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  1. afterDialogValidate Server-Side Event Question
  2. Saving components or javascript freezes alpha anywhere development
  3. Creating Compiled Version of Grid Component - Never Stops
  4. Client Side Group Break Sort
  5. Displaying Many to Many Data
  6. Lookup scenario question
  7. A5v12 Web: Rebellious login component
  8. Is It Possible To Use Show/Hide Expressions In Reports?
  9. Viewbox Image-Databound
  10. xbasic Help Saving list data to a database
  11. UX server side onDialogRendor
  12. Recent Problems with onChange events...urgent help needed
  13. Alpha Time picker. Here is a useful feature I missed.
  14. MySQL Query fails in loop
  15. Client-Side List Filter
  16. Click Here to Show/Hide Server-Side Commands
  17. Date picker date/time format
  18. Need help with (localDB)
  19. is this only happening to me?
  20. Camera only for image capture in mobile app
  21. View of Data in Report vs. SQL Database
  22. Button loses styling when inside a panel footer.
  23. Grid Component with Search Part - Last update broke the onChange event
  24. IIS - File Write & Creation
  25. How to copy data from one table to another?
  26. How to use the validateContainer function?
  27. Issue with "request.variables"
  28. Sharing a Contact Card
  29. IDE is very slow after the last couple of updates.
  30. Video Ad Playing Before Video In Video Component Plays
  31. Issue sending an XML file to the browser
  32. freeform vertical list problem with Build 4119_4825 (January 30 2017)
  33. Global Read Only
  34. Google Map - Query over limit
  35. Using camera in kindle fire HD
  36. Embedded UX object question
  37. Button with SVG - Change inner HTML....loses icon
  38. Alpha Security Question
  39. Slow App - Data refresh
  40. open a ux by code without using action script
  41. bootstrap template and alpha
  42. Basic AA #1: enter and TAB keys
  43. Basic AA #2: Checkbox options hotkey
  44. List with 3 childs list
  45. Showing MySQL Processes
  46. No record in List is selected action
  47. *days_between
  48. validation errors
  49. "Converting" desktop app to web app
  50. Load child ux in parent panel - delay render until responsive nav completes
  51. How do you do an inline group break header in a snaking list.
  52. afterRecordInsert Server-Side Event -- Can't emit to browser??
  53. Lookup Type - 'Grid Component' afterSelect event (or equal event)?
  54. Issue Syncing Current Row of Detail View (iOS and phone gap)
  55. Mobile App Android error "Unfortunately app has stopped"
  56. Image Upload IIS Error
  57. How to add KML Layers to a google map ?
  58. Passing values between components
  59. MS SQL 2012 Max Row Size in Bytes
  60. How to insert checked rows from one grid into another
  61. is it possible to connect to sharepoint list and update it via grid?
  62. Dynamic Panel does not open a5w pages. (Please Help)
  63. Filter list with state variables
  64. Download PDF not working on an IPAD
  65. Best way to create complex form with multiple tabs(horizontal)
  66. is it possible to post/share banking app shared on youtube?
  67. Slow PhoneGap Apps on Android
  68. Obtaining row numbers for rows meeting filterListClientSide or setFilter operations
  69. How to bind already added data in repeater and form UX when doing editing?
  70. Uploading A File To Amazon S3 Bucket
  71. MS SQL Which Method is more efficient
  72. Submit using Enter key
  73. you have not loaded primary keys
  74. Dynamically change the image Display format in grid Control to display jpg, png, bmp image
  75. One Local Network Client Cannot Login
  76. Is there a simple way to send emails to a list of people
  77. Barcode and/or QR Code implementation
  78. Error during installation of AAAS for IIS on Windows 10 machine
  79. Security Framework & PDF's Word Docs
  80. Import data into multiple tables at one go(multiple hierarchical grids)
  81. Export data from multiple linked grids at one go
  82. setValue in a Dropdownbox does not refresh displayed value
  83. Dynamic Panel in TabBand Panel Navigator
  84. Closing a window with a message box control
  85. Date field is not working in Dialog
  86. Drop Down Box Behaviour
  87. adding bootstrap css along with IOS/IOS7 etc
  88. Same graph different on report than UX
  89. Open Different Reports Based On Filter
  90. Cloudberry Drive Amazon AmazonS3 make directory operation 500 server error
  91. Checkbox in UX - limit number of checked options (javascript newbie)
  92. Custom Button to create a new record and copy certain data to the new record...
  93. Currency Symbol not showing in PDF reports
  94. docusign integration with Alpha Anywhere documents
  95. SQL Guru - If statement in a where clause
  96. Using an array in Javascript
  97. Script Error w/ Alternate View
  98. conditional image in parent list if filtered child record has a record (prefetched data)
  99. Use customers existing paper form as backgrond and overlay components for data entry
  100. Date field not printing on reports.
  101. Using SSL in Web Server
  102. Developer Lease
  103. Web Help Tags?
  104. null fields showing as 0 on reports after latest update.
  105. MySQL Performance Tuning...
  106. Setting up a keyword search
  107. Code To Count Number Of Video Views
  108. Question on first mobile application
  109. Possible to show/hide panels like tabs?
  110. Edit Combo & Date Box Styling
  111. Client Side Properties Show/hide expression errors
  112. How to create multiple instance of Alpha server
  113. Reports Won't Open Consistently
  114. Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs
  115. How to let user select multiple items at once(which key, control shift etc.) in textbox lookup filter?
  116. how to apply custom auto select filter for grid
  117. Calculated numbers on Desktop and mobile are different
  118. Default settings for reports
  119. Dropdown box fill TWO fields on UX?
  120. Responsive layout question
  121. Scriot Error when start new UX Login or open UX login Component
  122. Radio Button doesn't load data ....sometimes
  123. Using Bluetooth Scanner with HID protocol
  124. Help on using a multiselect list to filter a MySQL query in xbasic
  125. List Control Selection Problem
  126. How to Hide a column in a grid or List
  127. Action Javascript - Send Email
  128. Email From issue
  129. My grids are so ugly
  130. Repeating Section WITHIN a Repeating Section... Is it possible?
  131. Submit Location
  132. UK Developer need...
  133. Grid Error
  134. Google Maps not working - new application
  135. Repeating section Join
  136. DoubleClick Creative Solutions
  137. how to import data excel from excel file was exported from alpha?
