View Full Version : Can't scroll grid in panel card


04-23-2013, 10:27 PM
I have a panel layout that contains a panel navigator, which in turn contains a panel card that is activated by a navigator button. The panel card has an embedded grid. I would like to scroll the grid within the panel card, but am running into a brick wall. The grid, which is larger than the panel card, displays fine, but will not scroll. Anyone have suggestions about the parameters within these various components that should enable scrolling of the grid?


04-25-2013, 04:43 PM

I've found the list control to be much more flexible and reliable within the panels. Could you use it instead?

04-25-2013, 06:12 PM
If the grid itself has a scroll section, then it will scroll.
At least it scrolls for me.

04-25-2013, 06:15 PM

I agree for the future, but had 20+ grids defined and not enough time to go through the learning process for the list control and totally revamp the application. So, I have reverted to V11 for this application and am using a tabbed user interface rather than panel navigator, which meant I only had to build the tabbed ui and all my grids were preserved. For another application that I have just started, I will certainly use the list control. I built one to try out and it is blazing fast. Thanks for your feedback.