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  1. action Javascript File Download from database not working
  2. Return hidden/disconnected List row data programmatically
  3. Javascript to set today's date
  4. PanelNavigator Previous-next buttons css
  5. Problem with encodeURI(uri)
  6. ux table insert error
  7. Control Bar
  8. Get current panel name
  9. Philosophical Question: Panels or Containers?
  10. Update list value view button
  11. assigning new UUID from button click
  12. international character in a static data list
  13. Phonegap build not available and gives error
  14. Stripe Currency Symbol
  15. Cascading Drop Down menus from List control
  16. Data error after RefreshList Data
  17. *html_to_plain doesn't work on my Production Server
  18. Radio button list - position image on right hand side
  19. Error, function doesnt work on particular UX
  20. Report error in HTML view
  21. Disconnected UX now()
  22. how to Create splash screen welcome message after login
  23. A5.Ink.refresh() !!! its not within xbasic function
  24. Alpha Launch Manage App List not Working
  25. Drag and Drop Files for uploading
  26. Sync lists one way only in disconnected app
  27. Javascript Timer
  28. Web service with Alpha
  29. How To Make Enter Key Behave As Tab Key
  30. Can you use App Server for IIS if using FTP to publish?
  31. HTML Report - Export to Excel option or PDF print option
  32. What does blue marker in list mean?
  33. Swapping rows based on a toggle function?
  34. List detail error when clicking on list row
  35. What I learned from Dion's Web Services Class - A video to share
  36. PhoneGap app restarts when docked or un-docked in truck mount - PeopleNet
  37. After App Login It Just Sits On Working Screen
  38. Buttons aren't exactly centered in panel
  39. Reset an Edit-Combo Control in a Detail View
  40. PDF file will not open.. 404 Not Found error
  41. UX Component - FormView Control - Pre-Defined Editors - TextArea
  42. Hyperlink issues in Static HTML cell on Layout reports
  43. listGetValue and Persit data tol loca storage
  44. List with detail view problem
  45. Child List is Updating The Foreign Key?
  46. AlphaLaunch - add application
  47. List with Detail view containing Repeating sections
  48. Scale Picture in Mobile App Panel
  49. INSERT Multiple Records INTO a SQL Table
  50. setting current date in a date field when another field value changes
  51. Image Capture for List-Detail View and PhoneGap barcode plug-in causing error ?
  52. How to designate which panel is opened first
  53. Filtering table with argument
  54. can not click on save/ok button in new javascript chart
  55. register user screen with edit functionality
  56. Show Hide button in frame using Alpha Style
  57. PDF from HTML -- "PDF file could not be created"
  58. Set value of a field based on it's value
  59. AlphaLaunch error 403 IIS7.5
  60. List Control Data Source Filter using SQL IN operator
  61. Query timeout error running Stored procedure
  62. JSON array help - xbasic
  63. Basic .a5w page construction
  64. mobile login component not working on mobile emulators
  65. DBF's, xbasic and UX Repeating Sections
  66. how to show hide UX, grids, sections, buttons based on user or group?
  67. How to apply these styles oevrriding alpha styles quickly
  68. Allow multiple selection from a list of items in a Viewbox
  69. CSS Icons Disappear in Browser
  70. Xbasic basics - how to seek in a recordset
  71. Wont Play Video In PhoneGap App
  72. Strange UX behaviour
  73. Embedded Grid Row Expander Not Working In Mobile App
  74. Image capture
  75. Use Variable in UX Component Xbasic Funtions
  76. 500 Application Error - Intermittent - a5_loadWebProjectProperties
  77. Windows phone side loading
  78. Plug-In Developer needed to handle ACTION_DOCK_EVENT
  79. Calendar Control - How to refresh the high, low, disable dates AFTER the UX is loaded.
  80. {dialog.object}.saveListEdits('LIST1',{rows: 'allRows'}); works haphazardly
  81. List Sync Duplication Issue
  82. Free Form Container
  83. Connection between DB and Phone when deploying with phonegap?
  84. Excel import
  85. Mobile app/phone gap questions
  86. DICOM Integration or Create Application as a PACS system
  87. Initial Value - Auto-Increment
  88. Delete rows in disconnected list programmatically
  89. ViewBox - Looking for code or method to deselect all items in a list
  90. Sparkpost Return Pointer
  91. Arguments not returning list value
  92. how to add controls and grids to free form containers?
