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  1. Multi Tenant but using different databases
  2. List Control Fill container & Client-side Show/hide expression
  3. Quick search displays HTML
  4. Scroll panel content on mobile device
  5. Losing sessions
  6. newbie: more Sync issues on Phonegap app
  7. Control bar dropdown menu issue
  8. Opening Other 3rd Party Apps Recently Stopped Working
  9. View Box Populating - Data formatting issue
  10. Learning to install alpha anywhere server
  11. How to detect Initial run of an App;
  12. Charts not display in Mobile Mode
  13. Issue refreshing a ViewBox using REST API
  14. I wish to enable a button when the textboxes are valid.
  15. Enable a button when grid is dirty?
  16. Stop XBasic Debugger Pop-up during design
  17. List Control right click not working
  18. How to refresh parent grid upon closing of grandchild grid?
  19. How do i refresh a list with argument in sql?
  20. Use an existing word document for reports or exporting
  21. SignatureCapture type error
  22. problem printing report to pdf
  23. Panel Card Fails to Display Using Next Button
  24. New Weather Control
  25. Transforming simple App to mobile
  26. Dropdownbox will not open up in the Tab Pane.
  27. Insert field contents in HTML Script
  28. Build 6232-5386 Memory Leak - How to fix
  29. Issue with XML Parse/Arguments Build 6232-5386
  30. checkbox row sets to checked based on value of row in different column
  31. Count records in list control with specific value
  32. Design help needed - multiple parameters in SQL with also multiselect options
  33. Loop through records and get a value for each record
  34. TabbedUI running for a year ... updated server ... get 500 Internal Server Error - How to find???
  35. Syntax help - populateDropdownBox() with display/stored values
  36. Webinar on the new Alpha Anywhere release
  37. Help with Filtering Lists using currentUser
  38. Filter a Grid or UX on a value in a URL
  39. Friendly text date picker for drop-down search
  40. In Place Editing - filtering one Dropdown based on the value of another...
  41. Mobile App stuck on Working Message
  42. Passing var from Chart to list component - Drill Down
  43. UX Control - MAP - ability to rotate map
  44. PhoneGap Application and Multi-thread comms over the mobile network
  45. Persisting to file system sometimes doesn't work
  46. Anyone used List control as Repeating Section replacement?
  47. How to upload a file to server via Xbasic function
  48. InplaceEditing - code to manually populate edit boxes
  49. Injectible Container in a List Menu?
  50. Saving a generated excel to the server or client.
  51. xBasic: converting a json to csv or excel and downloading it to the client
  52. Freeze column in list
  53. Is adobe killing PhoneGap? Cannot purchase paid plans anymore
  54. Plenty of stuff ok in web app not working in phonegap build app
  55. UX Fails to load after Upgrade to Build 6315 5397
  56. Prevent two Checkboxes (or Radio Buttons) from being checked at the same time.
  57. Scanning Documents,
  58. File Download and Size Limits
  59. Displaying letters on a a5w page
  60. How to use a ToolTip with a list
  61. CSS Style Sheets not working in Mobile UX Panel Cards
  62. Location and Push Notifications in web apps, possible?
  63. Release 6315_5397 Session variable issue
  64. How to Toggle List ShowHideColumn
  65. Twilio receiving message help.
  66. two factor authentication Google Authenticator gives error
  67. Legacy Dialog Component Server Events Not Saving
  68. Security Settings
  69. Possible to have a list inside a list?
  70. As of April 2020 all new iOS PhoneGap Apps must use the Alpha WkWebview Plugin
  71. Blank page in LivePreview with Chrome
  72. Parsing Twilio form application/x-www-urlencoded data
  73. Need help with simple CSS setting in List
  74. Suddenly all fontawesome css icons disapear in my UX (in browser)
  75. Pie Chart...
  76. disconnected PhoneGap app with multiple UX components?
