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  1. String declaration
  2. List Control - action javascript - how to define session variables
  3. Mobile application will support Android and windows also long with iphone
  4. List Control Modern Frame
  5. WebSecurity SQL tables
  6. MS Access Data Functions
  7. Need Phonegap Publishing Help
  8. unable to download the file from sqlserver 2012 in Alpha anyware webapplication. but this is working in Alpha five v11
  9. sql query from grid search
  10. PDF crash
  11. Error when grid is selected
  12. Arguments UX Parent-Child - Passing Primary Key and Name field
  13. UX Lookup Options - Grid, Auto Suggest, Edit Combo
  14. Calculated Field re-calculates when clicked
  15. Update list when panel card is displayed
  16. Ajax callback in embedded html javscript
  17. Redirect page
  18. Get URL Page
  19. Issue with web report
  20. Using UploadFile.SaveToFile()
  21. Set panel card after timer
  22. Dynamic hiding of controls
  23. Edit Combo doesn't work on touch devices - alternatives?
  24. Display text field content on hover
  25. convert_type() problem
  26. Unable to upload the files right after updating to the Alpha Anywhere V12 from Alpha Five V11
  27. Filtering report from a list control selection
  28. Grid row onClick does not load a grid component properly
  29. Signatures on a Report -- How do I?
  30. Simple List Control not working
  31. UX Header wording in IPAD
  32. Session variables and login using the Chrome Browser
  33. A5ws_GetCurrentUser() vs 'e.userid in ServerSide Events Search Before Load
  34. previous record as defaults
  35. How to have the UX default to the first record on the list.
  36. Image Upload Mobile Safari
  37. UX - Selecting from a list, how to refresh the data in the target Embedded UX
  38. Use Login to filter records?
  39. changing xbasic in the TabbedUI
  40. How do I Prevent Copy & Paste into a Text Area or Text Box?
  41. I cant wait and I'm prepared to pay, again and again.
  42. Problem with Component Permissions
  43. Save data in UX repeating section
  44. UX AA Delete Image button
  45. Finding primary key based based on another field
  46. Tree Control and Duplicates
  47. Login with facebook or google account
  48. Action Javascript "Filter Records in a List Control" - data RANGE filter
  49. Image not displaying on the thumbnail
  50. Login - Mobile - PhoneGap - Video UX_V12--66
  51. Docked Panel Controller Buttons - button is lost
  52. UX make panel w. List scrollable?
  53. Case When Statement in SQL Query Genie
  54. embedded grid column summary to dialog component field
  55. Opening WebPage in a Browser from an App
  56. Setting up a user PIN for validation
  57. Mobile device and Desktop - Resize
  58. Populate/RePopulate Embedded UX Component
  59. How to send an email with attachment
  60. Javascript Syntax Help
  61. Total Records number is now wrong. and last record is displaying one per page. Please help
  62. Must I otherwise somehow declare 'window.myvar' as global to make it global?
  63. Grid|Query|Arguments|Preview Value Doesn't Work...
  64. Dynamic image in TabbedUI header
  65. Custom Bubble Help Popup Window
  66. e.javascript being ignored??
