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  1. Filter Grid based on Checked Row
  2. Storing data.rowNumber and using it in a reference. HELP!
  3. PhoneGap Build Plugin Version Numbers
  4. can not get onListReady() to fire
  5. SQL Expression Help
  6. Reset QBE Row filter on embedded grid
  7. Basic grid design ( with sql group by ) question
  8. Problem adding new user to web security
  9. How to use variables in Grid SQL arguments
  10. image capture for list-detail view double source
  11. Phonegap fonts
  12. page_total()
  13. SQL Question
  14. Exporting List Data to Excel
  15. Escaping characters for json
  16. UX Charts not displaying after Alpha Upgrade
  17. a5_scale imagefile Rename not Replace
  18. How to utilise ux component properties
  19. Basic JSON Question
  20. Disconnected Applications Clearing List Data After Sync
  21. List column control types don
  22. print a text file
  23. SSL Certificate recommendation
  24. Field is not updateable, or you do not have permission to update this field.
  25. Refresh list keep focus on row on delete
  26. Dynamically Populate List Columns - how to set column width?
  27. hacking on my login
  28. Help with UX Login component
  29. List Control , JSON data and Formview Control
  30. Wait Message on Page Load or during Save
  31. JSON Error With Phonegap Build
  32. Can't Display Image in List control
  33. List Control and Video Player
  34. File Upload - 404 error
  35. Alpha Anywhere as oAuth2 provider?
  36. Can i call UX xbasic functions from a a5w page?
  37. Form View - adding a hyperlink
  38. AlphaLaunch Issues?
  39. alpha anywhere web application (or cool web site) sample screenshots
  40. iPhone Footer does not stay locked at the bottom of the screen
  41. Session Variables - __protected__
  42. App Server 4642-4981 Error
  43. Enable Expression if List Control is Populated
  45. Uploaded images rotated
  46. Expanding Menu Security Question/Issue
  47. "The TLS protocol defined fatal error code is 10"
