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  1. HTTP_FETCH with basic auth and content-type
  2. Missing Purpose String in Info.plist File Issues
  3. Passing arguments PARENT UX to CHILD UX
  4. Losing Breakpoints in XBasic debugger
  5. Pre-release 5452 Nov 10
  6. Strange List update behaviour
  7. Reset UX controls
  8. Unable to Create a Grid based on a Mapped Table
  9. Multi-select Editor - broken?
  10. LIST (listbox) virtualization in freeform snaking layout
  11. MSSQL Transaction loop (commit/rollback) with subroutines
  12. Login page a5w saying not secure
  13. Native app or hybrid?
  14. Starting group line numbers at 1 in a list control
  15. Pre-release 5460 Nov 14 2018
  16. Linked Lists
  17. Lag while typing in MS Edge
  18. Client side template date object help
  19. Adding Security Records
  20. Project Style With Compact or pulse
  21. List Controls Not Working After Updating Alpha Software Version
  22. Opinion Question on Deleting Records...
  23. Possible to draw a vertical line or small frame between controls?
  24. set initial value on grid to value on label
  25. If you overwrote MySQL with MariaDB
  26. Script Error in Working Preview. WPHostName - Not sure how to clear this.
  27. Exporting Flat file to desktop from web
  28. Beware a significant change to the method .clientSideValidateField()
  29. Http_download / http_download_bg
  30. viable plugin name and feature name api version for configxml
  31. How to implement stripe Webhooks?
  32. Problem working with javascript string containing backslashes
  33. Down loading file to desktop from grid component
  34. button click style change
  35. Simple "json" question for a List Menu
  36. What's new in Alpha Anywhere Webinar - Wed Nov 28 hosted by Selwyn Rabins
  37. Does sys_shell work on mac os?
  38. submit button on grid doesnt work
  39. GetRequestTempFileName() - Syntax problem?
  40. Open pdf not in webroot
  41. 500 Bad Request Error for iOS7 dropdown icon
  42. Filtering the Data Cache based on another control data value
  43. New property sheet behaviour
  44. UX Repeating section
  45. GetSheet from XLS File
  46. Any samples/examples of appropriately sleek UI for consumer-facing mobile apps?
  47. Microsoft SQL Query Help -- FIXED
  48. ControlBar Menu no longer left aligned in current version
  49. Not checking for previously published components
  50. Updating a list with joined table with image (mobile offline)
  51. Transient Message Close Button location
  52. Query issue for a label report
  53. Delete records from a file
  54. Sums from another table
  55. Cannot Mix Alpha Styles
  56. Input / Display mask question
  57. List Control Row Shading Issue
  58. Responsive layout rules issue
  59. List Control - detail view values
  60. List Control Actions -filter client side - infinite XHR loop
  61. REST API Error
  62. separate keyboard entry for numeric fields
  63. Alpha-assisted rogue IP blocker - feedback
  64. Converting to one of the new Alpha Styles
  65. UX Argument definition
  66. Restore MySQL db from files
  67. Executing a .bat file
  68. my sql to ms sql create table
  69. Grid with Group Breaks - Can Groups be Dynamic? Enabled/Disabled?
  70. Dynamic Input Mask based on field in table
  71. Alpha Cloud to Amazon Connection
  72. How to generate Tokens without hard coding the Card Info?
  73. Keep user from clicking on a list based on their security
  74. hosting at zebra
  75. Calculated field problem when one field is null
  76. clientSideValidateField method seems to have changed in latest release.
