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  1. Active directory login failing on first attempt but works on second
  2. Help with component and javascript
  3. Re: Summary of all defined event handlers
  4. SSMS highlighting
  5. A little CSS help
  6. CSV import of Geography field
  7. Alpha IIS, Change any User Password to specific value without knowing current password?
  8. Video Player Component - Data Bound Screen Blank Before Playing Video
  9. Button Class Disabled Doesn't Work?
  10. Image Capture for List Detail View - Change upload folder programatically in javascript.
  11. Can you have different Alpha Styles in a project?
  12. Is the cn.ResultSet.ToCSV() Method working?
  13. List Control with Data Bound Image - Image ok in Working Preview/Live Preview, not IE, Google or Firefox.
  14. Saving List Edits
  15. How To Delete Selected Record From List?
  16. How to display a pdf file in Web page
  17. Time picker validation issue
  18. Horizontal Scrollbar trouble
  19. Dynamically populating a list control from another list control
  20. List and Stored Procedure Problem
  21. a5w info page - error in Session.Variables.Keys
  22. Friendly Dates problem with Detail View / Date Picker
  23. Session Variable From Security
  24. URL for page not needing the a5w
  25. TabbedUI header background color
  26. Oauth for Google API
  27. Stack log error - variable renamed
  28. Dropz
  29. Client Side data cache
  30. jsTree Help
  31. Has anyone used a5_generate_html_table Function
  32. Last update breaks tab/accordion display
  33. I need help doing an SQL query for geocoding my entire database
  34. Refresh Embedded Grid on UX based on action in another Embedded Grid
  35. Why doesn't my embedded grid filter correctly?
  36. Photo capture issue - iOS
  37. localStorage Limits - can they be increased?
  38. Using iPhone native video player
  39. Freeform list showing HTML characters before populating
  40. image rotation and EXIFs
  41. swipe in buttons in a ux list control
  42. real time notification appear for logged users on any user signup
  43. PhoneGap Picture Problem
  44. How to rollback to previous Alpha release
  45. Copy image to clipboard on click of a button
  46. list row drag builder and CRUD
  47. Embedded Grid not working inside of UX
  48. PDF to HTML - Phantomjs Package
  49. fadeoutMessage Display Issue
  50. Install ionic cordova plugin
  51. Run an action at a set time
  52. Display Image w/ Annotation in Grid
  53. Google Maps Usage in Alpha -- Questions
  54. Email_Send2() not working on one server
  55. a5DialogHelper_refreshArguments() line:47 Property not found a_a[]
