View Full Version : server vs local, can't find data


Steve Wood
09-02-2004, 01:29 PM
My A5 App is on the server, for example: s:\atswin\customer.dbf. Xbasic for a Customer grid includes "tmpl.DBF.table_name = "s:\atswin\Customers.Dbf"".

Publishing locally works fine, but pub to the server produces errors such as below when viewing any component that displays database records. Both my workstation (which works properly) and the server have a mapped drive "S" that should allow s:\atswin\Customers.Dbf to find the database.

(Server) Script Error
Error:Script: /ATS5/customer.a5w line:33
x_customer = a5w_run_Component(tmpl_customer)
tmpl.no_records_message subelement not found.