  77. Webhook
  78. Creating New User Account
  79. Calculate age when dates formatted dd/mm/yyyy
  80. Get filtered records and populate a dropdown contol
  81. Importing Excel to Mysql Table
  82. How best to enter date and time
  83. report.saveas Timeout
  84. Setting a watch event
  85. How do you add a security group to a live app without losing other security information?
  86. On mobile browser PDF files download as jpg or other extentions.
  87. Layout Reports: How to Change Font Size or "Bold" Dynamically
  88. Error with Editing Style Sheets
  89. UX Calling Javascript Function From Server Side Email Action
  90. Cannot figure out how to create anchor links (Top of Page link)
  91. Panel Card Deactivate Event
  92. Using UDF in Alpha V12
  93. Image upload save image on device
  94. Conditionally run action js
  95. Phonegap Publishing to the appstore
  96. If Then Else statement keeps crashing Alpha
  97. Layout table report issue
  98. Font Awesome in a report?
  99. Problem running Alpha Anywhere Application Server
  100. Export List Data to Excel - File name?
  101. Passing arg value when using a5w_report_saveAs()
  102. QRCode Size
  103. Corrupted style
  104. AppVar not found
  105. Client side number formatting problem
  106. Edited list - detail record losing focus
  107. Word-Wrap for Label Control Type in Detail view. (Missing white-space: pre-wrap option)
  108. SQL Query and data Insert
  109. How do I show one panel at a time?
  110. Error After Installing Alpha Update
  111. Creating/defining multiple controls at runtime
  112. MYSQL Query Performance
  113. the e object
  114. Remote test results in improper scaling
  115. Generate PDF with no margins to be printed on thermal printer
  116. video UX_V12-175 and saveToSessionFile to create report pdf
  117. Alpha Runtime License Question
  118. Setting default value of textbox to current logged in user name
  119. disable controls and show hour glass
  120. Programatically insert record into repeating section
  121. Button Audible click?
  122. List refresh is jumpy and slow
  123. Simple phonegap-android app becoming not-responsive
  124. Small dev team, need suggestions for source control and merging
  125. Hide Weekends on a Calendar Control
  126. eval_valid(session.myVar) randomly fails during multi a5w page login under AA IIS
