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  1. Need help with Alpha replying to a Twilio SMS Message request
  2. sql_lookup() with transaction processing
  3. Small Paid job AA/JS coder
  4. DropdownBox Dynamic - display value versus stored value
  5. Tooltip in a google Map
  6. xBasic Date Calculations
  7. Clickable link in V12 UX control?
  8. Displaying multiline strings retrieved from SQL Server
  9. Conditionally change column width for only specific rows in a UX LIST control
  10. how to make a field can match the size of the report
  11. format String
  12. Reset Message Background for a UX
  13. FontAwesome font on Runtime Server
  14. Lockout user while connected to Active Directory
  15. Eform application problem with connecting to multiple tables
  16. javascript date issue
  17. Edit-Combo icon
  18. After Query, Do Nothing
  19. absolute layout component
  20. function MyFunction() speed issue in Javascript
  21. Saving components in development
  22. Refresh parent grid from linked UX component
  23. Get currently highlighted row number of LIST in UX and highlight next row
  24. The system cannot find the file specified. .ALB
  25. Error everytime I run UX
  26. Error while working with UX (Expected Identifier)
  27. what it's 11ryfilter?? (Help)
  28. V12 Grid component
  29. List Select No Longer Working After Patch To v2442_4362 This Morning
  30. Storing the current browser as a session variable
  31. in-control buttons definition
  32. problems printing in v12
  33. Upload file not saving with UX Control
  34. Date / Time Picker -- Disable the TODAY button.
  35. UX List Footer not loading by default
  36. client-side validation
  37. Application Server License
  38. Syntax error
  39. show/hide columns based on custom search button selection
  40. Better grid filtering from dialog
  41. Checkbox with Multiple Values
  42. e.dirty columns in a repeating section
  43. Save order for LIST control on UX
  44. Title Bar Replacing
  45. changing port address
  46. Adding Google "My Places" Data to a Google Map Component
  47. Stand alone web server with IIS without any help of alpha any where server / development
  48. List of available items
  49. Hierachical List not working... (The problem of Alpha We have to guess what's going on)
  50. Filering UX compont from tabbed UI
  51. SQL Genie
  52. Set value of another field based on check box
  53. List - computed columns field - how to hide/show
  54. THANK YOU ALPHA!! - SMTP - email_send_mandrill() - Super Super Fast Way of Sending thousands and thousands of emails...
  55. QUESTION: Thumbnails in list components are not loading.
  56. Sync user phone contacts to a table using AA V12
  57. Embedded Backgrounds - Table Layout
  58. PhoneGap device. APIs. uuid, version, platform, etc.
  59. Dynamic Form Builder
  60. <<%sql% yes, <<%code% no
  61. LIST builder's Detail View
  62. Could not refresh Detail View after inserting record.
  63. Basic Grid Search question
  64. The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
  65. Login component - session timeout
  66. Making static text visible when a timer reaches a certain time.
  67. Video not responsive on my ipad
  68. xBasic argument help
  69. Edit combo lookup error
  70. windows CAL licence for Alpha anywhere application server!