  48. Client Side Data Cache - syncing back to server
  49. TextBox control with Auto-Suggest sourced from List control in disconnected app?
  50. Adding more languages
  51. Sparkpost Webhooks
  52. POS swipe hardware
  53. Alternative login and IIS - status ???
  54. List Control Loading online for 2000 Records
  55. Automatic Version Numbering on Publish
  56. SFTP
  57. Problem with Google as a Named Provider for Alternative Login
  58. UX - load new record and repopulate
  59. Updating existing record with AfterInsertRecord by summation
  60. Xbasic SQL statment returning error
  61. Trend Line in Report Chart
  62. Same PhoneGap app two different UX components (Version Management)
  63. Formview - how to tell which field is clicked ?
  64. Can't load multiple googles charts on page layout or embedded in ux
  65. Possible use of "global" tenant with multitenancy
  66. Args.set from Textbox Control Value
  67. learning curve on google charts
  68. Decoding Google Maps Timestamp
  69. stritran() question
  70. File transfer plugin fixed yet? phonegap
  71. Call xBasic functions from within code block in .a5w file
  72. How to encrypt connection string in file named
  73. Problem saving new records to filtered list
  74. hyperlink in a form view
  75. Question about warehouse implementation using alpha anywhere v12 & RFID for ITEMS TRACKING
  76. Hiding fields in a List...
  77. suppress blank row in layout reports
  78. File Upload and Updated Database Table
  79. Alpha Web App Losing DBF Table Index
  80. Android App - Google Maps Launch
  81. Alpha Videos Won't Play
  82. Editor Multi Select ?
  83. Simple Image Annotation
  84. Auto fill third party web form
  85. Grouping in Reports
  86. Problem with Modal Pop-up Windows not being truly "modal"
  87. Some design suggestions please.
  88. Session Variable in Grid Calculated Field?
  89. TextArea-Mobile-Scrollable control. - Can you make he scroller wider?
  90. Dynamically color static text
  91. Any benefit to using client side data cache vs persisted lists?
  92. Dynamic Template in list control issue
  93. List Control In Different Panel Card
  94. Grid Detail View - multiple layouts ?
  95. mapControl.plotRoute does not return total miles
  96. Image Annotation Form Resizing
  97. Amazon S3 File Upload - need a little JS help
  98. Is it possible to get the name of the client computer
  99. JQuery in AlphaLaunch?
  100. Clear out List control
  101. Google Analytics and Mobile App
  102. Installing SSL Certificate from AWS
  103. Disabling input controls until the panel or dialog gets focus.
  104. Grid Row Render Issue
  105. S3 File Upload And Xbasic Function
  106. Using List Group Breaks Ignores SQL ORDER BY
  107. Populate and Update Textboxes with List Control
  108. New row at specific location in repeating section
  109. Oracle client NLS settings, are not loading inside Alpha applications
  110. Zip Code Lookup in Phone Gap
  111. Web Security Groups list
  112. Mouse wheel scrolling in list control?
  113. SSL and Alpha Web Server security
  114. Client-side filter on a List control with Lookup columns
  115. Show-Hide Expression Based On Browser?
  116. ButtonList Enable expression
  117. Buttonlist Pressed vs disabled CSS
  118. setFilter() help needed
  119. Variables lost after submit
  120. PhoneGap Create and Download SQLiTE database
  121. Here Is A Method To Fetch The Browser Type And Version ...
  122. WAS Demo Mode
  123. Page Numbering for Groups in Reports
  124. Filter a Viewbox (SQL data source) against a ControlBar Edit Control - help
  125. Server problems
  126. keypad in editor not showing
  127. Ghandi
  128. UX - forced data refresh
  129. HTML Issues with List numbering. Works on the Screen but not in the Report.
  130. Proper Logout of UX
  131. Urgent - Android jumping to top when focusing an input control
  132. How to copy event Action Javascript to another event?
  133. 3rd party javascript library issue
  134. Restoring data from Local Storage if Server is Offline
  135. Google api
  136. Instant Update - Amazing
  137. can not access {dialog.object}._dataSeriesData
  138. IIS server - *.b type files in IIS directory
  139. Issue with latest patch 4770-5018
  140. I must say the List control types e.g. switch, int etc. are really worth giving a go - to update a record.
  141. UX List Control - SQL in Search Part
  142. Images not showing in linked report
  143. List Control Client Side Filter... More than one criteria?
  144. Time Picker Alpha anywhere, please help
  145. Expand/Collapse Frames -- Test Case Attached
  146. Grid Caching
  147. RFID in Alpha, how viable/difficult is it?
  148. parent/child lists in UX - issue when trying to hide a list
  149. Linked content problem using Oracle
  150. download and view (pdf) files on Iphone / Ipad?
  151. SQL security tables not updateing
  152. Expanding Menu Control -- Vertical Only??
  153. VR application using alpha software
  154. Session variables as numbers
  155. Geolocation And Saving Information To Database
  156. List Control And Add New Table Now Wont Update
  157. Capturing an image and placing it directly into an image control?
  158. Why does UX LIST not support updates in Multi-Select mode for listObj.updateTableRow?
  159. Event Viewer Error -- AU_variable_destroy passed invalid handle
  160. Image control tiny size
  161. Javascript Charts Filter Using Tooltips
  162. Help with blank screen
  163. Experience publishing to Microsoft store? .NET Native tool chain?
  164. A "hideDock()" command exists; why not "showDock()"
  165. Calendar control - possible to draw Right to Left?
  166. How to properly setup email sending
  167. Phonegap sync not keeping synced data
  168. How to initially disable all textboxes until the new button is clicked
  169. ALLOW LOCATION ACCESS "App explanation" How to Edit?
  170. Workflow when multiple people are working on the same components?
  171. Publishing to the windows store?
  172. Switch on List Control Shows as a button
  173. Grid Components in a Page Layout
  174. How to automatically Remind user of a Due date
  175. Signing an Android PhoneGap Build
  176. Auto Submit & session timer
  177. Sort list / Undo sort
  178. What Is The Proper Grid Cache Size?
  179. Controlbar Button Not Displaying Correctly
  180. Scrollable Repeating Section -- Auto Scroll to Top
  181. Reuse list data on multiple components
  182. Engagement
  183. xbasic pointer variable question
  184. Javascript to return value from client side data cache
  185. Get Repeating Section data in a Xbasic
  186. hide a container based on an expression
  187. Paste a picture (JPG, BMP, PNG, etc.) into a grid field?
  188. Message To User
  189. RADIOBUTTON - Highlight Labels Dynamically
  190. Flatten JSON Data from Xbasic Object
  191. Password expiration issue
  192. How to get the value of a control in a UX and pass it as an argument in xbasic?
  193. Calculated fields not showing in Quick Report
  194. Add records to a transaction table in xBasic
  195. How to sort a grid to be always Z-A each time a record is added
  196. New User Registration Xbasic Function
  197. Error x7832 - Could not parse
  198. Event Timer Issues
  199. Password restricted re-use : does it work?
  200. Alpha Transform
  201. HTML To PDF on a mobile device?
  202. Repeating Section Not Working When switching to Alpha Style- Is This A Bug?
  203. How To Insert Record ID Into Working Message?
  204. Login Value Passing To Embedded UX
  205. Is there something like this www.alpha-bootstrap.com for sale?
  206. Shopping carts
  207. must use cookies?
  208. Could not create target folder
  209. Lockout After Failed Attempts
  210. UX Used Cached Component
  211. UX with Style Name as Alpha not displaying correctly online
  212. How to make a button round
  213. Changes to JavaScript sometimes dissapears
  214. Right Click Menu
  215. List control "Next" Record
  216. List Row Drag Actions Help
  217. File Upload and Web App Performance
  218. Lookups
  219. How to pass radio button selection to a store procedure to run a report
  220. setFilter() for any FALSEY value
  221. Multiple tabs
  222. a question regarding the application page link
  223. Defined List Detail View Buttons - Save
  224. Amazon S3 - Deleting a file that has been uploaded
  225. Javascript Date Object New Methods
  226. List control with expandable sub-query detail
  227. SOLVED: Handling State variables in a Grid when they have not been initialized
  228. Change Password
  229. Put Web Application in Internet with SSL
  230. Inserting e._currentRowDataNew.firstName into email html body from an xbasic function
  231. Newbie question about running seemingly simple Xbasic function
  232. Filter list by multiple values for a field.
  233. sending multiple sms
  234. Extra information in Grid Record Count
  235. Printing a report without print dialog
  236. How to get checkbox value based on dropdown
  237. Help with syntax for FormView
  238. Cannot Download File When Publish to IIS
  239. SVG Icons Not Rendering
  240. Why can't I save to a list programatically? :(
  241. Help understanding xbasic error
  242. Fingerprint scan for data entry
  243. Allow user to Resize List
  244. No records in list
  245. eMail Subject Encoding
  246. Creating a SQLite Database
  247. multi token dropdown position
  248. Simple grid wont load error expanding grid part template.
  249. error export to excel
  250. Filtering on logged in user in a mobile persistent login app