IE window.
  193. Email with Attachments
  194. Ajax callback - append method not found
  195. Formatting output of {grid.Object}.setValue
  196. Apache mod rewrite (url rewrite engine)
  197. negative number format, error
  198. Hard Disk Crash
  199. Active Link / dbf set filter error
  200. Read Only Checkbox Control in Grid
  201. Can't find data path on server?
  202. Row Expander useage
  203. Internal error 3023, when printing Pdf from button control
  204. Go Daddy
  205. JavaScript to increment a numeric field
  206. Customizing Navbar
  207. Subreport - Calculated Fields
  208. OLE Automation MS Access open and run macro problem
  209. View PDF in a popup window using xbasic
  210. Getting values of grid rows
  211. Navagation CSS help needed
  212. Interesting Filter on date problem related to year
  213. Xbasic Function to convert VBA to Xbasic
  214. report.saveas and filter question
  215. a5v10 web: Calculated grid fields for duration -(years,Months, days)
  216. AlphaDAO connection to Excel - not updateable?
  217. TabbedUI report error, what does it mean please
  218. Alpha5v10: Adding new user login problem
  219. publish grid w/ different connection string from Project Named AlphaDAO connection
  220. Seeking early build of Alpha Five v10
  221. Self-registration blind alley
  222. tabbedUI Group Security Issues
  223. Upgraded to Ver 10 and now my clients can't upload large files
  224. Save on Blur
  225. Subreports - Field Object references non-existent field
  226. Spot the bug
  227. Action button link field issue
  228. Error during a web project / grid
  229. Using {grid.Object}.setValue and {grid.Object}.getValue
  230. Set "Please Wait" Popup when sending email - using email_send2 on Web
  231. How to ...
  232. Filter on Lookup grid w/dynamic filter in place
  233. How to ignore a submit ...
  234. Alpha10 application on production webserver
  235. How can I refresh the summary values in a grid without pressing the submit button
  236. Firefox 9.0.1 & Alpha Ver 10.5
  237. Xbasic OLE call to MS Access to import Excel cell range in multiple tabs Challenge
  238. Create Session.Var with button
  239. Dropdown box with many table
  240. Data entry into dbf table by different loggin in users.
  241. Tabbed UI crashes when I open a report in it
  242. Favicon problem
  243. debugging
  244. Query MySQL in web app for 30 day range
  245. cascading list or dopdownbox with 3 or more tables?
  246. webroot folder list
  247. Report Error
  248. Web Hosting-Canada
  249. File downloader problem?
  250. Link Component to A5W Code