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  1. How to hide the "Printing" dialog that appears when using report.SaveAs
  2. Fast On Computer BUT Crawls from Synology NAS
  3. Syntax issue with IF THEN ELSE
  4. Set default printer help
  5. Right Click Menu Question
  6. Just updated to 5028_5088, a few issues
  7. Reinstall issue
  8. Page Size Mismatch
  9. No Query in Runtime
  10. Randomly changing encryption key
  11. A5 function fails
  12. Most reliable and fastest way to get differences between two lists
  13. V12 Runtime License suddenly invalid
  14. Populating a File Select field automatically
  15. Performance of duplicate text boxes
  16. lookups and updating field?
  17. SmartyStreet.com API for AA Desktop
  18. PDF Viewer has random delays
  19. Perpetual Developer License with Unlimited Users for AA 12?
  20. Import Layout / Form from a5raw file
  21. Runtime install question to what am I missing here in hiding details?
  22. Scheduled Alpha Task Won't Run
  23. V12 Runtime License won't work with expired v12
  24. Help with xbasic operation to update table
  25. Subscription information for this license is not currently available... (Activation packet on disk is too old)
  26. Netmailer Jobs - where are they stored
  27. Invalid a_rule api
  28. very very odd behavior
  29. script to popup about to save ?
  30. Testing for sequential numbers
  31. Creating Users, passwords, login form using runtime application desktop or AEX available for fee?
  32. "Script versus xbasic each form" education needed or simply stupid question
  33. Child link field in set won't fill in
  34. Browse functions: record_at_start and record_at_end
  35. Xbasic filtering for SQL Datasource report
  36. Error Import Data from Excel
  37. Can not start workspace after updating to latest version
  38. Tabbed UI component, catch event?
  39. Mailmerge Integration
  40. Beginner Question (Sending Emails)
  41. Windows Task Scheduler - Patch 5159-5132
  42. Get Time Format
  43. AA 5159_5132 Error trying to reopen database
  44. xdialog event resetting dialog checkbox
  45. 5159_5132 broke my app
  46. Rename a UDF in the Autoexec - How?
  47. label will not print
  48. Display static text plus calculated field text using xbasic?
  49. One time login script "Change Password"
  50. Table Aliases in set creating DD* files
  51. Losing Indexes
  52. Default form full when opening the default browse of a record
  53. library Setup
  54. Record Count - problem?
  55. Trapping a system error during data entry
  56. Exiting Form as Dialogue Error
  57. Alpha Desktop Latest Version Build 5159
  58. Desktop Calendar caculation function?
  59. getting chr(241) and chr(242)
  60. getting chr(241) and chr(242)
  61. fill_with expression!
  62. Server 2012 or 2016 for Shared Runtime App ?
  63. Gunzip .gz archives from Xbasic?
  64. Conditional Objects Strange Behaviour
  65. GMail Blocked
  66. Button Security with groups and users
  67. a5_is_MappedTable() alternative?
  68. Topparent.Find() lands on next record
  69. refreshing/applying users & groups settings (security) after changes (Is that even possible?)
