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  1. Website not able to submit to database.
  2. Video Finder?
  3. Pass null date into argument
  4. HTML Editor Popup for Text Area for Mobile App - Code for PopupWindow?
  5. Does anyone know a really good MySQL consultant?
  6. Close ux Component without resetting the form First
  7. Setup of Layout Page on TUI Home Page
  8. Passing values from UX Dialog to another UX Dialog (including repeating section)
  9. Reports -- Native SQL Problem
  10. UX Component saves wrong number values
  11. onclick does not fire for a span element (column) in UX LIST
  12. onRowBlur
  13. Creating Conditional Table Lookups
  14. How to show data from previous panel card
  15. synchronize multiple embedded UX components with single command
  16. Can't See Synchronization Error in List Control Header
  17. Users / web security / registered users / filtering lists on a logged in user
  18. Printing to mobile printer
  19. How to Pass Dates to a Report (not a filter)
  20. UX Power Search of Grid
  21. Identify Parent UX from within Child UX
  22. size problem in alpha project
  23. limit column sort to Ascending
  24. Opening UX causes Script error
  25. After Uploading File
  26. Call Read Only Grid
  27. How to retrieve PhoneGap Info
  28. Upload Excel White spaces
  29. How to make a embedded grid object editable when UX opens. "Without always showing new record"
  30. Can you dock a window on the upper right of the screen?
  31. Application Server Not starting
  32. ViewBox and FormView progress
  33. trim spaces in a double quote string
  34. DotNet Questions
  35. Grid Quick Search & Hyperlinks Not Showing In A5W Page
  36. In a grid, how to display column in different colors depending on content?
  37. cascading dropdown in a tabbed UI
  38. Dynamic Image Doesn't Show in Any Browser
  39. step thru code works, run code error
  40. How to enable and disable filters in Data series
  41. update session variables from list control
  42. Phonegap app renders incorrectly
  43. Opening Bugged Component
  44. Changine Default Browser for Live View
  45. Customizing Google Map Icons on UX Component
  46. Checkbox on UX Thinks it's Vertical
  47. Date/Time formaatting
  48. How to hide and show button through javascript
  49. Security Framework trouble
  50. Unable to Save Component
  51. Bug in Developer when saving UX changes
  52. For a better understanding of the WAS - Web Application Server for Alpha Anywhere - I got some questions...
  53. Read Only Grid: Current Row Values in File download set to Ajax Callback?
  54. Use a button to open a grid in an html frames page
  55. Alpha took my servers off-line!
  56. Linking value of a report to another report
  57. How to alert onClick on different LIST columns, in attached sample?
  58. Mobile Scheduler
  59. Show/Hide on Search Field
  60. Use iphone/ipad camera to enter data
  61. Refresh lists when opening cached UX
  62. Deleting many records at once in a grid
  63. JS Date & Time Validation
  64. Linked grid calc field
  65. _repeatingSectionLogicalToPhysicalRow() returns a negative number
  66. Proximity Search for non-Grid Google Map
  67. Setting grid label height/color
  68. How does one run multiple instances of the WAS for only one website?
  69. State variables vs Session variables are they equivalent?
  70. How to Close Read Only Grid
  71. .alb, .alm, .alx files
  72. Need ADVICE on list control search (not a filter, but a scan)
  73. Reducing choices in drop down select
  74. Dot Matix Printers- Reports are Print Sidway in Web Applicaton
  75. Checking for dirty grids before closing pane on tabbedUI
  76. 500 Internal Server Error - One cause might be an XBasic syntax error
  77. Linked Grid Scrolling
  78. Resolving value: {key}
  79. New Containers
  80. SQL Server documentation
  81. Offline Login
  82. Detect when embedded grid is dirty
  83. xbasic loop through data help
  84. Flow-Collapse button not working properly in AA5V12
  85. Missing Button Subthemes
  86. Hidden Controls in UX not included in e.submitteddata ?
  87. Hotspots on background image
  88. Image Upload within List
  89. Prevent New record Entry
  90. Dirty unbound grid control prevents navigation
  91. Set decimals in label display format
  92. Phone Gap Error
  93. Table Layout Linked Report page issue !!!
  94. How to Pass a UX Field value to a Static, Base Filter for a Lookup based on a Grid Component
  95. Upload Excel Bug
  96. How to use Calendar data control to filter list with date field?
  97. Selects row from list on Login
  98. HUGE security problem in A5 web security :shocked:
  99. Filtering Report Issue
  100. How to use session variable in report header
  101. Using <progress> html element in List Layout
  102. Grid or UX - Scientific Notation
  103. How We Reached A Stable Environment By Using Multiple Instances of the Web Server
  104. UX component template -> mobile app framework with split view menu ... can I hide the menu?
  105. Processing work queue and other automated processes on app server
  106. Filter report with multiple parameters
  107. Unwanted auto panel card navigation
  108. jQuery and alpha 5
  109. Update Data on Device
  110. Access and Alpha Anywhere Interaction. Open web page from Access with Arguments.
  111. Correct Way to Use Convert_Type()
  112. Is there a way to only run code in Live Preview but not production?
  113. Geo Location Doesn't Work with Remote Test
  114. global function arguments issue
  115. Conditional opening of UX component
  116. Trying to venture into using a Jquery plug-in... lost!
  117. List group footer alignment
  118. Lost source project files, need to change the ip in a connection string...
  119. Alpha Anywhere and Connecting to SQL Server on Amazon EC2
  120. Parent & Child Lists
  121. count files in a directory and pass to a control
  122. Having a Count on a Report
  123. ShowRowExpanderIcon
  124. Date()
  125. Signature capture has null after accept
  126. How to set CLIENT SIDE FILE NAME when opening a Report, Label or Letter layout?
  127. Could not connect to the database client software...
  128. Resize Date Picker to fit on mobile phone device screen
  129. count records in a table matching criteria
  130. Alternate views, multiple grids with the same filter
  131. Alpha Anywhere App server demo
  132. Browse control with detail problem
  133. Javascript toFormat function returning - Object does not support property or method "toFormat"
  134. Changing SQL Connection String Name
  135. Saving data in embedded UX component
  136. logging users out when publishing
  137. Seeking Paid Mentorship
  138. set value in repeating section with xbasic
  139. Add the current date and time to a text box
  140. Embedded Objects In Mobile App Causing Uncaught Reference Errors
  141. dialog primary key from Hyperlinks
  142. tips & suggestions to enhance a5w page load on mysql query
  143. Video Player Component Control problem
  144. xbasic WAS console debugging script for login component and SQL connection problems?