  93. fully responsive bootstrap in alpha done within 1 hour flat
  94. Enforce validation only if; show popup list
  95. Can you find and replace text in static text controls?
  96. session count revisited
  97. PDF display
  98. A UDF as a parameter in a function, "function not recognized" error
  99. Offline lists and view boxes
  100. Scheduled sms sending
  101. Control Bar in a browser based application
  102. can't change data in the canSynchronizeList event
  103. Modify 500 Server Error page
  104. Google Maps - API needed - Standard vs Premium Pricing Plans from Google & Alternatives to Google Maps
  105. SQL Errors updating list AFTER 4346-4889 upgrade
  106. Main Menu Security
  107. record locking when multiple users start bulk editing updatable grid
  108. List Control Remove All Rows problem
  109. Data Cache Items and Local Storage
  110. Show works, Hide doesn't
  111. Hiding / Disabling Button on List
  112. Using logged in user to filter
  113. Mobile App UX - Use Xbasic to update SQL binary field from a data bound image control
  114. List Computed Column to Text Field
  115. Need help with IIS Alpha install
  116. Refreshing list data
  117. Help with QRcodes
  118. onSelect list event problem?
  119. Map Control not working.
  120. Randomly - an unhandled exception (c0000005) was generated - Alpha server crashes.
  121. Android and Cross Browser TextBox Date Picker
  122. Access/Sharepoint
  123. Has anyone successfully called a SQL stored Procedure in a List with Arguments
  124. RDP Guard problems?
  125. Issues with creating pdf from html
  126. Custom 'Alternate Views'
  127. Looking for an event that fire when using AlphaLaunch
  128. Customize columns in export to Excel
  129. Report Detail Section Problem
  130. I have a device calling my end point but i don't know what its sending - how do i read whatever it is.
  131. 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.
  132. How to Refresh Google Org Chart from an Ajax Callback
  133. Can I trigger an event based on location in a AA app?
  134. show/hide using a date function?
