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Alan Lander
08-11-2004, 08:17 AM
Very stupid question -but very important. I purchased a license for Alpha 5 v5 six months ago and unlimited runtime license. I am interested in the new poduct if

1. I can set up the server as an intranet, and users can access the database application, with all its features, including the browses within a form, the buttons etc.
2. A big thing we do is amil merge data into word documents, and the users need to be able to do so if they access the database as a web page (they all have Word locally on their computer).
3. If I set up the application and users access it as part of an intranet, do I need to purchase the version 6 and web server and runtime versions? It becomes pricey at that point (since I just bought everything six or seven months ago).

Thanks for any insight.


08-11-2004, 03:27 PM

You can easily set up one computer as a server and have other computers on the same network access it. You will have to load the runtime on every computer that needs access. Then you set up the "terminal" as a shadowed database and it behave exactly the same as the one on the server, with all of the same features. I think setting up a shadow is covered in the help files.