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  1. Migrate to IIS
  2. Checkboxes in a UX
  3. What exactly is a "Trace Log" ?
  4. Decrease spacing between rows in repeating section
  5. Filtering layout report with multiple date fields/parameters
  6. sql API Not Avalailbe
  7. Error uploading to Amazon S3
  8. Calculate a Random Value...
  9. Xbasic Error Log Help
  10. Tabbed UI - opening as a UX with the UX builder
  11. Refresh embedded grid have <%a5 %> code in freeform template for column properties of grid
  12. Drag and Drop - save new info?
  13. Tabbedui and embedded A5W pages
  14. Requesting some advice on how to attack a web form
  15. Postgres as custom provider in IIS
  16. Report Filer Problem
  17. How Do I clear all strokes in an Ink Control ?
  18. Subreports utilizing MYSQL as backend
  19. {dialog.object}.formViewIsDirty()
  20. Trying to duplicate a table
  21. How to create a multi value dropdown box/edit combo list?
  22. IIS Application Server problem
  23. Saving and retrieving List control rows with their order
  24. iOS App Upload
  25. Does User Defined Security Setting e.logout Work In IIS?
  26. Setting up Named Resource for Twilio account in web project properties
  27. IIS and MySQL-problem
  28. SVG Icons disappear with pre-render
  29. Highlight control on focus
  30. How to use onDblClick event in a grid?
  31. Need a little bit of help with creating a data export link.
  32. Adding records from a javascript control
  33. Reload images in List
  34. getParentObject of embedded row expander grid returning "Object object"
  35. Can I stream video to the video component instead of download?
  36. Committing data in a repeating section
  37. Report Filter Issue when printing Web App report
  38. Popup Lookup Window position
  39. Sending SMS with SMS Twilio Action
  40. How to refresh just one calculated field?
  41. lObj.setValue combined with Primary Key being a number
  42. How to Insert BLOB (image) into SQL Server database using XBasic code ?
  43. SpinList - On Select causes application to hang (unable to save)
  44. Fixed header/footer in ux, not mobile.
  45. Version Build 4077 Conditional Object on the Report not working.
  46. iOS PhoneGap app will not launch URL
  47. Problems With Official Build 4077_4809
  48. Filter List on Null or Not Null Values
  49. Filter Builder in WebProjects availability?
  50. sha256 encoding probelm on AWS
  51. Google Calendar
  52. Alternating row colors in Viewbox list
  53. IIS Experts - Good Practices for Publishing
  54. Alpha Launch error
  55. What are all those $$xxxx.MPX files
  56. Repeating section does not drag once I put it in a panel card
  57. Build 4081-4811 Dynamic Dropdown Problem
  58. Scroll to top of Viewbox control
  59. Convert EPC codes ( Collect data from RFID reader) to GS1
  60. No e.olddatasubmitted in Server-side Events
  61. Cascading Lists - Child List does not update when navigating with Arrow Keys
  62. Hidden controls are visible when form first opens
  63. Server-side events won't fire after submit, or submit doesn't fire
  64. Checking licenses on Web Application Servers
  65. Live Preview Not displaying correctly - Working Preview crashes Alpha
  66. How to change NAVIGATION menu text to Arial from Times Roman
  67. Email_send_Mandrill issue
  68. functions disappeared - please help!