  71. iOS7 Duplicate or Copy
  72. JSON object - accessing elements easily
  73. getParentObject help
  74. Publish via FTP to a non-standard port?
  75. Green-banding in a static html control
  76. Ajax callback in UX won't work on local development server when disconnected! Really?
  77. Prevent image blocking in e-mail clienst using cid embedded imgages?
  78. Getting one button to submit, and the other to submit and reset.
  79. Tabs at footer in native app
  80. Tab control inside container with subtype window - not working
  81. UX equivalent of {grid.Object}.refresh()
  82. Report vanished, but in "backup" folder. How to restore? .a5bak
  83. copy field data from UX to embedded object grid fields (creating log file)
  84. QUESTION: Server Side Xbasic to Launch a Dialog on a Mobile Applicaiton
  85. Update fields using AfterGridSubmit
  86. Setting a session variable with AppLauncher
  87. Auto populate username field
  88. PhoneGap App does not redirect properly after session expires
  89. Help Upload Image
  90. Unexpected close tag "%>" in web page at line 4 column 1
  91. UX refresh frustrations
  92. List Navigation with Cascading Lists
  93. List with Detail View - Issue inserting first record into List using Detail View
  94. Bug in Offline Demo Tutorial
  95. Image File References in Templates
  96. List - NO HIGHLIGHT ON HOVER - how?
  97. SSL ciphers not getting PCI compliance or PFS (perfect forward secrecy) on ssllabs.com
  98. Conditional Formatting
  99. Panel Navigator Header - show/hide
  100. Show/Hide Expression based on Blank Field?
  101. Image Upload directly into SQL Server IMAGE column
  102. Row count on UX list control - help please? What's wrong with this code / design.
  103. Highlight Rows in List
  104. List Control Error - The database could not find the data you requested
  105. Alpha 3.0 List Search Problem When Disconnected
  106. Signature Capture - List Control
  107. how to make organization chart?
  108. Export to excel from grid in Xbasic
  109. Very Slow Reports
  110. Using Panels, but want to insure a response before continuing
  111. A5.executeThisThenThat issue...... not working! :)
  112. HELP: SQL Question: Lists with Arguments when you don't want to use them ...
  113. Using google chart map
  114. How to refresh the current Tabbed_UI pane?
  115. New record notify?
  116. Populate large repeating section is slow
  117. How to populate data series to add markers on map object
  118. How to vertically center a container within the body of a panelcard
  119. Display Custom Logo on Tabbed UI Home Page HTML
  120. Select All Checkboxes Javascript Button Not Working
  121. List with detail view and disconnected data... help
  122. Newbie Help
  123. Convert code from sql server to mysql?
  124. Copy Panel CSS to older CSS
  125. a5ws_RevalidatePassword not working all the time
  126. Open UX Dialog from External Application with filter
  127. List does not synchronize all fields anymore.
  128. Client-Side List-Control Filtering
  129. HELP: Alpha Anywhere E-Mail Features Demo ...
  130. xbasic to insert a new record into a dbf table
  131. How to not load data behind a Tab on a UX.
  132. Getting Active Directory integration to work
  133. LDAP
  134. Set alternate text for a button image in a UX
  135. Using e.checkboxFilter with DBF Table
  136. Gray out submit button after clicking
  137. List Control VISIBLE count? Used when a list has some rows hidden.
  138. Refreshing detail view of List Control
  139. Linking Pages
  140. UX for PhoneGap and Web - Had to publish to both!
  141. Method to put the .checkboxFilter data into an array
  142. Any way of knowing that project was published successfully ?
  143. cURL and Rest API Question for Newsfeed
  144. Open Lookup box automatically
  145. UX not loading first time on Windows, but works on Mobile
  146. Export Filtered List Problem
  147. Walking a Folder Structure to gather Files/Images
  148. disconnected browser functionality
  149. Static Label Question (Brain Cramp!)
  150. Multiple Grid Refresh....How do I do this ?
  151. Setting an argument value using JS function
  152. How to Show Source Code Alpha
  153. PhoneGap Background Service
  154. Pie Chart data series help
  155. Run node.js from xbasic question
  156. Insert search field above list control
  157. Problem using {grid.object} .isDirty
  158. Username Autocomplete IOS -- Cannot Get this to Work.
  159. PhoneGap Unable to Download App
  160. Problems with HTML Layout Report
  161. Set session timeout in grid component
  162. Grid or List with dynamic number of columns, possible?
  163. Report Layout for Monthly Schedule
  164. FileFind.Get_recurse()
  165. File Upload works local, but not on Application Server
  166. Change "DELETE" column header font/style
  167. Send email with ConditionStart & ConditionEnd
  168. letter.saveas syntax problem
  169. Error Message handling with Mobile Panels
  170. Set Initial Focus for panels
  171. a5_json_populatearray - issue? solutions?
