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  1. Grids versus UX / Lists
  2. afterRecordDelete function
  3. tree control auto populate on load
  4. onClick event "Get Current user"
  5. Where do i grab default field values in 'link'ed grid?
  6. Red number on app icon (Badge App Icon)
  7. Easy way to check if record is empty ***DBF***
  8. File Upload - Using Values from UX Controls Before Submitting
  9. Using page variables in an xbasic callback in a UX
  10. Session Ulink
  11. Strip e._linkvalues
  12. Native DB vs External DB
  13. ajax call back failed inside grid
  14. New Quick Start Mobile App Templates in V3.1
  15. Reset or Collapse a Tree Control used as a menu to Top Level upon closing Container Window?
  16. "Record was not updated..." Grid Record Save Issue
  17. Calculated Field Expression Help
  18. Alpha issues after update
  19. Grid Display Problem on TabUI
  20. FlagSuppressLabelColumn
  21. Calculated fields make cell contents dissaper
  22. > Best Way To Define a Session Variable On Right Click?
  23. IIS Beta
  24. Browser Application using UX component?
  25. How to remove / hide the notice "You must first save or cancel your changes" (Urgent help)
  26. Video Player Control
  27. Insert data to database table again.
  28. Searching the database
  29. Automatically run a Grid upon entering application - for specific users
  30. Use Expression & Session Variable as Default Value?
  31. DateTime Field on UX
  32. Javascript File Creation Problem
  33. Embedded UX Within a5w Page Formatting
  34. Can you use a calculated field in a search?
  35. Using SSL and HTTPS protocol with iPhone
  36. Default Page Drop-down not Selectable
  37. TabbedUI LOGOUT
  38. Login User Photo
  39. Add a child record for a repeating section record
  40. MYSQL query using an ampersand (&)
  41. Calculated Field Expressions not working, UX
  42. Change Application ICON
  43. Report based on a sql stored procedure
  44. Multiple fields in Drop-down List (UX)
  45. Searchable Filtered List (PLEASE HELP)
  46. Script:UI_DLG_BOX......................
  47. Scanning in Alpha
  48. Image capture in list control
  49. SQL Server 2008 32bit - BLOB insertion - Invalid precision HY104
  50. UX Login Session Variables
  51. Multiple Detail Bands in a Report
  52. defined List control button - Synchronize data
  53. Predefined Display Formats in report: red color if negative number
  54. How to remove the a5w extension
  55. Grid malfunction
  56. Change Web Security SQL Connection
  57. Advanced Message Box - No current row data?
  58. ICON sets
  59. Multiple web servers instances - I need to get the port number to put into a log
  60. Alternate View - Google Map
  61. How to display Memo fields on a grid with automatic word wrap?
  62. Hebrew characters in Import Excel to Grid action
  63. Delete Record Prompt plus panel action
  64. Container stick to bottom
  65. how to stop an sql process
  66. UX Default Images - Phonegap
  67. a5_msg_box.show or A5.msgBox.show
  68. Intrigued
  69. List details View when saved loses focus of that record on list.
  70. Page-to-Page Variables
  71. Downloading Data in Repeating Section
  72. Export Layout Report to Excel Problem
  73. How to set a UX form field value to the current day's date?
  74. Custom report css not publishing correctly.
  75. Javascript to tag all items in UX Checkbox control?
  76. How to Automatically close pane if moved to another pane?
  77. daily and monthly opening balance implementation
  78. setFocus on List
  79. Fatal error executing Ajax callback: Function: 'search_table_function' was not recognized
  80. Custom stylesheet CSS with layout table report
  81. Do not trigger retrieve on dialog initialize
  82. mandrill attachments
  83. Arguments in UX on Tabbed UI Problem
  84. How to modify alpha web security group
  85. It just can’t be this hard. How to open a detail view automatically when a grid is shown.
  86. populating repeating section in a UX component
  87. On Grid Filter execute syntax help Please
  88. Custom Control in UX--What am I missing?
  89. Break HTML into columns in report
  90. displaying a pdf file in a panelcard
  91. Strange Error Message
  92. SecurityFramework-CreateNewUserAccount [how to log in automaticaly after creating user]
  93. Web Security from Hackers
  94. Grid error - v.hasStoredValue and grid.searchHighlight
  95. Mobile App + Desktop App in same workspace!!!
  96. The search Labels
  97. zoom pdf in a panel card
  98. Appending records from a UX component
  99. Weird MYSQL connection issue
  100. List - computed columns using data from previous row
  101. Total Field Based on 3 Grids - All placed on a DeskTop form
  102. HELP: Integrating Quicken-like JS into Alpha text fields
  103. Problems Printing on Production WAS
  104. Email_smtp_send - Embedding images
  105. Understanding Report Project Setting
  106. Web Application Offline version!!!
  107. Embedded A5w Page on Panel Card
  108. Embedding javascript Api to the UX Component
  109. Opening multiple instances of a grid component in a tabbed UI
  110. Programmatically set all fields to Read-Only
  111. Upgrade from v11 to v12 bugs
  112. Panel Header Error
  113. Is it possible dynamic table in grid or UX ?
  114. Foreign Language Reports
  115. UX with Repeating section causes error
  116. drag scroll pop up window contents
  117. images missing in mobile app
  118. Grid conditional style OK and not OK again
  119. Alpha Five V12 - Error Code: 0
  120. Could not create backup folder : I:\A5_Project_Backup\xxxxxxxxx
  121. Light Alternative Editor
  122. Synchronize data requires pre-load, but pre-load throws errors.
  123. Generating 1 million QR Codes
  124. Panel Card orientation to Landscape
  125. Microsoft to replace IE with new browser
  126. List Control
  127. Button list word wrap
  128. Why must I "Pre-Load" data in child lists?
  129. Hide List if no records
  130. Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificate
  131. File Upload -- Before Upload JS help
  132. Populate UNBOUND UX Repeating Section Component
  133. Help with using API and http_fetch
  134. URL for aJaxCallBack suddenly not working.
  135. Grouping Records on a grid - Dynamic Group Headers
  136. I Really Don't Get CSS In Alpha
  137. {dialog.object}._ParentName='Single'; -- What is Grid equivalent???
