View Full Version : creating different font styled text within browse cells


Ray in Capetown
11-12-2014, 02:53 PM
I have an embedded browse with many column cells that are populated with text collected from different sources
The information displayed requires highlighting of certain key phrases within the text. The required coding resembles Xdialog code !?

I have been trying to use the column properties with limited success, the fonts discriminate but creates an offset justified sequence of text which runs to outside the cell.

I know its possible because I've created code to set the properties, and have succeeded in getting the second font text left aligned below the first, WITH the correct font distinctions but just cant figure out how to have each row dynamically read its own record. So far all the cells display the same text as the initial default row.

I've prepared a very simple adb example with one column showing how it has been working and a second trying to work as described in the first paragraph above.

There's a single one line script. The form opens with autoexec and has buttons to see both methods work. Easy to test.
XD syntax structure within a string to include data has me befuddled, I'm so close but days experimenting and still not getting there.