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12-03-2004, 07:37 AM
I would just like to put a bug in someone's ear about an idea which could simplify access to patients’ prescriptions. Problem: Keeping tract of patients’ prescriptions and making them accessible to those who need them. Solution: a national Web based database where patients may elect to have their prescriptions posted. The patients could have control of the passwords and therefore of their accounts.
If you have an elderly parent, you will probably understand the difficulty in keeping the prescriptions straight. It is clear the pharmacies are unable to do it. What if you are traveling and for whatever reason you need your prescription refilled?
If there were a national web database available, patients could request their doctors to post their prescription to a secure account. The patient would give their doctor the account # and the password to do this. The patient could also give the pharmacist the account # and perhaps a different password – the pharmacist need not have access to all the same information the doctor does. This account could keep tract of prescriptions filled from all pharmacies in real time. – No double filling. It could also be linked to the patient’s insurance company. And best of all, anyone the patient gives authority to can see all of their prescriptions at once.
I’m sure you can think of other features that could be added to this. It seems such a simple idea whose time has come.

Wanda Tucker
12-08-2004, 04:00 PM
Hi Bruce,
That's a great idea. Go for it! No, really ;)

My best friend, 12 years ago while rafting down our local Russian River, commented that, "Someone ought to clean up this mess." Another rafter asked, "Why don't you?" She's been cleaning up a 50 mile stretch of our river ever since (of course with the help of lots of donations and volunteers).

I would love to build the app you're suggesting. The final product would need to be marketed, however. Of course, that would take lots of dough...

Just my 2 cents worth.