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  1. set list detail view to dirty
  2. How to migrate OLD Desktop Report to Web Report
  3. Component Size and speed
  4. Embed Radio .pls app in UX for Mobile App
  5. Alpha Offline - how long for?
  6. Non native app running offline ?
  7. Populates with Customerid + 27
  8. Event trigger on grid but conditional
  9. tablemax in default value field
  10. Image capture in List Detail View works on desktop but not mobile device.
  11. Parent Child UX 'List Controls' with images in the Child
  12. UX component with an embedded UX
  13. email and css
  14. Report Error When Accessing Online
  15. report.print() report.saveas() syntax for Project Report
  16. UX update view (MySql)
  17. Report with 2 repeating sections
  18. Maps Snap to Road in Google Maps
  19. font-awesome icons not displaying in FireFox but okay in Chrome
  20. submit and read masked field
  21. Take a "Selfie" when UX Button is pressed
  22. AD Authentication
  23. expand dropdownbox
  24. Alpha Anywhere Web App Validations
  25. IE 11 UX List Search Issue
  26. jSON data & xBasic argument
  27. Synchronous Javascript Executions Text Mode
  28. How to list objects stored in Amazon s3 bucket
  29. Changes with Chrome and Adobe PDF plugin
  30. Suggestions Are Most Welcome
  31. International date xbasic help please
  32. Uploading Image to SQL Server and Displaying in Detail View using alpha
  33. Refresh list box in UX component
  34. How to freeze first Column in a Grid Component and List Cointrol
  35. Web Application not available from some networks
  36. Increase OnTimer to 3 seconds?
  37. UX List Control set value on save/ sync
  38. Chrome Incognito Mode wreaks havoc
  39. a5ws_GetCurrentUser() to show on report/letter
  40. AlphaDAO connection string; can't add in Profile
  41. Filtering DropDown List using session variable
  42. List Control in Tabbed Pane does not render
  43. Angular Javascript with Alpha Anywhere
  44. union sql statement for list control
  45. Open UX component based on condition
  46. Look field bound to SQL Server taking long time to load/show options
  47. Debug Argument being passed from one panel list to another
  48. Web Security, Importing Users
  49. How to make JSON tree data with value property from resultset
  50. Controlling the format of values in controls that are being populated by action javascript
  51. Dynamic image in List control
  52. Looking for Alpha Developer to jointly develop drag and drop file upload using Dropzone.js
  53. Client-side show/hide based on a javascript function
  54. Textbox Background Color
  55. SQL::ResultSet::ToGridComponentDataObject()
  56. Question about refreshing data in a list after using a ux to edit the data in a row
  57. Need Help with MySQL Web Security
  58. UX Component Builder doesn't fit completely on screen
  59. Error when trying to upload an Image in the HTML Editor (memo field)
  60. List Control event to update last user id and Last update date and time
  61. Pushing Data To Twitter
  62. CHROME Problems --- icons/images not loading all of a sudden?
  63. Embedding Fonts
  64. Alpha Anywhere Web App Validations – How to Expand Lookup and Fill In Fields / Javascript
  65. Help with callback please, trying to ensure all buyers have email address before processing...
  66. Post-update issues with Control Help
  67. How to export To Excel with Chart data
  68. Controlling which panel is visible first in a mobile app
  69. Email setup on alpha application server - Profiles
  70. Issue with onchange inline javascript
  71. Webroot of the local Alpha Application Server while publishing
  72. Edit Users and security with ux list bound component (not table bound)
  73. Getting the value of a dropdownbox
  74. How to make Grid into Editable/Non-Editable
  75. Change font style of "Delete" grid column heading
  76. UX List row height
  77. Trying to populate control in a ux using an ajax callback
  78. A LTR & RTL docked panels within a panelayout header
  79. Cant see any components when I click insert component
  80. Single Sign On
  81. GPS Data with Ajax Callback not refreshing properly
  82. Show Results of Xbasic SQL Query in UX
  83. Repeating section - set value - reverting back to original value
  84. Layout Error
  85. UNION QUERY not acting same in Alpha as in SQLServer
  86. setValue for checkbox (to select multiple values)
  87. how to retrieve form submitted data (such as request.getParameter('loginid')) using alpha anywhere
  88. Import Records 1292 Error Incorrect date value
  89. Current Page Refresh Command - Server Xbasic
  90. Drag and drop list items - not working in FireFox
  91. Javascript based on if a field is blank
  92. PhoneGap, embedded object, and Alpha security together?
  93. When i click on row in Grid of a5w page its going to top of the page. How can i avoid it.
  94. UX List Builder Compute Summary Values and Write Conflict
  95. uploading files using HTTP Post
  96. List Control Search Checkbox has no effect
  97. Mobile-Cordova Barcode Scanner
  98. Printing in Mobile - Confused
  99. logged in message template
  100. Can I use an argument as a column heading in a list control?
  101. SQL Single User Mode
  102. Need some info on how synchronization works.
  103. Advanced filtering techniques
  104. Highlight the row on select is not working in the grid
  105. a5w page blows up when I try to open it
  106. PanelCard 'Body can scroll' Issue
  107. A5FileDownload fails when running in Windows service
  108. own search bar - how can I do
  109. TextArea HTML Editor
  110. Passing information from one list to another
  111. List bound ux component - weird twerk when new record abondoned
  112. Adding records to Parent list
  113. How to get the value of the session variable in javascript function.
  114. slider in a list control
  115. mobile login ux, embedded application ux and session variables best practice?
