View Full Version : example: email link on record line


Steve Wood
10-11-2004, 05:47 PM
Wanted to share an example. I just set up the ability to open an email client from my WAS application. Special about this is that the email link is at the record level, so the email will contain information from the particular record for Subject, Body, CC, etc.

I attached a pdf with some details but here are some quick points: I created the following calculated field.

[alltrim(lookupc("F",Customer,"Email",""ADB_Path"\customers","Customer_Id")) + "?subject=Question about ATS Job# " + alltrim(Job_No) + "&cc=steve@attorneystrust.com" + "&body=Job#: " + alltrim(Job_No) + "%0D%0AClient: " + alltrim(Lastname) + ", " + alltrim(Client) + "%0D%0ASpouse: " + alltrim(Spouse)]

(Note the "%0D%0A used to embed crlf. I could not get crlf() or "&" to work for multiple lines.)

The above resolves to:
[mailto:amberk@mycustomer.com?subject=Question about ATS Job# 10145&cc=steve@attorneystrust.com&body=Job#: 10145%0D%0AClient: LEMMER, ELNORA%0D%0ASpouse: ROMAN]