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  1. Alpha Anywhere (V12) Beta - PLEASE READ
  2. News & Updates Page not displayed
  3. Patches. Not for Runtimes?
  4. Desktop app with SQL
  5. Plan to work with web and desktop
  6. How to run a Stored Proc on Dialog Component for the Desktop
  7. Passing arguments to a UX component
  8. How to Manipulate Strings to be used for computation
  9. Clarification on Alpha Anywhere V12 licensing
  10. Urgent Computation Help - with Payment
  11. Lock form field after value change
  12. What calendar component is this?
  13. Any idea what this does
  14. New calculator??
  15. Problems with JPG images
  16. Embedded Browse Issue
  17. Saved queries and SQL Data sources
  18. Inquiry on Alpha Anywhere (Version 12) runtime error in some Features
  19. Select Customer from a list and display Customer Info on Form like Quickbooks Style
  20. using email_send_mandrill()
  21. How to run several scripts at different intervals
  22. moving V10.5 Desktop only to V12
  23. Expression Builder problem with stddev function
  24. Problem with Mandrill Email JSON Datasource
  25. SQL Tables on Desktop
  26. sending CustomerID from Desktop form to a web dialog
  27. Allow user to edit/create letters
  28. new to desktop/runtime. How to specify sql connection strings
  29. How to create a distribution file in v12
  30. WCD Grid Computation
  31. Importing tables is changing field types in local table
  32. external_record_content_from_key_get
  33. Accessing Company Info Record in all forms
  34. Changing Status field on a transaction
  35. Runtime not showing status or start form
  36. Google Gauge
  37. Screenshots
  38. Printing Xbasic Scripts in Color
  39. Dynamic Query Results - V9 versus V12
  40. Change Alpha Five Theme
  41. A5doc for v12
  42. Alpha V12 crash and dramatically slow
  43. Google map
  44. record number past end of table error after upgrade from v10
  45. How to filter a child table in a set using a variable?
  46. Prompt for information using a look up table
  47. Copy Data Button / Building a Pricing Matrix
  48. Filter Drop Down List with Session Variable
  49. Sum of selected records...
  50. How to stop a script from executing
  51. v.11 or v.12 DESKTOP APP build...
  52. A5 Desktop User Interface design ?
  53. auto increment field
  54. dropdown list in alpha five
  55. a5_report_excel_save - or passing arguments to json?
  56. Form not locked down
  57. Creating a install package
  58. Employee time tracker
  59. change label
  60. Begin and End dates
  61. Find and Replace Not Working On A Form
  62. Queries & Exports
  63. Inquiry on QR Code Support in Alpha version 12
  64. Button that invokes an SQL statememnt
  65. How to reload a combo box in an xdialog?
  66. Is the Alpha Anywhere DevTool really Multi-Threaded
  67. Interactive Window Updated??
  68. Need Help With Conditional Lookup
  69. how to refresh drop down list?
  70. Highlight on a Lookup
  71. Lookup On Conditional Field
  72. Chart Line Width
  73. convert age in months to years,months,days
  74. Inquiry on chart/graph in Alpha version 12
  75. Total() function in a form???
  76. How to lookup and fill in data in repeating section?
  77. Error Opening an AlphaADO connection to an Access file
  78. Alpha Acts Like A Modal Form is Open
  79. Barcode in Alpha5 desktop version12
  80. Drilldown in layout table report
  81. QR Code query
  82. Date Calculatiions
  83. Dynamic Column Titles
  84. Using the Maximum function to update a field...?
  85. xdialog date range on embedded browse
  86. sorting a subset of a dbf file et al
  87. Alpha 5 Version 12 very slow when disconnected from internet
  88. Problems with V12 on some Windows 7 machines. Bug?
  89. bi-directional cascading dropdowns
  90. Data Sets
  91. Here We Are.! Where to Next?
  92. Field Rule Lookups to Active-Link Table
  93. Preview report problem
  94. printing without user interaction
  95. rounding calclated field to nearest cent
  96. AlphaDAO on desktop?
  97. V10 to V12
  98. Shortcut Keys in an Embedded Browse
  99. A cascading menu or dialog selection - retaining the pathway
  100. Data from desktop app to JSON
  101. index.records_get()
  102. Auto populate fields based on selection
  103. Alpha 12 Install Maker - telephone Directory Runtime application
  104. Case expression not working.
  105. export to ascii file
  106. Report to print specific dbf fields to text file
  107. Alpha Runtime vs Active Link Tables
  108. WARNING - AVAST anti virus flagging A5desktopui.dll as malware
  109. UI or dialog on Desktop
  110. can .dbf be recreated
  111. Writing to Excel Sheet
  112. Desktop App runs very slow using Active Link tables connected to a MySQL database
  113. Report did not print. Error displaying reports!
  114. h.object.refresh()
