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Angelica Morris
07-18-2002, 02:35 PM
Hi there. I just installed A4v7 on a Win95 laptop. I copied a .dbf and its .dbt file to the new system succesfully. When I try creating an index or even copying & attatching an index file from my other machine I get the error:

File not found or Access denied writing index file

Yesterday I realized that my .dbf file was marked read-only in its properties so I UNchecked it and it allowed me to create an index. Today, however, my indexes appear to be corrupted. I attempted to update them and I got the same error message AND it appears that one of the indexes was deleted from the harddrive altogether. Anyone know what is causing this error? Any idea if I overlooked something when bringing a .dbf into this installation of Alpha? Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks, Angelica

David Sander
07-19-2002, 04:35 PM

Several things could be going on here.

You may need to uncheck the read only on your DBT, IDX, and NDX files that were brought over with the DBF files too. Alpha 4 will try to open them for write and won't be able to get a write file handle open, therefore the message. You will likely have missing indexes since Alpha 4 tends to detatch any indexes it can't work with.

This said, you might have just missed some files in the transfer too. On rare occasions you can get a corrupted index which Alpha 4 will detatch if it doesn't look right. You probably can figure out what's going wrong here and reattach, move or recreate the indexes you need.