  77. Vertical slider, whats the best way.
  78. Radio Button Spacing
  79. Client side (Javascript) show/hide only if date/time is within 3 hours from now
  80. Date/Time Stamp on a memo type field
  81. How to stop browser auto-fill
  82. Save file to SQL table via xbasic
  83. Looking for ideas/suggestions/pitfalls on a multiple fillable form scenario
  84. Moving Data from one list to another
  85. Problem on dialogValidate event
  86. File Saving -- Is there a consensus?
  87. Advanced Search
  88. Data validation during file upload
  89. "New notes" dot to display on a button?
  90. App Live Preview great, on web server good, but in Phonegap not-so-good
  91. Controls moving when clicked
  92. Reports - Calculated Field Help
  93. Styling on the built-in File Upload Window
  94. Insert line break with javascript
  95. have you tried the new Brave browser?
  96. Countdown timer in a list control
  97. displaying images that are stored in Amazon S3 on a UX
  98. Get results for Week to Date and Last Week
  99. Detecting Mobile Device on a Web App
  100. Radio Button Enable Expression
  101. File Upload is not storing the uploaded file
  102. Double in-place editing icons
  103. Kanban Layout List. Restrict Movement
  104. Using a tab band like a tabbed UI to open multiple UXs
  105. Code Fires Twice in afterDialogValidate
  106. wireframe, mockups
  107. AWS Running in Demo Mode but license is valid
  108. Syntax error on Javascript Function
  109. Grid error message
  110. Pinch to zoom not working?
  111. Freeform edit region bug?
  112. Limit "pinch to zoom" out to 100%, possible?
  113. Stay on same tab in tab-pane
  114. Immediate help would be highly appreciable
  115. List Control with Detail View
  116. Creating a seating Chart in Alpha
  117. PDF creation blocked by LIGHTSPEED Web Filter (school users)
  118. Days between datefield and curdate MySQL
  119. Refresh component after login
  120. search xbasic code in project
  121. Refresh Edit-Combo Lookup after adding a new value
  122. Problems opening a report
  123. Kudos to Alpha on Search Utility
  124. Security Issue with Android, but works on IOS and Web Browsers
  125. Beware Latest IIS Server Patch 6402_5418
  126. How can I always show the latest photo from the Application Server
  127. Deprecated use of manifest file (index.appcache) for offline apps
  128. WEB2CAL stuck on Loading.... Please Wait
  129. Run function from label hyperlink - how?
  130. Alpha Anywhere Xbasic Guide
  131. Importing excel files using alphadao is giving an error
  132. function expected assignment - syntax error
  133. Where are report layouts stored?
  134. image in helper for SaveHTMLToPDF
  135. A cookie associated with a cross-site resource
  136. Parent List with Search
  137. 500 Internal Server Error Script ...... Property not found rtc.args subelement not found