  56. Stop the user from exiting without saving on a UX in an a5w page
  57. Broken Menu Builder?
  58. Is there a reason Alpha reads numbers left to right? Or how to change this?
  59. Action Javascript - Geocode an address
  60. When AA 5221 freezes use <alt-F4> to trigger "Save" prompt
  61. Save Uploaded File to SQL Table
  62. Alpha IIS Error Questions
  63. Did the Last update break the mobile render as a button list?
  64. Using Alpha to control external device
  65. getting the mac address of client from alpha server
  66. InjectableContent in the 500 Internal server error
  67. IIS problem after publishing
  68. /index.a5w suffix is suddenly required
  69. scrollTop - not mobile friendly
  70. Javascript Linked File in Phonegap App
  71. Issues with QR download codes ? Is anyone else seeing this?
  72. Using the Sample WCF Service - How to use result in xbasic function
  73. SQL Query Order For Dropdown List
  74. Username Validation Rules Properly Formatted Email Address
  75. Phonegap - open file with native application
  76. MIME type for xlsx in IE and Edge
  77. Send a Fax from Alpha
  78. Verify connection string from within app
  79. DropDown Messages
  80. Repeating Section Styling Help Needed
  81. Computing Summary Value Problem
  82. Graphical Main Menu After User Logs In
  83. Session not being set
  84. Import/Export Web Project Files Not Working In Latest Pre-Release
  85. Issues with checkbox control
  86. Creating a Global Array in a UX / Mobile App
  87. http_fetch with image upload
  88. Error: a5dialogHelper_generate CORSHeaders was not recognized
  89. Custom attributes syntax in UX
  90. New Properties Interface
  91. ListItemSelected css
  92. Connectivity Issues in Phonegap Build
  93. onLogin - pUser.userid subelement not found
  94. NFC in AA Mobile
  95. Mobile Login Components
  96. Connecting to a SOAP API
  97. Anyone else notice Edge becomes sluggish?
  98. Javascript Help for repeating section
  99. nodejs version
  100. List filtering on mobile?
  101. SQL connection problem
  102. Form dirty after submit
  103. Did Anyone Notice The New CSS Themes?
  104. Populate Detail View field with value in search
  105. Moving from V11 to V12 problems
  106. IIS Slow startup
  107. Total of column in grid
  108. Removing iOS7 Sort Indicator
  109. Email Javascript Action Stopped Working
  110. How I Disable New Record Link
  111. Letter in PhoneGap App
  112. Send a Report Via E-Mail
  113. Alpha Developer not working because of clock issue?????????
  114. Need Help IIS won't run. License activate failed due to time on the server.
  115. Alpha Anywhers - not allowing access Licences is not active, time issue
  116. Text area popup in a grid
  117. Activation Error - Time Off Error Message - Resolved
  118. Can't get my list to getFocus()
  119. MySQL Dates being retrieved as type Z
  120. The power of Alpha's Report Writer -- A video to share
  121. PhoneGap error built
  122. Alpha IIS with MariaDB on Ubuntu
  123. Please Help, Can someone tell me why this simple app doesn't work
  124. Emailing Report as Attachment
  125. App Server unresponsive after 9 pm - because of clock issue???
  126. Grid date range search TO field is not inclusive.
  127. Login Redirect Problem
  128. Web Load Balancing
  129. Drop down boxes with Photos, Icons, Check-boxes and CRUD - A video to share
  130. iOS VideoPlayer not working ...
  131. OnClick event for switch in a list?
  132. Developer Needed: Custom oAuth Provider Definition
  133. Repeating Section Row Count based on field data
  134. picture on dropdown error
  135. Help with validation rule
  136. sorting group breaks in a list
  137. Physical and Logical Records Don't match after a client side filter in a list control
  138. New Transient Message
  139. alpha launch error code 1
  140. WYSIWYG Forms The Power of Alpha -- A Video to Share
  141. Javascript getMonth() now throws an error... Anybody else?
  142. User Registration With XBasic Callback Inserts Blank Row Every Now And Then
  143. Use Action Javascript Button to Run Append Operation
  144. Why are UX Argument names now forced to uppercase?
  145. Bulk Printing -- Best approach?
  146. Edit Combo Box on Mobile
  147. Textarea text not saving to SQL Server after 1273 characters
  148. Number control type in List or Javascript
  149. List filter debug results 1=2, but that's not what I searched for.
  150. Need JS help
  151. Invoke Browsers Save Password Prompt
  152. List Control Update without form and In-line Edit. The Power of Alpha - A video to share.
  153. Expanding Menu - First click to expand shows children quickly, then collapses
  154. WYSIWYG Opinions
  155. SqLite PRAGMA foreign_keys
  156. How to transfer traditional WAS SSL certificate over to IIS
  157. Playing Video Causes Mobile App To Crash
  158. Display Google Map for a new record (before it is submitted/saved)
  159. Cursor Position
  160. Bar coding question
  161. File Upload using IIS not working
  162. UX Argument
  163. Dropdownboxchoice error
  164. row duplication in a list on control
  165. Displaying Custom text based on grid value - Alpha Anywhere
  166. Displaying Custom text based on grid value - Alpha Anywhere
  167. phonegap build fail.Failed to fetch plugin via git.