  69. Solved: How to open Chrome Developer Tools automatically for Live Preview
  70. I need to create a PhoneGap UX Mobile Log In with dynamic server URLs
  71. Help With Setting Value In Field Based On Checkbox State?
  72. Email_send works in working preview but not live preview or on the web?
  73. Alpha generated sql for MySQL causes error, GRID is blank
  74. Format Client-Side Calculated Field Expression To 4 Decimal Places
  75. Arguments behaving badly
  76. Setting field value after dialog validate
  77. HELP - Rendering problem after server upgrade - TIME SENSITIVE
  78. How to populate a List from a JSON formatted field?
  79. IIS - Cannot read configuration file because it exceeds the maximum file size
  80. Conditional Syle based on whether Image exists
  81. Pre-Render Acts like its ON when I turn it OFF.
  82. Dynamic Connection String works in "Working Preview" fails in "Live Preview"
  83. Help - with getting image value from list control
  84. File Import BUT Dont want user to have to locate
  85. Convert Records to JSON format and display in a webpage
  86. Uploading files from a UX
  87. List on click
  88. Publishing new app error
  89. Preview PDF from secure folder on server
  90. Refresh grid component in a tab in a Page Layout Component
  91. Controlbar in embedded UX not showing in PhoneGap
  92. Case Select Statement For Client Side Calculated Field Expression
  93. Phonegap iOS Icon problem
  94. Cant Publish To PhoneGap
  95. XML Username & Password Required
  96. Push Notifications
  97. Control Bar Wont Show After Building In Phonegap
  98. Loading embedded grids
  99. UX Cascading Dropdown
  100. Problem with A5 Application Server
  101. Function in report doesn't fire
  102. Currency Symbol not showing on Application Server
  103. Phonegap App - Registration UX is very Slow
  104. Cascading Dropdowns and Lookup with Fillin fields
  105. Amazon S3 XHR error
  106. Email or Text Notification in GRID. Nothing Works
  107. Extracting Viewbox Data?
  108. Tabbed_UI with treeview right to left support
  109. Client Side syntax - IMAGE - definitions-conditional
  110. Help with xBasic. Google Geochart
  111. Refreshing Cascading Lists
  112. Error when configuring AlphaDAO conn string in UX Checkbox control (VIDEO)
  113. Question on Dialog Object variables
  114. List Detail view - How to remove databound image(blob)
  115. Unhappy page icon with no error
  116. "sendemail" function in XBASIC - A quick question
  117. share contact feature
  118. Getting UserID / Login Name on Mobile
  119. How to set session variables from a List Control (UX)
  120. hosting API requests
  121. Unable to open .docx from web page (403 Forbidden)
  122. UX LIST won't save data - "No work to do (No dirty fields in table)"
  123. What Is The Process For Moving An Existing Application To HTTPS?
  124. Viewbox equivalent of {data: ????} Updating SVG
  125. The database could not find the data you requested
  126. Documenting Web Applications
  127. Background App Refresh PhoneGap
  128. Column does not exist
  129. Multiple Google Charts on a page layout issue
  130. Looking for the best / easiest implementation for specific scenario
  131. Is there a something like the php function in_array in xbasic.
  132. My 404 page has been updated!
  133. Amazon S3 request IDs
  134. loadSavedSearch and saveSearchCriteria doesn't seem to work
  135. Pad Time Field with Zero
  136. Problem with validating security when no password
  137. How to get embedded grid {grid.name} value on UX component?
  138. How to generate nested Json objects from MySql to resultSet using xBasic?
  139. Attach Acknoweledgement Letter as pdf to e-mail
  140. SVG Icons - My experience and "must do's"
  141. While loop not exiting when condition is true / missing part of the output
  142. Problem selecting state from USPS drop down box
  143. 403 Forbbiden
  144. Sending email through Mandrill
  145. Error trying to update to the latest version
  146. How To Send a text message from mobile?
  147. Password Autocomplete when using TabbedUI Login
  148. "Unrecognized element 'sessionStorage'" in web.config on deploy?
