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04-02-2014, 08:14 AM
We have a script that runs from one of our forms that allows the user to pick "print" or "Preview", when print is selected all works as it should. When selecting "Preview" the script has to preview three separate reports. The first two previews work perfectly, that is they preview and when closed the next report comes up. But when closing the 2nd report the third preview flashes on the screen briefly and A5 goes to the control panel. If I open the windows bar the third preview report is a tab on the windows bar and it can be viewed. We have several different scripts that all do the same thing with only the third "Preview". If I remove the 3rd report from the script it works fine with just two, if I add a 4th report it still jumps to the A5 control panel on the third report and then I can close the 3rd report and the 4th report works correctly. I changed the order of the reports in the script and that does not change what happens on the third preview. We are using a5 v10.5 build_4369, windows 7 IE 11. A5 is on a server with shadow data network optimized on each workstation, both workstations do the same thing.
I have attached a copy of the script. I also included a copy of the second script that runs the previewing or printing of the report.

Has anyone come across this, I did not write the original scripts but I have been trying to fix things to work better for the office staff. I have tried different things but nothing seems to work on this probelm.