View Full Version : Feedback requested on Possible new Feature


Selwyn Rabins
09-13-2004, 06:59 PM
I am trying to find out the level of interest that Alpha Five users would have in a special version of Alpha Five that supported Version Control for Xbasic scripts and functions.

For those of you not familiar with Version Control, it allows you to keep track of all of the changes you make to a script so that at any point you can go back to a previous version. Also, it allows multiple developers to work on an application at the same time because it keeps track of conflicts (when one developer could overwrite a change made by another developer).

At Alpha we use a special version of Alpha Five that supports Version Control (it works with the very popular CVS system - which has the side benefit of being free). Version Control is crucial to us because so much of Alpha Five is written in Xbasic, and we have several developers all working at the same time on V6 and V7 of Alpha Five.

If there is sufficient interest in this feature, and if the price that users are prepared to pay for this feature justifies the effort, we would release a commercial version of the 'Version Control' enabled Alpha Five.

Please let us know if this is a feature that is of interest to you, and what such a feature might be worth to you.