  138. Disconnected LIST select a local saved row with setValue before syncing.
  139. Can't turn off Tabbed UI menu collapse
  140. Dropdown Box
  141. Escaping the plus (+) sign in an XBasic function
  142. Web Theme Builder won't display code
  143. Include google api key manually
  144. Dropdown not rendering to its complete width
  145. Automatic instance restart, but with no current sessions
  146. Removing Special Char Degree Symbol in File Upload
  147. Method to use to get data in the current record selected
  148. Good article on using Chrome Debugger to make a better user experience
  149. Web push notifications
  150. Check-box Select Control - values to xbasic callback??
  151. Edit-combo control choices styling - Possible?
  152. Tabpanes not looking like they used to. How can I fix?
  153. Cannot Resize List Inplace Editing Icons
  154. A5 Xbasic Error Stack Log on Application Server has css error
  155. New word_merge_python to PDF, possible?
  156. Video - Part One 2020|Suite|The|World built only using the Viewbox control.
  157. Getting session variables to show in generated html in xBasic script
  158. Force UX to open in edit mode and load data
  159. List Control Not Scrolling Panel
  160. How to reset the value of a Stripe Form
  161. AA has become unusable
  162. How to set background for UX component
  163. Error - Uncaught TypeError when closing on background
  164. Report Options Excel problem
  165. Vertical Elevator Bar
  166. Vertical list layout for just one column
  167. Need Help With Table For HTML Template Layout
  168. Sort Order
  169. Mobile App Stuck On Working Message
  170. Set Columns in Cache List
  171. Arrow on sort order
  172. Performance - List Control vs Viewbox Control
  173. Open Email Client with Image in Body
  174. Problems with setListTemplateAndPopulate
  175. Viewbox Layout Template Syntax
  176. Works in "Working Preview" Not "Live Preview"
  177. How do I use valueNotInList javascript to add new values from MultiselectTokens?
  178. Partial docked panel?
  179. How to change colour of tab panes in linked content of a grid
  180. Embedded UX for editing record
  181. Adding rows to a repeating section of a UX
  182. Forced Connection - Disconnected application
  183. Firefox and Video Player Issue
  184. Two list record counts on same page
  185. formatting numbers in an Edit-Combo lookup box
  186. in-place editing and checkbox issue
  187. Biometrics Integration
  188. Date Range Search Not Working
  189. How to Run the SEND SMS API - PHP - CURL METHOD in Alpha
  190. HTTP Publish quits right after Zipping up files
  191. UDF and Phonegap...
  192. UX With ViewBoxes - Component To Share
  193. Info Box Expression
  194. Google Maps Layers
  195. Google Maps Searching Message
  196. Enable multiple buttons
  197. Pusher Service
  198. Toggle on off layer
  199. SQL View
  200. UX background color - how do you set it?
  201. DEVCON2020 meetup in Australia, Indonesia or Thailand
  202. Remove HTML placeholder space
  203. Radius Search to include other criteria
  204. Best way to insert text for null value
  205. tmpl.datepicker subelement not found
  206. Postman / Curl
  207. New to SQL
  208. Need help setting up Amazon S3 Bucket
  209. isnotblank(somefield) SQL
  210. Javascript error when clicking on background of window to close
  211. Calculated expression for time ?
  212. Stripe results to javascript
  213. Xbasic Error Stack Log -- What is this error?
  214. File Upload to S3 XB function not running Javascript
  215. What Is Default Font Family For List And Viewbox
  216. PanelCard OnActivate
  217. challenging task
  218. Drag & Drop to Amazon S3
  219. Multi Tenant causing errors in Windows Event Viewer and freezing Application Server
  220. Web2Cal Alternative
  221. Grid File Download
  222. Insert Current Date Field Into Viewbox
  223. Viewbox equivalent to {dialog.object}._listNavigateRecord(UXListName, direction)
  224. Getting Viewbox Item Value/ID Javascript
  225. List files in a directory
  226. Setting the initial Value in a Dropdownbox control on a ux
  227. UX is not displaying on the top of the page on load
  228. Multiple reports on same page
  229. setListColumnsAndPopulate
  230. Ajax Callback - additional data
  231. Searching list with logical checkbox
  232. Need help using CSS Tooltip in the Calendar control
  233. Amazon S3 file delete once uploaded.
  234. List Control In Place Edit - Apply Mask to Detail View Control
  235. wkwebview call, sms/text and email not working on iOS
  236. Column sorting is slow
  237. Need Some Creative Assistance
  238. User security when embedded objects are involved
  239. Can You Insert Session Variable In Control Bar HTML?
  240. Auto Expanding TextArea - Component To Share
  241. Need to search on blank date records
  242. Audit feature works on some databases but not others ...
  243. best method to tracking via web browser / mobile browser
  244. Git toolbar not appearing in Alpha Developer
  245. $ss function and javascript compatibility
  246. Capture User's Screen
  247. Get a count of records returned in a query
  248. Expanding Menu Open On Mouse Over
  249. Extract and trim from a word
  250. Integrating Skype like video