  145. Image from local storage
  146. Address Search Capability
  147. Alpha Server 12 Oracle client
  148. Message Alerts/Notifications
  149. Grid + Search part with search highlighting option problem
  150. Using the Visual Studio Debugger in Working Preview
  151. dbf query with .and. .or.
  152. Software Load Balancer for windows [Commercial]
  153. Recent issue from a Microsoft Server Update
  154. Report "keep together on page" challenge!!!
  155. How to load the data into dropdownbox through xbasic code
  156. How to select the first value of the dropdownbox when data loaded
  157. Error: string exceeds maxJsonLength on UX with Parent-Child lists
  158. Session Timeout Warning
  159. Social Network on IOS
  160. Session variable to field default value
  161. Adding new Columns to a List View
  162. UX Component unable to Bound to the table in SQL Server Table
  163. List - visually shows two selection - even when multi-select not checked
  164. afterRecordInsert issues
  165. Pick list from Details page
  166. Additional Grid Styles Property
  167. Edit-Combo List Lookup Watermark
  168. Open UX as an alternate editing view for current record
  169. Get Attachment Filename So It Can Be Added To Email
  170. How do I insert a font-awesome icon on an A5W page?
  171. disconnected app problems
  172. display a pdf outside the webroot
  173. Multi-select list control array size
  174. List Builder - Defining SQL Select Statement One better than the other?
  175. How to find called functions
  176. Setting the Height of a List Control / Fill Container
  177. how to set default value for Dropdownbox when fetching the data through sql query xBasic code
  178. Setting Text to Value of SQL COUNT Query
  179. Upload File Security/Encryption
  180. Geocode SQL Table?
  181. Dynamic Image Doesn't Show on Web Page
  182. How to refresh grid in one component on button click from another component
  183. Xara and grids - problem with grid overflowing bottom of page
  184. Parent Grid changes record of Child UX?
  185. Active Directory Lookup Grid/List Control
  186. Image keeps setting width to 100%
  187. How to set value in variable control?
  188. SecFramework-LoginCompMobileApp UX - Getting Username as variable and then using it
  189. How to Make a a5w component Publicly Available
  190. Argument to print Current Records Selected in a Grid
  191. Missing TIME in e._currentRowDataOld.timefield
  192. =NOW()
  193. Ajax - send just one of few variables [not complete 'e' object]
  194. Set Username as Variable for Filtering List - UX SecurityApp
  195. Reordering panel layouts in navigator.
  196. Multiple-selection checkbox and list client-side list filters
  197. list filter expressions
  198. Re-filter UX repeating section after submit
  199. Report Filtering on Session Variable
  200. Could not convert XPS to PDF
  201. Deleting workspaces
  202. Selective Password Policy Enforcement -Possible?
  203. BeforeSearch logical field override
  204. Android key sounds - Mobile Application
  205. UX Argument not Allowed
  206. Cost of deployment
  207. Search & format specific [Capitilised] text in a table layout report "Text" field
  208. getParentObject value
  209. When opening a report we have temp file issues....
  210. Grabbing image from phone issue
  211. How to insert Tabs or Accordions within a DetailView?
  212. Break "before" and "before and after"
  213. Accessing right most digit of whole numer in Xbasic
  214. mysql error 2014
  215. Argument is incorrect data type
  216. Bulk Operations: Recalculate UX components
  217. Runing multiple instances on alpha application server
  218. Printing multiple label copies
  219. Security Groups
  220. Flex Layout in a Repeating Section; set repeating section label width?
  221. What's going on with the Lookups?
  222. Image capture for list detail view
  223. JSTree - getting database table into JSON format
  224. Session variable scope
  225. Can't use Alpha on one of my office computers
  226. Invoice Report-Missing Line Items
  227. Drag and Drop Change Field Value
  228. Auto Dropdownbox Cascading logic??
  229. Clean Source Code (Free of Javascript)
  230. Export from SQL
  231. Getting Primarykey value after Record inserted in alpha Anywhere
  232. Sample code for processing credit cards through First Data
  233. Running Report from AA Generated Javascript
  234. a5_getargumentvalue()
  235. Defeated with NO fix!!! - Thread: Report "keep together on page" challenge!!!
  236. Component fails to Publish
  237. Remove Field Labels From Tab Order
  238. Sync DBF table to SQL table
  239. timeDiff function was working perfectly and them just stopped working
  240. Build 4440 list group header template issue
  241. login dialog - Security not enabled
  242. SQL error handling and other weirdness (onLogin event)
  243. Filter lookup grid based on session variable set in parent
  244. Native Key Tap Feedback - PhoneGap
  245. Need help with updating all rows in a grid using Toolbar button {grid.object}._totalRecordsInGrid not working
  246. 'Submitted By' field
  247. Scheduled Emails via Alpha
  248. My Keys
  249. I need step by step to process First Data payments - can anyone please help?
  250. UX List view not displaying data in WP