View Full Version : Component that opens reports is crashing


07-11-2013, 01:31 PM
I am publishing to a new server for the first time. When Alpha attempts to load a component that launches my reports, it crashes the App Server. I never actually get to the point where I can open a report because its having an issue with the component. I did not add my reports to the Web Control Panel, they are still defined in the Control Panel Reports tab. Is this okay to do in V12 or do I have to add them to the web project? The component and the reports work fine on my development machine, but not on this new server.

The app server is not creating a dump file before it crashes. I checked the 3 folders that it recommends to check. Where is the report data stored after you publish? I don't see any obvious files that might contain it. I have an .alb, .alm, and .alx file in the published web server folder.