  115. Installed new QB14, can no longer create PDF in A5
  116. Conditional expression / Xbasic / Syntax help please
  117. Server side query genie not working in a desktop application
  118. embeded browse form wont update
  119. Current system requirements?
  120. Record List - Combo Box Table Lookup Troubles
  121. Use Xbasic To Import to DBF then loop through DBF to apply conditional SQL updates & inserts
  122. PostgreSQL vs FirebirdSQL in Windows Desktop Applications
  123. Conditionally Required In Field Rules
  124. Highlight multiple rows in List View by Left Click Dragging
  125. Security Group Rights
  126. Renaming a key linking field over a dozen tables in a DB
  127. Binding/Linking HTML Table Element within a Form to the database table (.dbf)
  128. Pass filter to grid in desktop application
  129. Do I want to continue using Alpha for desktop only applications?
  130. Form in desktop always disappear
  131. What is the Protocol for using jQuery Plugins in an xDialog Chrome Control?
  132. Alpha Anywhere - Windows 8 and Windows8.1 Pro - Does it Work!!?? Import Records 4 mil plus
  133. I am testing a large app written with 10.5 in V12 (desktop)
  134. Attachments to email
  135. Alpha Anywhere Developer Edition Activation
  136. From V9 - To V11 or V12???
  137. a form based on a set with both one-to-may and one-to-one children
  138. Problem with a Browse for a set with a parents to children
  139. Active Link table Drops
  140. ui_get_date_calendar()
  141. Alpha Anywhere Windows 7 and Windows Backup and Restore Conflict
  142. <<%sq %sql% xBasic continuation
  143. How do I suppress the prompt "specify Arguement Values"
  144. SQL Data Series (Cross Section Error)
  145. Active Link with join on MS SQL with sql::arguments
  146. Can you create a form that is based on a table?
  147. DBF Tables and Signature Capture-Supported or not?
  148. Report from a Set with DBF tables and Active Link table fails whne only 1 SQL record exists.
  149. No blinking cursor in a form field
  150. Logon security
  151. Disable customize the menu on the desktop alpha (help)
  152. Passing a Javascript variable from one Html to another
  153. Copy previous record from two tables
  154. Email and T/S
  155. Issue with selection criteria in the ONRowDblClick event for a browse
  156. How to Set ODBC (help)
  157. tablesum() help on forms calc field
  158. combo box with 2 visible columns
  159. Random Name generator
  160. Best Search for Alarm / Alert Popup
  161. Input with a form differently
  162. Detecting if Alpha has lost focus
  163. How to Make Report in Alpha Desktop
  164. The lease has expired
  165. Filter by day of the week query
  166. Changed Behaviour in Script Editor
  167. Excel Office Automation
  168. file in use by PDF Viewer
  169. HTML text size smaller on client's machine
  170. Embedding a UX component in a form
  171. How do I set a field as Null
  172. Enter key
  173. Security in desktop ??
  174. Bug in Lastword() function
  175. Looking to learn and build an web & windows based application
  176. IF() What am I doing wrong???
  177. Dialog Component Error
  178. Desktop app using mySQL and V12
  179. "Find by key" not working
  180. FILE_SAVE_AS not working
  181. Starting a form with a selected record
  182. Dynamic Connection Strings
  183. Error
  184. Error in data entry
  185. having "fun" with '"+"Filter Strings"+"'
  186. Help, beware of what just happened to me
  187. Variable from xdialog
  188. Authorize.net discontinues SSL V3 protocol transfers. What is Alpha using?
  189. Fetching thru one-to-many linked .dbfs
  190. Alpha cannot find MS Word to do mailmerge
  191. Drop Down to Filter child browse
  192. Xdialog data list not autosizing with %d
  193. Memo vs. Long Character Field
  194. How to execute a block of code in a variable
  195. Return values from a FUNCTION
  196. creating different font styled text within browse cells
  197. JSON with hard client
  198. AlphaAnywhere Developer and Runtime Conflict
  199. Lookup won't work in a named browse layout
  200. Solved problem with function A5_ADD_FIELDS_TO_TABLE
  201. autofill <imgjpg> field
  202. Repeating Section dropdowns after 'Refresh Controls' call
  203. Somewhat confused about the product offerings
  204. QR Codes
  205. Just sharing something by way of thanks :-)
  206. Filling fields from another table in mass
  207. Unable to set security in Desktop Application
  208. Browse sorting
  209. How to stop the message "There are no pages in the layout" from popping up?
  210. ui_get_text2 Question
  211. Can Alpha Anywhere run on a Mac?
  212. Result Set Blank on Server
  213. Does Alpha Anywhere still build desktop applications?
  214. Memory Corrupt - Terminate Operation
  215. Trying to save Forms in Alpha 12
  216. Alternative to cascading list
  217. Zooming to Record from Browse
  218. Object name with onpush indicator
  219. spell check dictionary and use
  220. Shortcut Title not showing
  221. Trace Window limits?
  222. Printing Scripts
  223. Alpha and Smartcards??
  224. Modal Preview not working
  225. Form printing to Landscape
  226. How to set default search by field
  227. locate first digit (number) in a character string
  228. Windows Server 2012 R2 & v12 Desktop Development
  229. Active-Link Table with Connection Type “QuickBooks”
  230. This may be a bug testing image fields and variables. Please advise?
  231. Posting Error - Field is Not Recognized
  232. Netpay card services integration
  233. Report Columns, Side by Side Same Field Different Values
  234. Tabbed Object question
  235. How can I check if there are no more records when in a form?
  236. adding a new record from a field rules lookup table drop down list
  237. Saving records in Alpha Anywhere
  238. Posting Clarification
  239. Can't open published Reports
  240. Lost all alpha login security and all on code tab
  241. Subelement Not Found
  242. Accessing Camera from desktop application
  243. Enter Must Begin First? AND Data value Cannot Fit into a numeric field of size
  244. <Browse>.HOME() works one place but not another
  245. Use Devices Camera to read QR Code and fill in Field(s)
  246. Report Editor not working
  247. Operation, AlphaDAO Import Error
  248. Using on a network with windows 7.1 and 8.1
  249. Removing characters from text field
  250. Record Marking & Multi-User considerations...