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  1. Welcome Beta Users!
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  3. Tablet Training Videos: What do YOU need
  4. Introduction to the FormView Control
  5. Problems Adapting Demo App
  6. Questions about the Sample App
  7. FYI: Automatically "pushing" updates to deployed devices
  8. Tablet Optimized Forms Beta Contest
  9. Work In Progress Wednesday
  10. Tablet Sample App: Custom Keypads
  11. Field Templates
  12. What kind of Tablet App are you Building?
  13. Switch Editors
  14. Tablet Sample App: Checklist Items
  15. How to convert List with Master Details records to editable Template
  16. Editors: Using a Dropdown Box
  17. Displaying and Capturing Ink using the Ink Control
  18. Rich media
  19. Tablet Sample App: SVG Images
  20. Problem when renaming a FormView Form ID
  21. Editors: Cascading Dropdown Boxes
  22. ONE WEEK LEFT in Tablet Beta Contest
  23. Need to use mutiple lists to connect to multiple forms
  24. A "Nice to have"
  25. Tablet Sample App: Help System
  26. ViewBoxes: Build a Star Rating
  27. Is UX controls not implemented in a formview yet?
  28. Introduction to Group Editors
  29. AA becomes unresponsive when saving newly inserted Editor-DateSpinLists control
  30. Error after duplicating sample tablet app UX control and changing a formview
  31. Introduction to the Ink Control
  32. Tablet Beta Contest Extended to Nov 20
  33. Saving FormView Control Data to a SQL Database
  34. Error in sample app in navigation between formview panels
  35. Conditionally Displaying Controls in a FormView
  36. How to format date field in a formview
  37. Lost my activation privileges all of a sudden.
  38. Data seems to be retained in the Phonegap build process
  39. Field validation javascript in Formview not firing if value is null/undefined
  40. Displaying New Records with the FormView Control
  41. How to update the value of a dependent field in a Formview?
  42. Editors: Cascading List Control
  43. FormView Image Capture
  44. Editors: Populating a List from a SQL Query
  45. Error saving UX component after installing latest release (2015-10-14)
  46. FormView Field Validation
  47. Editor for Time input
  48. license for tablet-optimised beta application server?
  49. Editors: Pre-Defined List Control Editor
  50. Tablet Beta Contest Questions?
  51. Share your Editors
  52. Sony Digital Paper System
  53. FormView CSS Namespace
  54. Null appearing in Number pad editor when bound
  55. Ink Control Background Color and image not working?
  56. Converting Between Static and SQL Data Sources in a List Control
  57. How to format a phone number in formview?
  58. When will software be released?
  59. Concrete Truck App
  60. Setting the Editor & Editor Set at Run-Time
  61. Ink Control Capabilities
  62. i'm guessing
  63. Is any of this in the standard version?
  64. The Ink Data Type
  65. Phonegap and the Ink control, does it work?
  66. Setting the Ink Control Background Image
  67. FormView Data API Changes to the settings object
  68. Demo Inspection Report App Numpad not working with Build 3399/4609
  69. Report with Ink Background
  70. Demo Sample Automobile Inspection App not working with Build 3419/4614 nor previous build
  71. Demo App Date Editor Glitch
  72. Creating Next and Prev function within Form View control
  73. Re: Announcing the First Available Pre-built App: Inspection Solutions
  74. Difficulty replicating WebSockets demo...
  75. Problem with Beta: a5wcb_staticHTML_UXGenerator()line1530 Not Found
  76. Cement Truck Sample App
  77. Signature Capture to Ink conversion
  78. Help information on the use of "ControlGroup" container...
  79. Mixing editor sets, ink and UX components
  80. FormView and ViewBox documentation available
  81. What is the best way to read button (or other control) properties in a free-form container?
  82. Lookup and Fill-in Fields
  83. new Northwind Sample Application with offline..
  84. HTML Editor for a Form View
  85. Formview dropdow editor question
  86. How to Do one to many data entry using Formview and Control bars
  87. Is there a WYSIWYG Mobile Structure ?
  88. Formview Editors Entry Form Behavior Question
  89. Compatible Editor for FormView
  90. Create Multiple Records at once in disconnected mode
  91. Client-Side Data Cache Editor - 5mb limit
  92. Repeating section in Formview
  93. Google Map API Key not working
  94. using grids in tablet optimised forms(resize behaviour)
  95. How to import external getbootstrap css and apply in alpha anywhere web projects
  96. Custom Control in List Using xBasic
  97. Formview: List field names duplicated after 3 or more cascading lists! is this a bug?
  98. Formview: How do you define the settings for a pre-defined list control when using JS method for specifying editorSet/editor?
  99. Ink-Databound control on a report
  100. Create a static HTML page with an application cache
  101. List Virtualization changed my life!
  102. Scrolling List Control inside panel card.
  103. Embedded UX object and Local Storage
  104. Installed latest build and js errors
  105. Adding Navigation Children from SQL
  106. How to get Active Directory user details
  107. How to use friendly name as title in texteditor
  108. How to define fields in a formview so that linebreaks are displayed
  109. Different type of editors in one editor group possible?
  110. How to undo offline edits to a list that cannot be synchronized
  111. How to set namespace for lists dynamically
  112. Format phone number with keypad editor
  113. Checking if embedded grid is dirty
  114. KeyboardEditor, standard code issue
  115. How to change tabIndex in a freeform formview layout?
  116. Getting count of rows in list after using populate
  117. using list populate and search together
  118. JavaScript events embedded in JSON?
  119. MS-SQL 2008 Script to create the tables needed for the Punch List demo App
  120. wordpress website
  121. How to display the results of dynamic SQL?
  122. Stripe API
  123. SQL filter for "Ends In -001"
  124. Configure Editor Settings when editing an arbitrary value
  125. Editor List - Multi select bug?
  126. Count selected rows in a list
  127. Programmatically resize a panel card
  128. Emailing a Report using Javascript Event
  129. Linked Grid saving.
  130. Problem with Arguments
  131. Allow shrink of printed text but not growth
  132. SQL question for logging errors