  67. Newbie stuck at an early hurdle
  68. Read only grid based on a sql statement - columns not available
  69. Get element by ID jQuery
  70. Script:UI_DLG_BOX Error on Live Preview
  71. Field input helper text
  72. ftp_get_file
  73. Not working in firefox
  74. Two embedded object in the same PanelCard
  75. Updating a table field from a calc field on a grid
  76. AA V12 Recover Lost Password for native mobile app
  77. grid upload working in Live Preview but not server
  78. embedded grid as alternative to repeating section
  79. Button on a List Control
  80. move to next field
  81. Get width of list control
  82. Multiple javascript and css files loaded on same a5w page
  83. Changing the size of buttons to be a percentage of the panel width/height
  84. Re-sizing of Buttons depending on Screen Orientation and Size.
  85. No Favicon
  86. Translating Foreign keys to a value from their table?
  87. Refresh All Repeating Sections on UX
  88. Dynamically populate fields into a list control
  89. SQL Query & Report Help
  90. redirect menu pages
  91. V11 and V12 For Sale
  92. Grid View: Clear Field When Selected
  93. How to stop error msg in a UX
  94. Excel Export in Grids based on Custom SQL Statement
  95. Aligning Grid Controls
  96. CRUD: submitting default value for logicial type control
  97. Utilizing a returned lookup value in an email message body
  98. Client Show/Hide expression doesn't work inside of a TabbedUI but works outside of it
  99. Print a report without showing it in PDF or HTML! IS IT POSSIBLE?
  100. reclaim space when pressed collapse buttons pane in a UI
  101. default values in detail part of grid object
  102. Image re-size in the header
  103. Javascript - After insert success does - function does not fire after successful insert
  104. Checkbox - Set Approve date field if selected
  105. Is there a way to control Slider Speed
  106. Strange List Control Phenomenon...bug?
  107. Newbie Question
  108. How to upload a file to subfolder depending on username
  109. Question - Alpha's Building Disconnected Applications
  110. Panel card with List - Disable Scroll on List so Panel card scrolls
  111. Create arguments based on dirty (Only dirty) checkbox controls
  112. Vertically Align a Textbox Label
  113. runAction Second Argument
  114. UX is flashing on refresh
  115. changing default database in named connection string
  116. Argument in SQL statement - What am I doing wrong????
  117. Button Group Container has no effect in header
  118. Mobile Security Problem insufficient privileges
  119. Validate checkbox on UX
  120. XHTTPRequest Error: after modification in my report format
  121. Adding some summary statistics above grid
  122. DropdownBox default value
  123. How to Protect the Code
  124. SaaS pdf
  125. How to set up security linked to limited users via database
  126. File Download and File Uploads
  127. Calendar contol
  128. HTML Default Report View - Missing Data
  129. Oh repeating section, how I loathe thee! Hide the initial blank row for repeating section
  130. How to Auto-generate QR Code from grid data
  131. PhoneGap + RFID
  132. Copy/Paste in Report Editor
  133. Edit Combo List rendering problem
  134. Open uploaded pdf on IPad. Best suggestions?
  135. Updating a table from Grid generated from a SELECT Statement
  136. Display Record Count in a UX
  137. New User very confused about Security in V12
  138. Driving directions on a map based on my current location
  139. Reset, Unsaved Changes, Delete Record Messages - How to customize in a grid??
  140. EMAIL_SEND() works on interactive code editor, but not on my site
  141. Error Copying Layout Definition to Local Data Cache
  142. Image in List from server file
  143. Video as a background image
  144. How to send sms to mobile devices
  145. Unable to run server or open developer...lease expired
  146. Give all users currently using the app a message that we will be restarting server?
  147. Report - Cell Background Coior
  148. Backwards Navigation
  149. UX need to get object name in JS
  150. Mobile App Security
  151. Conditional format on a character field
  152. set value in UX
  153. setValue for HTML textarea field?