  172. List - Click to Call HREF
  173. Auto Sync on Save/Delete
  174. 64-bit and iOS 8 Requirements for New Apps
  175. Tree Control Navigator with moe complex filter
  176. Is there a quicker way of setting component security?
  177. MySQL Grid using Stored Procedure and search arguments
  178. session variables and tabbedUI
  179. Font awesome missing icons
  180. Don't Grids allow UNION queries?
  181. Resetting the controls on a button click.
  182. UX List control selections as xbasic arguments - Need example
  183. Auto save record after file upload.
  184. Praise for Alpha Support
  185. Invalid Filter
  186. Virtual keyboard filling the screen - how to set up the form properly?
  187. LivePreview Error Requested URL not found
  188. How to Setup my own Alpha Anywhere Application Server
  189. JavaScript to dynamically set HTML5 type in UX field
  190. UX Unbound - Need to make dialog clean after an Ajax call back updates a hidden control
  191. General question about mobile-first philosophy
  192. Helpful note: ability to copy Action Javascript functions
  193. Filtering a list on a date
  194. Guidance on using multiple keys for embedded UX Components
  195. File Upload - User Defined warning message
  196. A5 as Web Service Provider
  197. List is not working properly when date format changed to dd-mm-yyyy
  198. list synchronize removes records from view?
  199. How to refresh the standard Calendar Component
  200. How do I use the Override settings for a UX control with a list box?
  201. SQL Server and MySQL
  202. Image Upload on iPhone 6
  203. Server-Side Event variable inside e.javascript?
  204. Calculation Help
  205. Button menu for mobile app UX/Panelcard
  206. MS SQL Server datetime2 fields and default values
  207. Search Part for a list in aUX
  208. How To Search a UX List? - Here are some of my Video's to help you get there start to finish.
  209. How do I make a duplicate of user ?
  210. Searchable dropdown with autosuggest
  211. List with detail view set initial values
  212. Hiding Alpha Server Type from whois search
  213. Keep alive or not to Keep alive, that appears to be the question
  214. Missing Groups - sort of
  215. Xbasic ERROR: function was not recognised
  216. Offline Retail Application?
  217. How to Update Inventory in Mysql?
  218. How to pass data from Javascript to Xbasic function
  219. How to print PDF inside panelcard in IPad?
  220. How to allow user to select path & file for dot net email attachments
  221. Set focus on repeating section row in Xbasic while looping through rows
  222. WEB Publishing is incomplete, unstable, quits early .... ???
  223. {dialog.Object}.setDirty(true); ....not working??
  224. Internet Explorer 11 Won't Perform Panel Actions
  225. Displaying image in HTML report dynamically.
  226. Page jumping to top on clicking list item
  227. Hiding or removing a panel for editing
  228. Disconnected Warehouse and Sales Application Question (Disconnected)
  229. How is the Web Application go into disconnected mode to a tablet?
  230. How to get URL written in Profile?
  231. Layout report freezing
  232. Dropdown Box Default Value
  233. Starting a non-Alpha program to pre-process a flat file
  234. Security Editing UX throws error
  235. Create modeless window with javascript
  236. How to reverse Show/Hide - (Server-side) expression
  237. Capturing GPS data offline
  238. Pivot Style Report?
  239. display logical field as checkbox in a list control
  240. data not synchronizing for joined table in list control
  241. Chart - custom data for XY Bar Vertical Stacked
  242. sychronization errors...
  243. Two Injectible Content in same line on UX panel
  244. Uploading Files and adding filename to MySQL database
  245. Assigning code to a keyboard button
  246. How to filter records in a UX component ?
  247. LDAP Integration in Alpha Mobile App
  248. the list saga continues.....
  249. Working Preview not showing images attached
  250. Mobile Device User Exact Location