  70. Tables Delay Listing
  71. Silent Install - Prompts for SQLSysClrTypes Twice
  72. Integrating UPS API / View Code for Global Functions
  73. Desktop Updating
  74. Report.Print function
  75. Wierd Output File
  76. windows 10 filter error
  77. Navigating within an xdialog multi-column list box
  78. How to add third item to my filter...
  79. Hidden fields
  80. Need to match Name in table 1 to Name in table 2 when names sound alike
  81. Using Soundex in an Index or Query for Searching
  82. Looping through a list in xdialog problem
  83. Problem creating query operatoin
  84. Index Exists?
  85. How to add a set to an application
  86. Converting RTF Memos to Character Field
  87. Xdialog: How to get a button in the tabstop order?
  88. defining form variable based upon set
  89. Need a pop3 provider for sending email in Alpha?
  90. Append Multiple Records for One in Transaction Table
  91. SQL permission issue?
  92. Form CanExit Event Does Not Execute
  93. Alpha Desktop Build 5521
  94. SQL Server System CLT Types Setup
  95. Using Cancel() in the CanWriteField of a Tables Field Events
  96. Record Delete on Browse Not Working
  97. Problems Updating from V11 to V12
  98. Lookup table force closest match
  99. mailto: from text in a viewbox
  100. Field Type: ShortTime VS Time
  101. MUF File Difficulty
  102. Lookup - select row
  103. using topparent.find() on a Queried Form
  104. Does Geocode Address Function Still Work
  105. Query filter
  106. Windows 7 / Windows 10 mixed environment
  107. Is it possible to pull website text and play recorded words
  108. Possible to change Xdialog window size depending on the condition?
  109. Functionality in App that allows admin to add and amend code from within a runtime app
  110. A5.load() in Runtime
  111. Sort by time
  112. Developer Needed for Further Development of v12, v11, v10 Installation Maker
  113. Changing license number
  114. Program errors since downloading latest patch
  115. Progressbar dialog opens behind the from, Running on Runtime
  116. Spell Check a String
  117. Win 10 overwriting fields with fieldname
  118. Report slow to preview - LQO
  119. Generic UDF for adding records to table
  120. Opinions on Form Design change
  121. Form suddenly will not open
  122. Settings Migration
  123. File Exists in and If Statement
  124. Desktop Application Running on Azure Cloud Server
  125. Slow Cross level Filter on Form when using Child of a Set
  126. Totals on report
  127. print only current record
  128. Getting Zip Code for address
  129. Layout_Delete function
  130. Calling Alpha DESKTOP developers in New Zealand
  131. Using xbasic to change form forecolor
  132. How to display a .jpg file in a JPG image field
  133. xdialog button properties
  134. Control Panel no longer hidden after update to latest Alpha version
  135. A friendly word of warning about the date 01/01/2020
  136. xDialog Possibilities v12
  137. OLE problems with V12 and Windows 10
  138. Can somebody help me out
  139. Report Hyperlink Flyover
  140. Expanding Memo FPT File
  141. UDF and Variable type A
  142. How can I end up with less record with delete duplicates operation?
  143. Calculating a 30% off discount field
  144. Find by Key Window
  145. Query problem
  146. Group taxable item and not non taxalbe item total
  147. Lookup FRUL using a Mapped Table
  148. Sorting on calculated field
  149. Dot in Browse
  150. update Feb 14
  151. Print Report with no detail records
  152. Edit or read fields in a Desktop form
  153. Def.Panel.View subelement not found error
  154. Writing a subfunction in a UDF with local_variables()
  155. Build 5667 issue
  156. Lowest of three fields
  157. OneDrive
  158. Can I import a PDF file the same way I do an image file
  159. Star Micronics Receipt Printer TSP650
  160. Switching focus from Form to Form not working correctly after software update
  161. FPT grows AFTER packing table
  162. Convert CSV spreadsheet to Excel 4.0 worksheet format using xbasic script
  163. Strange sequence in FPT and DBF records (2p,to.2p,to.2p,to.)
  164. Alternative method to enter/edit Memo field
  165. Syntax Help
  166. Problem running app from a shortcut - windows 10
  167. Roll back Function
  168. suddenly read-only data directories
  169. anyone else having an issue with the WORLD CLOCK ???
  170. a5_seurity option file generated to be encrypted
  171. SQL Select Statement - How to filter date
  172. Form Ability
  173. How to set default for Picture - Image File Reference
  174. I have a static text control in a Grid, how can I include this field and its values in the Excel export?
  175. Help sending html email
  176. Windows 10 and Runtime
  177. Creating a temp table for a report
  178. Print Genie's conditions
  179. Help for a UK based novice: Using a soft-dialler with alpha.
  180. Using Table.open_session in multi user environment
  181. strtran AND evaluate_string both mangling UK 'pound' sign
  182. Show only unique records in report
  183. Alpha5.alx file
  184. zip Folder
  185. Alpha five on the field
  186. Right Click in Cell View
  187. Runtime - New version available
  188. libssl-1_1.dll is missing from your computer
  189. is anyone using office 365 with the desktop
  190. Getting HTML file into body of an email
  191. eMail problem WIN10
  192. Increase Size Of Dialogue Box
  193. Adding new records stopped working in A5v12
  194. upload file to Amazon S3 from Xbasic
  195. Phone Dilaer not working Alpha Anywhere
  196. Need A5 Developers
  197. Alpha desktop, windows server 2012, blank dropdown when using MS RemoteApp
  198. Tools and best practices to backup Alpha dbf and memo fields to avoid corruption
  199. Refresh Conditional Object on Form using a Hotspot
  200. Using Google for Delivery Drops
  201. How do i create indexes??
  202. AES Encryption | libeay32.dll and openssl32.dll
  203. Array to string
  204. Allow shrink but not growth of printed text
  205. Program fails to load program after update from 4.5.2 to
  206. How to copy & paste between server and desktop
  207. Tracking Changes to Records
  208. Need more info on USER_VARIABLES_ENUM()
  209. Launching as another user works with Developer(Full) but not Runtime
  210. Change table element from report
  211. text to image file data
  212. QBPro Desktop 2019 - calling integrated app with AA12
  213. File to Clipboard for pasting file into other folder
  214. Calc field on Report referenced in script
  215. Query for most recent records
  216. Field Rules not being updated in Desktop Application
  217. Calendar
  218. Lost All Field Rules in a Table.
  219. Field rule -posting
  220. Workspace for alpha
  221. email a report not working on desktop client
  222. Emailing A Report Won't work
  223. email using windows10 mail
  224. Document.getElementById Activex web content
  225. Remove Characters from an expression
  226. Developer and Runtime Version error
  227. Manufacturing Application
  228. Browse not opening on form
  229. Save Report as individual PDF files using a loop?
  230. Date Query
  231. Consecutive Operations
  232. Closing Forms
  233. UX Component on Desktop
  234. Inserting data
  235. Filtering a report with 'Contains' function
  236. Character Field Sorting
  237. Desktop App Running on IIS & How To Access Network Shares
  238. ui_get_text() help
  239. acquire whether an email address is valid and delivereable within Alpha
  240. Which version of Runtime to use
  241. Hide all Windows bar at the opening of the aplication
  242. Printer Issues
  243. Sparkpost add image from desktop app
  244. Sparkpost and email client compatibiliy
  245. Building a Report - Set needed?
  246. Access a Desktop Application thru RD
  247. Stock Prices API
  248. Custom Floating Toolbar Dropdown Menus - Error
  249. V12 Desktop license question
  250. Application changes