  154. iframe steals focus
  155. If No Records in Query, Do Nothing
  156. Mapping Feature question
  157. Submit Button
  158. Recover password
  159. Email Conditional Section Not working
  160. New List Control features and revamped video finder
  161. Navigation System Builder Show/Hide Expression
  162. Changes in report design can only be made one at a time
  163. Vanity / Customer URLs
  164. Primary Key Changes on Update
  165. Latest Patch: Development Server License Issue
  166. Function sequence error when trying to use rs.Data()
  167. Separate/Trim String data before Searching
  168. Prevent grid header scroll
  169. Pre-Release Notes: where'd all the good stuff go?
  170. Report Designer - Limit fields Seen by session variable
  171. List - display: table-cell; scroll issue
  172. Production Server won't work after installing Alpha Anywhere 3.0
  173. how to make an image a save button in grid component detail view part
  174. Publishing Problem, Anyone Run into This?
  175. Problem in editing a click event on a button in a UX component
  176. ButtonGroup issue about one extra button per each button
  177. New Video Finder?
  178. Seeing GREAT Performance boost since upgrading to Alpha Anywhere 3.0 !
  179. Basic AA Feature request
  180. What to use - Hidden list or JS object instead of AJAX callback
  181. Report Question: Page header is before Report header?!?!?
  182. Computer crashed lost my files still have the website
  183. PhoneGap too slow for Android?
  184. AA V12.3 client side expression, buttons, and security frame work stopped working
  185. Only Display Records from Current Week
  186. Checkboxes custom control and A5w_checkbox
  187. AA V12.3 Security Framework. Integrated Login with Register New User, Edit New User.
  188. Read List Row Primary Key in Xbasic
  189. Print Dialog Far Too Small
  190. How to set value of a "static text box" via event or script?
  191. Can not create any more UX
  192. Sample Xbasic code to call Oracle procedure, whose return type is cursor
  193. UX with repeating sections add/delete blank new row reports as dirty but doesn't enable submit or reset buttons.
  194. Right Click Browser Menu Pops Up Along with My Right Click Action
  195. Open UX From List... Positioning Syntax Question .runAction()
  196. Mobile Split-View not working
  197. UX Control - Component not saving
  198. Filtering a grid on the server-side
  199. Update Grid via Excel Import?
  200. Image Upload to SQL field with Repeating Section
  201. Adding tab control in existing program not working
  202. Request.Variables missing variables?
  203. Create blank entry for drop down list
  204. Override style of CSS selector .errorTip
  205. How to test the state of a "window" (is it open or closed)
  206. Method to show or hide a footer?
  207. Backups! Stupid Question
  208. List control with custom data source and parent list
  209. List control in tab pane fails to render in A/A 3
  210. Any input about what causes slowdown?
  211. Alpha Development not responding (v3)
  212. Anyone else today..."You are not authorized to use this version of Alpha Anywhere"
  213. Absolute Layout PDF Generator Not Working
  214. control over google password remembering service?
  215. TextBox Ellipses
  216. Update Operation in a UX Component
  217. Time Stamp not getting updated in Windows explorer
  218. Saving UX problems
  219. AppServerDemo in sample application workspaces needing updated with new features
  220. Phonegap BluetoothSerial Plugin usage
  221. List Control's Detail View Number Formatting
  222. Possible BUG: Help Icon on UX Control Not Positioned Correctly ...
  223. sys_shell command not working
  224. Open UX in read only based on security group
  225. Assistance needed on approach to setup disconnected application
  226. HELP: Debugging UX Without Full Login ...
  227. HELP: Determining Current | Previous Values in UX Component Control's XBasic Validation
  228. HELP: Filtering on the Current Logged in User on standard UX Component
  229. How Do You Set Focus To A Quick Search Field?
  230. App Server hosting limits?
  231. Panel Layout - Dock Panels -any videos
  232. Disable scrolling on a list control...
  233. Macro UX
  234. HELP: Uscing ExecuteServerSideAction | Server-Side Events |Insert/Update/Delete Functions
  235. What is Google seeing ?
  236. Signature Control Issues
  237. I don't want results to be distinct but in lookup and dropdown they are!
  238. Responsive background images for mobile
  239. Image - pinch-in and pinch-out zoom gestures - how to?
  240. Declaring a Javascript function that executes after controls populated
  241. Field placement on webform
  242. Index.a5w problem in super-adding Secure Login screen to app
  243. Absolute Layout container - Create PDF (landscape view)
  244. Can AA Auto Suggest an address like google maps?
  245. How do I create a report based on the parameters of the filter date
  246. Client side conditional styling works in Preview but not when Published
  247. Why is browser refresh function key F5 disabled in LIST on UX?
  248. Question about using Embedded UX Component
  249. HELP: Refining LIST UX behavior for refresh
  250. Can't find a5w_run_Component documentation