  168. PDF Report won't Convert Hyperlinks
  169. Compute summary values in repeating section
  170. MYSQL 8.0 Support
  171. Calculated field expression won't get dirty state
  172. List Detail Submit Follow
  173. CurrentGridOrder() Not Working
  174. Repeating Section Control Show/Hide
  175. Windows 10 Apps
  176. Hide / Unhide textbox with a checkbox
  177. Error printing PDF reports with multiple instances/ports
  178. Editing a field in a list control when a single or multiple rows are selected
  179. Image Reference Field in DBF with Grid - Display Problems
  180. Xero (Accounting)
  181. List always displays first row after update
  182. New Property Grid List Close Icon broken
  183. a5_merge_json_into_template random failures
  184. Potential Watch out for Windows Server 2016 October Update/Fix
  185. Layout Table Reports
  186. Replace mysql line break in Viewbox with html break (display only)
  187. Trying to set panel active on events
  188. Change in File/Image Upload - UX and Grid Component
  189. Saving UX Component text box content
  190. list control selecteddata working with static date but not sql
  191. Server side printing directly to printer
  192. New Colors available for Alpha Style in Pre-release
  193. Lookup grid (for making edits) not showing correct record
  194. Scaling image in freeform List control
  195. My SQL / Mariadb Layout Table Reports
  196. Can arguments be used in SQL FROM portion ?
  197. SSRS Report and Alpha Parameters not working as expected
  198. Map Not Displaying
  199. How To Reference Repeating Section Fields In HTML Email
  200. Casading lists like in a database app
  201. Sql doesn't like array argument notation "[\"55\",\"56\"]"
  202. Phonegap Build failing?
  203. Declutter Pages.SecuritySettings file -- How?
  204. Pre-release Multi-Tenant Connection String
  205. sql tables
  206. HTTP Publish creates duplicate folder
  207. Is there a way to see the actual curl command being sent by Xbasic?
  208. HTML Tabular Report
  209. list control computing summary values of selected rows
  210. Is there a way to push new updates to phones?
  211. can an IIS server without license be used as a test server?
  212. pdf_fillInFields_merge Function -- Anyone using this??
  213. Get value from JSON
  214. No Decimals in table
  215. List Custom DataSource doesn't like Session
  216. Navigation - Sub menu No longer working
  217. UX/phonegap app render issue
  218. What Is The Name Of A Frame Title Color Property
  219. Can a calculated field in a grouped report be duplicated in a grid?
  220. Using List Control data in Xbasic
  221. Stripe Genie in XBasic
  222. How to re-populate a multiple choice checkbox
  223. Embedding LiveChat or similar communication tool
  224. Select value on a button list or radio button without using mouse?
  225. Using a multi url ssl certificate
  226. Printing offline data that is not synchronized yet
  227. Stripe Checkout
  228. Can The Properties Of A Custom Checkbox Be Accessed Programmatically?
  229. Alpha Runtime - How to use it?
  230. UX working, Phonegap App does not work, how to debug.
  231. Next official release
  232. Dynamically Changing A style sheet
  233. Pre-release List Page Navigation Bar
  234. Session variables in a mobile app
  235. Cool Trick with PDF - Amazon S3 - iPhone
  236. How to Enable Page Security for Web Components?
  237. Formview switch control - how to take update other fields when switch pressed/dirty
  238. Curl from Postman
  239. XBasic syntax for destructor method
  240. Address verification API -- County Info
  241. Javascript not found a5-51595132.js
  242. how to mapping date picker with existing date only
  243. Insert new record at top of list
  244. Printing Report in HTML
  245. Help needed setting up a remote development - publishing profile
  246. Uploading ipa file to App Store from Windows platform
  247. Set decimal automatically
  248. Webinar on using GitHub with Alpha
  249. Form Control image Thumbnails
  250. Inside a UX, how to filter an embedded grid FROM ANOTHER embedded grid?