  116. Newbie: Changing field on Detail View causes record to jump
  117. Ajax callback causes page to navigate back a page
  118. Pre-release blues
  119. Unique styling for a grid/list. How to achieve it?
  120. Kendo UI Usage
  121. Hosting Alpha Anywhere Project
  122. UX label display property
  123. mobile app login
  124. How to create a search dropdown with checkbox
  125. Open url from alpha webroot without needing .a5w extension
  126. Populating session variables via "intermediate page" + redirects
  127. Grid Field Mask Question (Phone Number)
  128. Stop confirm box in list detail deleterow()
  129. maps api Geocode causing MAJOR bottleneck
  130. UX or Grid?
  131. On mouseover on grid/list row, view button?
  132. Login Expiration Policy = Defined time after initial login
  133. Dynamically change hyperlink control
  134. Dialog Values
  135. Programmatically DBF Cascading List Controls
  136. Disconnected application
  137. Large file upload slow
  138. ActionJavaScript Delete
  139. *Required field
  140. Need XBasic Help Please!
  141. Clear client side filter on list control
  142. List not scrolling when other controls are on the same panel
  143. How to call xbasic function from javascript function
  144. Listcontrol "Delay render till explicit refresh" not working in tabcontrol
  145. Admin - Change Password Any User
  146. Conditional source in column
  147. Large List Selector - tips and ideas
  148. Way to implement a "Shuttle control" in web
  149. A5WS_Save_WebUser_Values() - Is UX data binding required
  150. UX List Control Argument Reverts to 1st Argument in the Argument List
  151. Application Server Help
  152. Display Total for List Control Computed Column
  153. Alpha generated email with integrated buttons.
  154. Mouse Over
  155. Displaying data from a control on another panel
  156. Grid with Detail Question
  157. "Try again later" error when logging in.
  158. onDialogExecute Error
  159. Limit which special characters that are allowed
  160. Syntax EMAIL_CLIENT_EXTERNAL seems doesn't work, anybody
  161. [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Disk or network error.
  162. Using beanstalk
  163. Calculated Bound Feilds in a Dialog Do Not Update Table
  164. Populate List through custom data source - Help
  165. To get logged on (current) user GUID
  166. List control detail view: filter a sql select statement on the value of another control in the detail view
  167. fill MS-Access backend datetime field with current timestamp
  168. Worldpay payment integration
  169. Session variables management within a tabbed UI with login/logout facility
  170. display pdf in a panel card
  171. Disabled image on button not behaving properly
  172. Email - no body
  173. textarea with html editor - unique functionality
  174. Button Focus
  175. Problem With Dual Criteria Filter Using SetFilter()
  176. cURL Xbasic Object
  177. NodeSettings() syntax
  178. Web Application Repository functionality
  179. Parent list won't synchronize
  180. drag scrolling on an Iphone no scroll bars wanted
  181. Securing PDF files... best approach ?
  182. AES-128 Encryption
  183. Close button for a tab pane using a tab object
  184. Can't get mandrill email to work
  185. Can't view my databases after I publish.
  186. How can I access a specific value in a json result
  187. Checkboxes - how to retrieve and save values
  188. Time Picker Time Pickiness
  189. Receive Email in Alpha
  190. List - lookup column value from another table
  191. Page break in layout-table report
  192. Passing primary key to SQL query in onDialogInitialize
  193. With Windows 10 coming out next month, is Alpha ready?
  194. Open pdf in panel specifying full path
  195. Single Keyword Search + Individual Control Search
  196. Javascript Help - List size and looking through data
  197. Need help exporting referenced filename PDFs into a zip file
  198. Disabling Grid Buttons
  199. Render .pdf file from hyperlink on grid
  200. filter a dropdownbox in a grid search part
  201. Super control, google & msn maps not working.
  202. Need to send 20 Emails with a Letter Attachment?
  203. Can cascading spinlist controls be a 2 way street, or ar they one way only?
  204. Page Format
  205. Reset Detail View - For list bound controls
  206. Unsuccessful Link To Bootstrap.CSS File Locally From A5w Page
  207. layout-table report - quick vs. blank - stylesheet is not applied
  208. List Control - Detail View - is there an event for edit mode when it becomes dirty
  209. Tabbed UI
  210. Dynamic Image on UX
  211. Populate a Database field
  212. UX with spincontrols eating up my CPU in live preview and often crashing developer
  213. In Edit Mode?
  214. Updated By field on a grid
  215. Dirty UX in Tab can close without saving on
  216. Set textbox default value to query string argument
  217. Auto increment field
  218. Legal signatures
  219. Need help to set dropdown in Grid QBE filter
  220. Preferred version of SQL server?
  221. Only The First Group Shows
  222. Break still appears when client side show/hide expression evaluates to true
  223. An unhandled exception (c0000005) was generated
  224. Question about how to set values of specific controls while looping through a result set
  225. Default value in a UX
  226. determine if row in list is selected
  227. Phonegap - master spash screen landscape orientation issue
  228. Setting "Initial (Default) Value" of new record in Child Grid
  229. Question about debugging xbasic script, specifically the SQL conn.execute...
  230. Search bar not working when using phonegap
  231. How to set focus back to the row that was selected before refreshing list data?
  232. Publishing problem or app server problem
  233. Delete image or set image control value to null?
  234. [PathAlias.ADB_Path]
  235. Application Server & Alpha Anywhere full or runtime version
  236. Grid Insertion Error
  237. customize built in html editor
  238. Folder creation in xbasic script not working
  239. Application Server Version
  240. Need to update Repeating Section
  241. List - to forbid selection of certain rows by users
  242. Quick Question
  243. JSON-RPC implementation (random.org)
  244. Help to change search
  245. To un-select a selection from UX List programmatically
  246. UX components mode / change a record
  247. Referencing Last Grid Row
  248. Convert ux date control value to sql date format
  249. Update ux controls in a for loop
  250. To Bind or Not To Bind, That is the Question