  138. I get error The file to import does not have any columns that match the target table.
  139. List with detail view switching records after save and sync (after update to build 4254)
  140. Help with populating Repeating Section in UX component
  141. First attempt taking picture has 0 KB on the server
  142. TabbedUI - Page keeps shrinking
  143. AD Authentication hybrid
  144. Problem with uploading data into tables
  145. Grouping a Grid based on Stored Procedure
  146. UX isDirty Discussion
  147. Accessing an object's property by string in Xbasic?
  148. CSS recommendation (fiverr.com etc)
  149. Normal ux operation
  150. Using data from component fields in xbasic edit combo filter
  151. Launch a parent Javascript Action from a button in the child?
  152. CustomControl (other controls) not rendering inside a PanelCard
  153. Annoying "soft keyboard" pop-ups on your Mobile Device
  154. HTML to PDF Action Javascript... But use Xbasic instead of Download
  155. problem with lookup control
  156. Tricky List Question
  157. Image capture stopped working
  158. Build Not available for iOS at this time
  159. Installing database on mobile device
  160. Minify Alpha javascript
  161. Email report from UX
  162. Apple Store rejection due to IPv6
  163. Phone Gap Execution Timeout Error
  164. Clearing Data Cache
  165. List control not scrolling in mobile browsers
  166. TabbedUI Session Timeout Warning Message Keeps popping up even after logging out! is this a bug?
  167. 403 forbidden error Font Awesome webfont woff2 v 4.5.0 of a UX inside a TabbedUI
  168. reset form question
  169. Google Chrome scroll bar issue?
  170. Images in Reports
  171. Send web-socket message to the web-socket server from outside the Alpha application
  172. record cannot be inserted because the linking field(s) are not updateable
  173. Expression Builder : Functions : User Defined
  174. Problems with list control
  175. Embedded grid in a UX detail view not scrolling
  176. Commercial bootstrap based admin templates
  177. Slow performance with LG Android 5.1 Lollipop using Firefox
  178. date Picklist on Mobile
  179. PhoneGap Shell Styles
  180. How to launch a mobile web application from IPhone homescreen Icon
  181. FormView Style settings
  182. List Box Field Format
  183. Using panel navigator as tabbed UI
  184. Trouble With Conditional Formatting and Zero Values
  185. Can't get image description to display in image gallery
  186. Font-Awesome problem -- What am I missing?
  187. Video Ads Played Before Video Plays - URGENT NEED!
  188. Info.plist key ( IOS Application Publish to App Store )
  189. Transformed to Uppercase, but saving in lowercase! HELP!
  190. How do you prevent Publish from deleting data folders?
  191. Local CSS Definitions question
  192. Using currentListFilter("listname") not working
  193. Setting SQL Server function as Grid datasource
  194. Pictures & images & icon on phonegap app problem
  195. Login Information Incorrect
  196. App launcher, embedded object in mob login, opens blank background colored screen
  197. workflow plugin to be used with sql server and alpha anywhere
  198. Feature Request - Paste From Word in HTML Editor
  199. Multi table search using one search text box
  200. RDP Guard
  201. Ink Signature field size on MsSQL
  202. How to use a state variable in a a5w page
  203. Change Password At First Login
  204. Alternative View bulkmarker error
  205. How to hide .a5w
  206. How to Install an Alpha App to a Mobile Android Phone?
  207. Moving tabs within a Tabbed UI
  208. What type of Encryption is "Legacy Encryption"?
  209. Satellite Navigation
  210. How to Save/log the user who changed the list detail?
  211. IIS login issues
  212. Persist to Local Storage
  213. Google Address Suggest formating
  214. Returning a ResultSet in a mySQL Stored Procedure
  215. Illegal session variable value
  216. Issue with new record and repeating section
  217. Clear all fields on Panel
  218. 500 Error in IIS
  219. Filtering reports based on dates on Ipad is not working
  220. Data-bound image will not display in a list control
  221. How To Stop the VideoPlayer
  222. Emailing from UX
  223. Image and file upload to s3
  224. Use data from another table
  225. windows username
  226. Copy records from list1 to list2 but change a value...
  227. Basic Grid Detail View refresh question
  228. What is the Application Server License Lease Lifetime ?
  229. Does Session Lifetime renew itself?
  230. how do I easily apply or import css
  231. Remove column headers for a List control
  232. Can you update individual component with application running on IIS
  233. Change from panel to tabs creates problem
  234. Admin Group eMail - A Video to share
  235. Images in lookup ( or dropdownbox )
  236. Disconnected mobile app require web app server?
  237. GoogleAddressSuggest
  238. Click on Image in a list to show larger scale image.
  239. Make sure to zip JSON formatted components when emailing on a Mac
  240. HTML help
  241. Code on time
  242. How do I link three tables into expanded row?
  243. Losing full screen on an orientation change
  244. IIS Build 4254 - External Identifier Not Set In Session
  245. with layout type set to container I can't set the width of date controls
  246. CSS driving me crazy!
  247. problem with dynamic setting on list control
  248. CSS icons not displaying in working preview
  249. Xbasic evaluation on error perform Search
  250. Multiple App Server Instances - Question