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  1. PhoneGap - App cannot access MSSQL Database
  2. Google map component displays correctly on localhost but not on live server
  3. Unknow error message CORSHeader
  4. Google Map Not Rendering Correctly in Panel within UX with Fill Container
  5. Connection Strings - Is there a limit of how many strings one can have?
  6. Radio buttons on mobile
  7. how to horizontally align objects in injectible list footer
  8. Third Party IP Address Blocker
  9. Slider default value
  10. how to give back data of selected rows of a listcontrol in an ajax callback
  11. How to publish SQL tables to correct location on remote server
  12. What to use for MS SQL Version Control and deploying changes to other SQL DB instances?
  13. How to update security group on live Web app?
  14. SQL file.Update_time
  15. User cannot scroll when touching a text input field in a mobile panel.
  16. Auto Expanding List Control
  17. Use Grid in UX?
  18. Power packs in v12 ?
  19. List Detail - After Update callback question
  20. file download is not working to download an embedded file
  21. Publishing a list control/UX from a tabbedUI - works in live preview but not on the local server
  22. report builder not working
  23. Set Dynamic Markers on Google Map
  24. Showing data in another format
  25. Default Mobile Simulator Device
  26. Power Search embedded reports won't print more than once
  27. Validation in List UX Component Detail Not Working as Expected
  28. Close X on mobile google map Marker Detail does not work
  29. Group break with group footer in grid - need to show subtotals on one line
  30. Stripe CC Processing Address/Zip Verification
  31. Grid with Grouping - change background color of group header
  32. MySQL Time Field Write Conflict
  33. Hiding UX fields / buttons, etc. with show/hide expression - but how eliminate blank lines that remain
  34. How to Enable "Edit" Button on a UX List Control
  35. Mandrill and image
  36. How to have a running total of a repeating Section column
  37. Multi-Select dropdown box
  38. Phone Gap - Calendar Integration
  39. Filtering records in mobile security.
  40. PDF size problem, can only see top/left corner of PDF in panel card
  41. Error with A5Code that runs from Operation but not Web
  42. Give focus to a Search field when grid is opened
  43. Facebook login with Phonegap
  44. Help with dynamic parent child tree control UX
  45. get an argument value from grand parent ux in grand child ux
  46. set a list control component 'control' to read-only based on a security setting ...
  47. How to extract this flavor of json from rest api call ?
  48. Close Dynamic Panel
  49. SSL issue with Chrome browser
  50. Email Outbox Log File
  51. Face Recognition
  52. Creating custom buttons and layout from grid
  53. Mobile LOGIN with GEO LOCATION
  54. Which method to use for AJAX callback?
  55. Which SQL to use?
  56. Formatting a Calculated Field in a Report
  57. UX Screen layout into a report defintion
  58. Accessing custom Xbasic functions from freeform regions
  59. Print Preview toolbar button with Row Conditions and Static HTML on layout report does not work
  60. Formatting a numeric field
  61. TextArea with HTML or JSON ... <JSON Template Data> vs <HTML Memo>
  62. How to create a Splash Screen
  63. how to update a record to reflect other records down the column
  64. Report Error -- What is it???
  65. Alpha Anywhere Alternative Login is not working
  66. SQL ToString() Command
  67. Custom error (eg, 404 not found) pages
  68. Build Not Available For IOS At This Time
  69. Show/Hide Button
  70. How to Delete users from the security system
  71. Calculated Field on grid
  72. Synchronizing Hierarchical Data in a Disconnected Operation: Parent Record Only or All Records?
  73. List with custom Xbasic function - modification
  74. Select which grid/ux to open from textbox or dropdown box
  75. Using a UXField in SQL Filter
  76. UX List Control Signature Capture Error. Signature capture stops responding on mobile devices.
  77. Need to format calculated expression date to read MM/YY
  78. help with javascript
  79. Still have "Showing PDF Problem" on iPhone
  80. Calendar Component Error ( JavaScript )
  81. List Control _deselectAll() and selection.length
  82. email_smtp_open
  83. IOS vs Android
  84. Time from Seconds
  85. Date picker restrict dates
  86. Frame - center a title
  87. Removing a filter on a list with a button
  88. Autofilling the primary key
  89. multilingual excel data load
  90. Can I store data.rownumber of a repeating section, in a field which is updated back to my database?
  91. Pre-render component at design-time -- What's this error??
  92. Problem with Session Variables
  93. drag scrolling issue in a UX panel card with search controls
  94. Problem with the A5W Page Creator
  95. SSL on the WAS
  96. SagePay integration
  97. Email design help
  98. Publishing to application server
  99. Watermark Clears on client side formatting
  100. How to prevent insertion point from disappearing in code editor?
  101. Assign a SQL stored procedure to a button
  102. Need some javascript help
  103. can i copy some object from AndroidLight style.js to a copy of GrGray style.js?
  104. 2 buttons one result
  105. Question on Xbasic
  106. Adding Fonts
  107. iOS7 List Doesn't Render
  108. Trigger Happy
  109. Show off your work on apple store ( created by alpha software )
  110. Sending Emails Function
  111. HTML Table Formatting Help
  112. Populate The Clipboard
  113. Login Component problem
  114. Stop user from entering data after a certain number of characters have been entered
  115. Tabbed UI buttons can only be clicked inside text label
  116. Xbasic Code to create a5w page
  117. SQL Query in Xbasic
  118. missing class in class properties and subtheme
  119. help with tree view control
  120. UX Component with List Control (Search and Detail View) and Repeating Section
  121. Get UX list field value via xbasic
  122. How to get total values in a grid from tables with a one to many relationship
  123. Accessing contacts on a users phone
  124. Count on Dropdown choices
  125. Geo Tracking for employees wtih in phone gap ( running in back ground of IOS ) + Chatting alive
  126. Inserting a component on an A5W w/ custom CSS
  127. SMS GateWay
  128. Lookup query throwing error
  129. Creating a JavaScript object to use in client side temolating
  130. broken icons, works fine on local host, broken on web
  131. Keyboard Shortcuts on Tabbed UI
  132. A5.Menu Styling and Sizing
  133. Get the Device Name
  134. Action to refresh the current UX URL
  135. Stop/Kill GPS Movements
  136. integrate cordova plugins into alpha anywhere
  137. tracking company assets in google map ( real time )
