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  1. Wish List - Version 12 Update
  2. Open a UX component from a grid
  3. Printing pdf from iPad
  4. Mobile application development using Panels - documentation request
  5. list data in the OnListDraw event
  6. Closing a UX Popup Window Called From a UX
  7. View Signature Capture On Report
  8. Compact CSS for UX
  9. Regarding video R3 on layout reports
  10. Desktop To Mobile
  11. Read Only Client Side Controls
  12. UX Control Label Question
  13. Alpha Five Licenses for sale 10% Discount
  14. How to Email PDF from Mobile device?
  15. Text box scrolls out of view mobile
  16. UX SignatureCapture ...
  17. Another UX question ...
  18. Hiding Safari User Interface Components doesn't work.
  19. Domain Setup for Multiple Clients
  20. "You must first save or cancel your changes" problem
  21. Setting a conditional style in Client side properties
  22. Signature Control not honouring enable expression
  23. Named PDF Report...
  24. Photo to PDF in Alpha Five?
  25. Trying to import Excel File (.xlsx) but getting error
  26. Repeating Section Icons
  27. Repeating Section Checkbox
  28. IP Address of server being used
  29. User id as default
  30. SQL Insert to Skip Duplicates
  31. UX Signature Help
  32. SQL query doesn't work on first call, does on subsequent calls
  33. onkeypress function not working on freeform layout
  34. Clickable phone numbers
  35. Change font color of field value onChange
  36. Can the Alpha server software run on Apache?
  37. List Control - Message to display when 0 records are returned
  38. After record save populate a different SQL table...possible?
  39. Deploying Alpha Anywhere Application Server to my ISP Host
  40. Repeating section binding problem.
  41. Password manager or autofill for new UX Mobile Login
  42. Adding a search box to a list control
  43. Merging Cells in a Table
  44. Problem with xbasic script (Error: Not found args not found in debugger)
  45. Accessing GPS on Smart Phone
  46. Populating a dropdown box from a session variable in v12
  47. Type value into Drop Down if not in the list
  48. International Keyboard for the alpha v12 mobile application
  49. SQL statement
  50. Odd Table/Database question
  51. SOLVED: This is one way to host AWS via an Apache website
  52. List controls and ux based forms are the best way to present and effect data on the mobile devices.
  53. List controls and ux based forms are the best way to present and effect data on mobile devices.
  54. Reports - Checking for Overlapping Controls
  55. Choppy or unresponsive scrolling
  56. New Mobile Style: Cannot find where I can download the style
  57. Change web user from an group to another
  58. Prevent user from clicking the forward/backward browser buttons
  59. Scalability of the Alpha Anywhere Application Server
  60. installation of the alpha anywhere application server
  61. OLEBMP vs JPG - Photo capture
  62. Setting the Primary Key in SQL
  63. Browser Errors
  64. IP Address Tracking
  65. Unbound UX component - after insert
  66. Transfer data from Grid to UX component
  67. ZIP all reports and export .... how?
  68. Pubnub Api
  69. Publishing CSS file
  70. Email set up on WAS
  71. Using a list with a double click to edit the record
  72. Paid Collaborator
  73. Field mapping with drop downbox
  74. Setting up several servers to run WAS
  75. Developers Monitor Resolution - how many pixels can A5 go? - Is it possible for A5 windows to go outside of A5?
  76. Watermark not showing in field until after the focus has left
  77. UX Mobile Login problems
  78. Swipe gesture
  79. Can't set repeating section scrollable height to fill container in a panel?
  80. New
  81. UX Populate Data from other Tables
  82. Why UX looks so crammed
  83. Disable go-dirty for textbox
  84. SpinList Question
  85. UX component from QR code using http get
  86. Database Error when selecting primary key in the list control property.
  87. Formatting Telephone Numbers in a Report or Letter
  88. What to use? MySQL, SQLite or SQL Server
  89. Hide list control in a UX
  90. Mobile Camera - Bar Code Scanning question
  91. How do you reference fields on a dialog?
  92. Can a "data series" be copied to a new UX component?
  93. Abyss server reverse proxy setup with Alpha V12
  94. Missing the Image Thumbnails option on Image Upload
  95. UX - Security Framework - Delete User
  96. A5 JQCalendar problems
  97. UX Data Binding [Master-Detail-Detail or Parent-Child-Grandchild table setup]
  98. List Layout looks different on two list in a UX component - possible causing List Action, Sort error
  99. Does anyone know how to code a date picker to only be able to select a single day of the week?
  100. HTML Reporting -> export -> security issue
  101. Fields 3d effect CSS
  102. Problem with connection string
  103. 2 list panelcards share 1 editable panelcard. After edit can i return to the list pancard that called the editable card