  149. node_modules publishes every file EVERY time I publish anything
  150. Control Bar Button List - Hide Single Button in List
  151. Looking for clarity on PhoneGap and Native App
  152. String to varbinary blob
  153. Basic Xbasic question about double quotes
  154. Bind ONLY the Repeating Section of a UX
  155. Using IIS with AA
  156. Form Layout from Uploaded Form
  157. What is using heavy CPU ?
  158. Tracking a user's activity within an app -- Suggestions
  159. Class inside Module
  160. Reservation / Attendee App - Lists
  161. Alpha Equivalent to the Following PHP (Indexed POST variables)
  162. Problem with Absolute Layout Lining up with Background
  163. Adding up money - onGridRowCheck
  164. Printing Labels with Quanity Not working now
  165. Slide Show
  166. Show hide GIF based on embedded grid
  167. Javascript string is returning NaN
  168. What Javascript Event Fires Every Time A UX Is Opened From A List?
  169. Broken grid default images
  170. Export to Text File without headers
  171. Using Context.Security
  172. Ajax Call back result set not found
  173. WSAEACCES - Permission denied while binding socket PORT 443
  174. SQL Server Connection Error
  175. UX - warn before closing if screen is dirty ?
  176. Can I create my own function?
  177. Tabbed UI Button Function
  178. OFFLINE: Lookup field value in another UX list control with edit combo box
  179. Turn off show/hide Server-Side and Javascript links
  180. development provision profile & production provision profile for Apple applications
  181. TalentLMS API
  182. Calculated field in Grid not updating
  183. Refreshing Parent UX Cascading Dropdown
  184. get generated SQL statement from xbasic
  185. Using checkbox in grid search part
  186. Submitting List Data (via an array) to server
  187. Windows Mobiile Barcode Scanner
  188. Search Gender Question
  189. Is the report design left sidebar gone?
  190. Keyword Search
  191. single search across two tables?
  192. Google places API using Http_get().
  193. How to update ViewBox data when used as the list's detail view (onClick event)?
  194. Grouping Fixed Width grids
  195. Slider Control in Grid search
  196. replace xbasic with sql
  197. stepping through a tab control using a client side aftergridsubmitevent
  198. Kudos to Selywn - What3Words & Dynamic Markers for Mapping in the List - Quick Video
  199. Conditional Styling List Control
  200. Populate a ux control from an ajax callback
  201. OFFLINE: Explicit cascading dropdownbox from multiple Lists as source
  202. Publishing Web Components Demo - The operating system is not presently configured to run this application
  203. static html page in UX
  204. How to insert row number when adding a new detail view of a disconnected list? NaN error
  205. PhoneGap issues
  206. List- On Row deselect event ?
  207. unequally yoked: custom sql statement in a list control
  208. Play a sound
  209. 404 Error PNG Not Found on Server When list in a UX is Run from a TabbedUI
  210. Show label rule
  211. IF statement in afterDialogValidate with sending email
  212. OneToMany links on a UX must be linked to the Top Level table
  213. Property not found e.rtc.e.repeatingSectionInfo[1] subelement not found
  214. Use XBasic UPDATE to update ALL records in a SQL Server Table
  215. Getting the current value of a drop-down component on a UX
  216. 2nd Attempt: UX lists and dropdownboxes
  217. Scaling Web Applications (IIS vs WAS)
  218. Button to generate all reports in the grid
  219. html static cache example
  220. Setting A Checkbox From Conditional Expression
  221. Grid Column Width
  222. PDF from HTML -- Problem
  223. Data Series button list with last empty button
  224. Mathematical Equations
  225. Formatting of Numbers in a Free-Form Grid Row
  226. Get Logged In Users values from sql table
  227. Unrecoverable error - Line 602 in addins build 4119 - High CPU
  228. Adding Time fields
  229. Setting current time in a field using a button
  230. AlphaDAO Connection Strings - what am I missing?
  231. Find the first day of the week
  232. Update IIS Alpha Patch - Now Alpha is 100% Down
  233. How to dynamically adjust the width of a STATICTEXT element
  234. UX Repeating Section Not Saving New records
  235. Sample application workspaces needing updated with new features
  236. Session Variables - UX List
  237. Printing error after update and move to IIS
  238. Working Preview vs Android
  239. Changing the font size in a Date field on a UX
  240. Help Wanted - Full time Alpha Developer
  241. Embedded UX component level security
  242. Emailing from Android -- Pulling my hair out Please help.
  243. images not shown in browser
  244. Client-side show/hide based on date
  245. Is A5.__flagSimulateIIS supposed to be = true in non-IIS system?
  246. Printing Multiple Reports
  247. Silent Application Server Install
  248. Tree Control Navigator Not Visible
  249. Menu styling Ideas
  250. Resetting Muliple Controls In UX At Once