  138. Could not get count of records in query - error
  139. search of list control limited to page
  140. HTML5 Type of Email and Watermark issue
  141. Heavy CPU load on WAS server when loading an Embedded UX
  142. Report parameters not used for filtering
  143. Struggling with applying initial filter and BeforeSearch Event handler filters
  144. How to hide a DIV ?
  145. Xbasic help, on-click for button to call function
  146. Phone Gap Ios Certificate.
  147. Row List Layout
  148. Percent done bar linked to a field
  149. Populate List from Using Data Cache without population Columns
  150. {dialog.Object}.setFocus() causes onKeyUp to fire - why?
  151. Extract Year from Date Variable
  152. Refresh embedded UX list
  153. adding an additional security group to a user
  154. a5ws_edit_groups(user,reconfigure,(group1,group2))
  155. Re-publishing my project on to the server issue.
  156. HTTP Manipulation.
  157. How to set the default value of a textbox, to be filled by the value of another text box.
  158. Reusing Javascript Code Issues
  159. sql all-in-one trigger operation
  160. Column Sort on List Box
  161. strange (aren't they all) 500 internal server error
  162. File upload doesn't work in repeating section -- Test Components Attached
  163. Creating a session variable inside a button click.
  164. Animated background within panel
  165. Application server compliant
  166. Static Text Control
  167. UX does not close after Submit
  168. UX Control - Detail View
  169. Button JS help
  170. Additional Documentation on Server Synchronization Log?
  171. Anybody using .NET assembly exposing properties of ARRAYS?
  172. Override project style at the component level
  173. Protected session variables question
  174. AppVersion plugin and PhoneGap Shell
  175. Encrypt & encode
  176. Client-Side Data Cache Editor - Filter on SQL?
  177. Checking specific checkboxes after ondialoginitialize event
  178. check a box with button onclick event on a UX
  179. Show/hide expression based on datetime field
  180. My new project works in Firefox and Chrome but not in IE11
  181. UX fields not updating tables after adding column to database - possibly related to "Array Index out of Bounds" error?
  182. Refreshing a main grid after closing a grid that has been opened with a action button
  183. Select first row in a list when loadind
  184. Help required with timing issues on call back to repopulate a list
  185. popup to verify dirty fields before submitting to server?
  186. Grid new rows at top instead of bottom
  187. Node_request function
  188. MongoDB support?
  189. Problems with Action Javascript Buttons Since Update
  190. How to get totals from a child table into a parent table grid with a one to many relationship
  191. Mobile GUI help
  192. Specific UX Component search based on html URL
  193. Grid only displaying 10 records
  194. Center an object in a UX Component
  195. Tree control building the xbasic string from MySQL
  196. TabbedUIMenuPanel
  197. Watermarks
  198. Freeform control inside of panel -- How to trigger a DIV to hide.
  199. Refreshing Markers Postions on Map
  200. Count Query in a list
  201. A5_Encrypt_String() & AES encryption
  202. Grid Local CSS
  203. DATABASE Issues
  204. GeoLocation in BACKGROUND
  205. UX panels
  206. Clear Password
  207. Vertical align
  208. Hiding gmail password in an email xbasic function and a couple other xbasic questions
  209. Requesting help looping through fileArray when using the user defined file upload (multiple files) action script
  210. Grid Tree-Control Navigator get values for selected node?
  211. Checkbox control - populate when set as buttons
  212. Variable "flagS3" not found
  213. Cascading dropdown - setValue of child
  214. Attempting to generate a report via xbasic
  215. Insert container and frame into a grid
  216. MySQL Stored procedure
  217. using xbasic to insert, update and delete a record in a ux component
  218. web user security management UX to a SQL server
  219. Seeking SSL Help
  220. List Control - Multi Select - Does it create an array?
  221. Get sum of columns values in a list
  222. How to submit Metadata (name/value pairs) to Stripe?
  223. Can't use native SQL in UX list ... why not??
  224. Sending Response Codes using Xbasic back to stripe
  225. PDF report printing issue in the App Server
  226. Diagnosing a slow server?
  227. Give focus to a row after ajax callback
  228. How to Pass URL into Action Javascript - Open a Web Page or PDF File
  229. How to display a pop-up window for an object on a grid?
  230. Slow UX component
  231. A5W Page Filter and Order Syntax
  232. Validate Expression on UX
  233. Keep values constant in designated fields within UX Component when creating new record
  234. Issue with xbasic function - trying to create an array of attachments to send via mandrill
  235. Unscanable?
  236. Use Argument in Report Calculated Expression -- How??
  237. Is it possible to email driving directions?
  238. File Upload problem when moving from V11 to V12
  239. How to make the application which runs in background ?
  240. Encrypted Password Problem
  241. Security Framework
  242. Easy way to filter a report on multiple records with checkbox clicked
  243. Jumpy Row Expander
  244. Opening UX component in preview and web page shows different layouts
  245. How can I capture the server ip when using a load balancer?
  246. Storing finger print via mobile
  247. Parsing Dates, times, email, phone
  248. how do set session variables from parent to child grid with linked grid between (without button)
  249. Frustrated With this ERROR SqlReporting 9
  250. How to Display a non-Static Image via URL