  135. Can A5 data (using Sql Server Express) be Exported to Sqlite?
  136. Push Notification fed by Database Query
  137. Calculated field expression for a date field
  138. Detail view won't close after submit
  139. How to disable button right after click
  140. A5 Application Server \termination
  141. Here Is An Example Of A Dynamic Frame Label
  142. UX Tab Control tab size?
  143. Format Directive
  144. _backup.backup files
  145. dollar figure to words function
  146. Absolute Numeric Values?
  147. Using IsDirty with ControlBar buttons
  148. Disconnected List Control / Detail View - List remains dirty after sync
  149. Client Side Conditional Style on a list control field missing
  150. Performance Issue - Dirty Fields check or Save all fields. Which is better?
  151. SQL execute works fine on web, causes problems when used on mobile web
  152. Changes on xBasic functions doesn't work on updated PhoneGap project
  153. Twilio action js not accepting placeholders
  154. List w/ Detail View - Base Expression Property
  155. How to hide summary values in list after refresh of dataseries
  156. adding a link for download the APK file from PhoneGap
  157. Identifying the version of a UX
  158. CheckBox Event Script Error
  159. gridFilterSet with inlist2
  160. FYI, {dialog.Object}.refreshPrimaryKeyList(); fails
  161. What might this JS error be?
  162. Send Grid "Summary" Total to CHILD Grid
  163. Bulk operation - Recalculate components - BAD!
  164. List item footer
  165. List Control with Google Org Chart -- A video to share
  166. How to store a value in report's calculated field
  167. Loop through repeating section rows and set values
  168. Are there internal calculation functions on arrays? (xbasic)
  169. Style Issues With Checkbox In A Report
  170. Client Side Filter on a List Control
  171. New to Alpha and confused with something simple
  172. map
  173. Map animation ERRO
  174. Map Actions -> Animate marker ERRO
  175. Testing PhoneGap - stuck @ "PhoneGap - Device is ready"
  176. Table open in App Server, how to close?
  177. Application Server Freezing Up
  178. Custom Buttons on a PDF Preview are gone!
  179. Developer has tiny icons and boxes on new computer
  180. Popup Window List - SQL filter -- doews not work
  181. Data series published to client-side
  182. Get Name of control that has focus
  183. How to re-use existing tab pane (if it exists) in a TabbedUI from another tab pane using action JS?
  184. Responsive design - how to set a container's width
  185. Specify abstract class name in grid 'conditional style and class' window?
  186. Get Previously Save Values In Grid
  187. Xbasic command to get current a5w page name ?
  188. Conditionally displaying different Linked Grids
  189. Get a pointer to a UX component opened inside a DIV
  190. Textarea missing scroll bar only in mobile device
  191. alpha anywhere grid save line item not working on android phone
  192. Javascript Function IF,Else
  193. Text Field Formats
  194. How to Access Active Directory user details i.e. telephone, firstname,lastname
  195. Panel Header on iOS disappearing after keyboard shown
  196. Why Does Security Field 'Confirm Password' Not Fill In?
  197. Dynamic image not updating in freeform list
  198. RUN() or SYS_SHELL() getting data back
  199. GUID auto increment problem
  200. Unable to load odbcji32.dll
  201. sub-Theme Tweaks
  202. Image of PC - I can not get an image in an image component
  203. Pay Pal Integration?
  204. PGB and Hydration
  205. "Choppiness" in navigating between panels
  206. Absolute-Layout Container to PDF
  207. getting json error on list enable search
  208. Web app error message - javascript
  209. Login Component - beforeLogin server event does not recognize e.flagUserWasAlreadyLoggedIn
  210. Does heavy use of sql_get_values() in Xbasic cause Query timeout expired
  211. Does the Alpha Webserver contain a built-in FTP Server?
  212. viewbox control bulk checkbox checks/yes/no/dropdowns single click save
  213. how to set value of hidden control based on radio button selection
  214. has anyone used mariadb instead of mysql in alpha anywhere?
  215. inserting data into multiple tables(data binding)
  216. PushWoosh Integration
  217. UX to UX redirect in mobile app
  218. How to get value from search part
  219. open source workflow engine just like open source charts used in alpha
  220. How to show grids on top of modeless-popup UX ?
  221. Error message occasionally thrown when publishing
  222. Export File Questions (filenames and remove header)
  223. Resetting Password Using Context Security
  224. ViewBox filter
  225. How to filter lookup choices based on a parent grid's data
  226. PhoneGap Build no longer works in version 12.3 Build 2682
  227. Layout Table report with Linked report
  228. logout link on another ux(not login ux)
  229. Checkbox Custom Appearance when Checkbox has only One Value
  230. Thread was busy 99% of the last 20 seconds
  231. bug in sample splitview expanding treeview phone menu provided by alpha
  232. How to pass value from linked grid to another grid
  233. Dropdown Box Cascade Filtering
  234. Remote testing not working on my phone
  235. New Alpha Style Tweaks
  236. How do I get current user group in javascript client side in persistent login template
  237. using threads to do data mining
  238. Working with Plugins/Credentials.m file ??
  239. Getting a free form layout to scroll on Iphone/Ipad
  240. AmazonS3 Triple-DES Object Encryption Key (Is anybody using?)
  241. Alpha Launch error
  242. Changing records in a list control
  243. Phonegap app how to show errors in app itself(not console.log)
  244. How do I refresh one control on a parent UX
  245. Chess Website
  246. using state or session object in phone gap app using alpha anywhere
  247. Submit button not enabled for certain dirty fields
  248. How to open a paneloverlay in a childobject
  249. how to add custom buttons for save, records per page, sort and use ajaxcallback or custom dialog functions
  250. Linked report -Layout Table report