  104. Row Selector Icon In Repeating Section Above Row
  105. Inserting and Updating many to many relationship
  106. Report Builder: Is there a way to accomplish this type of layout in the A5 report builder?
  107. Google charts API - using a CSV or a dbf file as data source
  108. Step-by-step tutorial: One way to use Abyss web server reverse proxy with WAS
  109. Popup detail on mouseover
  110. Web App Interface
  111. Session variable on Javascript
  112. Refresh list element on different tabbedUI pane
  113. Style Names
  114. List Control - How do I clear a search field programmatically on UX component using a button
  115. Phonegap request
  116. App created with alpha anywhere Question
  117. Database transaction is working?
  118. Add new child record from Dialog?
  119. Is it possible to send bulk sms from PC using GSM mobile?
  120. Left, Center, Right Align question in One Panel Header
  121. UX Repeating Section Xbasic Loop Code
  122. Server side search syntax
  123. UX Primary Key Loading Issues
  124. How to find out if user is using a desktop or a mobile device?
  125. Questions about how to gain more control over updateable grids
  126. Strange val() behaviour in V12
  127. Getting username automatically
  128. "spin lists" that work in simulation, vanish on devices
  129. keyboard use in mobile apps
  130. MySQL insert function Bulk or not bulk?
  131. absolute layout container
  132. Has anyone worked with Linked Report in Alpha?
  133. Printing from a UX component
  134. New record as UX dialog from linked grid not filled
  135. iOS 7 and "add to home screen" bug
  136. How to check valid data in UX based on previous record
  137. Stable versions
  138. Global Error - Binary data not available
  139. Blob versus Linked File
  140. Absolute Layout Feature
  141. Camera issue on Android tablet using Phonegap.
  142. Using Holidays With Bus_Days_Between
  143. Dialog Error that says "Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs"
  144. Detecting user browser type
  145. Error while Fetching Table / View names from Database
  146. Saving Fields from Record to Record
  147. Error on Get primary Key values for Records in a Query
  148. User name in menu component
  149. dim an variable array ??
  150. How to set grid row as dirty
  151. Closing video in panel card
  152. Can I set a field value in a UX List during an On-Click event
  153. Help with Mailing Labels in Web App
  154. rtc.TargerLogicalRecord Subelement not found
  155. List of delivered styles - {dialog.style}ListItemLabelDetail
  156. Hard time getting ajax callback to run
  157. UX Component not working loading on the production server
  158. IF X= 1 open a grid in a window.
  159. Returning a value with a function
  160. Toggle div in a UX List when you click on a row
  161. List as a Lookup in a Mobile UX
  162. Access Denied Error on Working Preview
  163. How do you stop the snapping to grid lines on free form reports?
  164. Always up - yes or no
  165. UX - How to use unicode as a watermark
  166. Error in panel tutorial on UX panel Layout
  167. Cannot get linked report to display when linked to a field on parent report
  168. Is Alpha Anywhere stable and scaleable for building a large enterprise application?
  169. global function from onclick
  170. Problem with javascript function that checks and prevents duplicate values in dialog
  171. V12 Syntax Changes Inlist2 and if then
  172. js error while fetching table / view names from Database and also
  173. Database record Locking - to avoid overwriting changes
  174. Changing Server or Page Name in Error Messages
  175. Mouse Pointer Hand Issue
  176. Can you filter a list with an array in SQL
  177. Issue with list
  178. Dropdown Box to add selection to contents of textbox
  179. Where to find a list of all the Pre-Release Builds for Alpha Anywhere (Alpha Five Version 12)
  180. Alpha Anywhere Documentation
  181. Question about how to use an unbound checkbox control in an xbasic script
  182. Repeating section within an Absolute layout
  183. Row Expander linked Content Grid inserts and updates to update Parent Record
  184. LDAP Integration
  185. how to call odata4j webservice in Alpha Mobile Application
  186. Refresh Parent Grid from Row Expander lnked Content Grid
  187. PHONEGAP , Cordova Browser and Cordova Send SMS Message
  188. Question about resizing controls in repeating section based on screen size/type of device
  189. RESTful Web Service : JSON or XML example
  190. Testing for and Requesting session variables
  191. Where is the no float container option?
  192. how to send an email
  193. Stand alone mobile application
  194. Detail View Static Text - Display session variable??
  195. Is it possible to make a request variable a session variable?
  196. Date range filter with report embedded in UX
  197. Passing argument using report.saveas
  198. Grid for Associative (Bridge) Table
  199. Slow rendering on an orientation change when running app natively in iOS and Android
  200. Date Picker in Search
  201. Hiding Columns in a Grid
  202. Version 1749_4210
  203. Switching between secure and non sercure areas of the same website for logged in users
  204. ButtonList in UX
  205. Social Media APIs
  206. File upload after update
  207. Unable to access my database through an outside computer via web
  208. function to set First and Last day of working week as session variables
  209. Sending an email using Server Side afterDialog Validate
  210. Do Not Show Duplicate in Linked Grid
  211. Summary for Grids
  212. Mandatory Update of V12
  213. Version 12 and website software integration
  214. Mandatory update - download servers are way too slow!!
  215. OnDialogInitialize script
  216. Position Grid Search Button
  217. Any of you freelancers have experience working with the echosign API?
  218. Problems applying patches
  219. Session variables stateless
  220. Does Show Hide for client Active Panel ID work?
  221. SQL data connection
  222. New Patch Possible Bug printing PDF from grid with local filter.. Any Suggestions...
  223. How to access validation results in a dialog to use with x-basic call back
  224. Tab Bar and icons
  225. Image Control
  226. A dash in an xbasic variable name?
  227. UX Component Redirect to a5w page based on field
  228. Some Simple HTML Help?
  229. Running Multiple Application Servers on one Computer to the web?
  230. Activation Server Cannot be contacted at this time.Pleasetry again later
  231. Mandatory Update A5V12 - .NET 4.5 install appears Hung
  232. Signature capture in a Window container
  233. Show/Hide expession in UX Tab Control
  234. How to select an image on a UX component?
  235. Pass values from grid button to "grand" child grid
  236. Use calendar event with information from a grid
  237. IE 11 breaks Alpha Anywhere Developer tools
  238. Opening a modal container window after performing an Ajax callback
  239. Using a User Defined Function in a Report
  240. Move to top of page when navigating to another tab
  241. WCD and Images. How to do that?
  242. upgraded to v12, now problems
  243. What is the Client Side Event on a grid that fire when the grid close
  244. How do I work with a <breakValue> in a list group header
  245. Set/toggle a textbox field to read-only using a button
  246. READ ONLY field... with DATEPICKER
  247. Do not upgrade to Windows 8.1 with Alpha Anywhere
  248. Where's the switch?
  249. embedded grid component in UX errors
  250. Is scroll possible in popup modal windows