  127. Nor Records in List Control
  128. Printing on pre-printed forms
  129. Move Server Email Settings
  130. What AA IIS Build, after B-5303, to use as of Jan 2, 2019 ? Save as PDF --> Extra characters at end of expression
  131. Can I convert old desktop reports to web project (.a5rpt) reports?
  132. Mixed case session variable or rapid session variable create & read causing random problems in AA IIS (build 5303)?
  133. Session variable question
  134. Can a Viewbox use a SQL Stored Procedure for the datasource
  135. list control hyperlink icon instead of highlighted text
  136. list Control logical field based on inner join
  137. Connecting to Azure Storage
  138. Setup to add new record after adding a record
  139. hide/unhide Textboxes base on selection from Dropdown
  140. Display Second Most Recent Record in Grid
  141. SQL Query error since update
  142. Issues with ftp_get_file, ftp_get_nlist
  143. UX calculated value overwrites data inserted from the Grid
  144. Dynamic template
  145. Slow UX List Control
  146. Multi-Page Login with Session Variables - sample attached
  147. Tips on Alpha Launch Opening an App
  148. How to prevent session variables from expiring?
  149. How to create REST API POST working in Alpha WAS
  150. Shoutout to Selwyn and the rest of the Alpha Dev Team
  151. Reading a value from an edit box on a control bar
  152. Proper syntax for ConditionStart in email HTML (Command Directives)
  153. Report Error
  154. Auto Submit Help
  155. Alpha Server taking up resources over time
  156. Is the WAS Alert System Down?
  157. Running an Access Append Query from Alpha
  158. Is my server being attacked?
  159. Latest version seems to have broken grid viewer
  160. Phonegap CLI - Android SDK Installation Error - ANDROID_HOME JAVA_HOME
  161. IIS Deleting DBF files
  162. New Layout Report error
  163. Report Instances - high memory
  164. setDisplay function on a list control
  165. Persistent Variables - Looking for Documentation links
  166. Logical value for a date field
  167. List data JSON formatting error
  168. New to Alpha
  169. Grid search result to a Table
  170. Defining additional user access rights
  171. Could not create target folder
  172. WYSIWYG Design in the UX
  173. Passing a table to a stored proc
  174. Remove Layout Path when printing reports/Letters in a browser
  175. Advanced Search with Cascading List Control
  176. List view editing loosing focus
  177. How to filter list based on secondary sql table?
  178. Change Displayed Value in Check Box Control rendered as button list.
  179. Write to Excel, read results of a formula
  180. CSS Not Displaying correctly after publishing
  181. Script Error when saving or browsing a Web Dialog component
  182. Error trying to open UX in a tabbed UI
  183. I'm thinking of doing some complimentary video tutorials based on my DevCon Presentation in Orlando
  184. Passing arguments from a list control to another ux component
  185. Automatically move to the next entry field
  186. Is there a way to view PDF on Ipad in a normal web application?
  187. mariadb service on server not installed
  188. Google Maps API problem?
  189. Report Writer Summary Total of Calculated Fields
  190. Report "wrapping" of records
  191. window.onscroll function not working
  192. Action Javascript : List : Server side sort results in server error
  193. Format logical "label" in UX list's detail.
  194. Setting arbitrary message in transient message
  195. Very Strange Behavior Of Conditional Style Window
  196. Penetration Testing
  197. Issue with onDblClick event on ux list control
  198. UX List Control/Detail does not run on remote server
  199. Need Developer
  200. Can't transfer SQL views to Amazon RDS using Navicat
  201. Advanced Search does not save Query
  202. UX Grid Read only Label how to convert <value> to hyperlinkl
  203. List, Show an image only when row is clicked.
  204. Sending an email from Grid
  205. <font> tag still in use in Alpha?
  206. Pre-release Install Windows 10 Warning
  207. CSS plus button like google
  208. Arguments: Are they secure?
  209. Web2Cal Calendar Question
  210. How to get the current user name in an a5w page?
  211. Uploading multiple images at once
  212. List Item Selected Class Name Problem
  213. a5Helper_ReportTiming Not Recognized
  214. Ajax Callback / Function
  215. Using @font-face
  216. RFID reader Login
  217. Can I make a type of Repeating Section for the top-level table of a UX Component?
  218. PWA
  219. Watched Controls
  220. Variable type mismatch error
  221. Alpha performance compared PHP and Adobe Coldfusion 2018 interpreter
  222. One to Many Set and html table
  223. Construct a URL to pre-populate fields on a UX
  224. Chrome 72 and local WAS: Unchecked runtime.lastError: The message port closed before a response was received.
  225. How to refresh updated CSS file
  226. Error when applying security
  227. tabbed UI not displaying home page
  228. stripe checkout not defined
  229. Everything you wanted in a list control but were afraid to ask -- A Video to share
  230. IIS Dynamic Content Compression is off by default, has anyone turned on
  231. Understanding App Server Sessions
  232. iOS 12.2 public beta 3 PhoneGap Photo Upload
  233. Adding a Transient Message Box in Action Javascript adds ~790K to Grid payload!
  234. SSD = faster PDFs?
  235. Ajax Callback - Additional data to submit How to pass Unformated String
  236. how to semd message to facebook messenger
  237. How to add Navigation system to a Tabbed UI
  238. Post to Twitter, Facebook based on database event
  239. Hide Button based on value in Search criteria on a grid
  240. Adding data to an unbound list control
  241. email_smtp_open() Fails on WAS
  242. Ux data binding - what am i missing?
  243. Accessing {dialog.ComponentName} onInitializeComplete
  244. PhoneGap Image Upload to S3 Cordova Bug
  245. Remove checkbox on grid with Checkbox Select Colunn
  246. Read data from an HTML textarea control (w/ckeditor)
  247. Maintenance message in tabbedUI
  248. Dropdown component onChange event script error.
  249. linked report pdf showing html characters
  250. Help getting iPhone keyboard off the screen