  138. Save to an excel and word using a Free-Form Report - UX (Dialog)
  139. Admin to reset any user password WITHOUT "Old Password"
  140. delete local storage
  141. Show/Hide embedded grid
  142. Report will not render as Text
  143. Refresh a List control
  144. How to Load Session Variable after Login
  145. Named DataSource 'Conracts' not found
  146. Is anyone using any of the mobile components in their desktop browser apps?
  147. Embedded Object needs manual "reload" to display on phone
  148. cannot copy and addnew in web application
  149. Message was not sent because of an error - how to use "after Message Sent"?
  150. File Upload
  151. Conditional opening of UX component
  152. Outputting excel and word
  153. Page 0 of 0 in Layout Report
  154. Binding the WAS to an IPV6 IP
  155. Cannot create text watermark if HTML5 is selected as "number"
  156. Setting active row in list control programatically
  157. How to allow people to access my website?
  158. Overlap Problem
  159. Disable other buttons
  160. UX Component 2 Master Detail Limitation?
  161. Published project not opening
  162. How to tell when a server side process completes
  163. Tree View Icon Size
  164. List Control (How to do Data Entry on the Detail without clicking new record)
  165. Embedded grid refreshing
  166. List Control( How to select the Top Parent view after saving the Child List)?
  167. Property not found ... p.___workToDoObj subelement not found
  168. List Control Template
  169. How to download a file in the browser using a public URL?
  170. Update AlphaDAO connection string
  171. How to populate fields in an unbound UX repeating section
  172. Refreshing an Edit Combo
  173. How do I determine a keypressed?
  174. Linked Grids & Record Navagation
  175. Error Deleting User on Web Security
  176. Modern Tree Menu
  177. Reports Missing Data Dictionary: \\xxx.ddd
  178. a5_file_remove() : file deletion not detected by local cloud sync software
  179. Restore List Data from Local Storage
  180. OLE DB Provider for Visual FoxPro
  181. Security problem. Users able to go straight to url bypassing login screen.
  182. VB Code through Alpha
  183. ZIP workspace not zipping files from Base Path - duh!!??
  184. PDF Converter Blank Data
  185. Navigation Problem With Linked Grids
  186. How to View and Produce reports on Offline Data?
  187. Offline Capability Question
  188. Email based on choice in dropdown
  189. Using the Developer when internet is down
  190. Newbie: login page
  191. Using built in Alpha FTP on a Mac running Parallels
  192. Group_concat in Portable SQL
  193. ajax back button
  194. Action Javascript Button Text Color Problem
  195. How to save, display an image in Grid or UX?
  196. NB!!! Report Image Transparancy on server 2012
  197. Move to control in a grid search part
  198. Set Values on Grid Detail from Message box
  199. TabbedUI Locks Up
  200. v11 to v12 pop up quirks
  201. Converting a production web app to MySQL
  202. AjaxCallBack help
  203. How to align summary values in List Control with Client Side Grouping.
  204. MySQL Connection locked
  205. Phone gap Issue in Alpha
  206. act on INSERT/UPDATE a database row just when user clicks "Ok"
  207. List not filtering in dynamic panel
  208. Tabbed UI Question
  209. Debug.log
  210. Error logs & spare threads
  211. Just close the pop-up window!! ...grrrr!
  212. Facebook login - New User
  213. Calling a dll from Web Application
  214. SQLSRV32.DLL not found - IM003
  215. Displaying Data in Moble App from Lookups
  216. List Control - NEXT navigation runs off end of List.
  217. Accessing Camera from web application
  218. Can a window be opened out side of a Tabbed UI
  219. Reports - Hide Fields in Excel
  220. problem running a 3rd party javascript library
  221. Fatal error running a5_ajax_grid()
  222. Date Pick sits half off screen
  223. HELP: Phone number masking in report
  224. USER select date to filter an SQL based grid
  225. Conditionally open a pane when tabbedUI is loaded
  226. List Control - Binding same data to multiple controls for display purposes?
  227. PhoneGap Build - c0000005 Error
  228. QBE Error
  229. Video M8
  230. HKSCS Character Cannot Display in Window 7 and Server 2008 and Server 2012
  231. count number of select rows in a dropdown
  232. On slide event to change slider control message
  233. Thread using too much CPU
  234. Strange Resuts With a Look-up
  235. Developers E&O insurance
  236. Need Javascript with IF condition for date range and then redirect to HOME page
  237. SMS Plugin
  238. Embedded Charts - Specifying Fixed Y and X Axis ranges
  239. List Sort - Dynamically on Client Side
  240. Language - Translation - SQL
  241. Xbasic Date_Format
  242. How to Configure WAS's to work with Different IP Addresses on same Physical Server
  243. Password Change Problem (just started)
  244. Date range not working well in UX List
  245. Current UserName and Setting Values
  246. Panel Layouts
  247. Grouping does not group
  248. Cascading Lists with Calculated link
  249. Local storage question
  250. Simple Xbasic SQL Question