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Jill J. Hurd
01-22-2002, 03:30 PM
I have another problem- My HP Officejet G55 will not print a typestyle report, just generic small print. I have tried to follow all the threads on printing problems, but I don't understand them.
My printer is a Windows printer. How do I set this printer up thru Alpha4?
When I set up a printer, I assume I pick Windows instead of DOS? Then do I pick standard method or typestyle method? I've tried picking standard and I can only choose from a couple generic typestyles such as Lucinda Console, etc.
If I choose the typestyle method, I pick HP Officejet from the printers list and there are only 3 typestyles there , Cobb, Marin, etc. None of the Windows printer fonts show up? Could someone lead me through this?

I appreciate any help you can provide.

Jill Hurd

Tom Cone Jr
01-22-2002, 05:22 PM

If there's no DOS printer driver for your Officejet you won't be able to print typeset reports I don't believe. You might check the HP website to see if any of the DOS drivers that ship with Alpha Four are still supported by the Officejet. If so, you might be able configure the printer as though it were really one of the older HP printers.

Yes, to configure a Windows printer with vers. 7 you pick Windows, and then Standard, and then specify a fixed width font supported by your printer. Specify 10 cpi for standard and 18 cpi for compressed. The options are limited, but you'd face the same choices (or worse) if you went back to the DOS version of WordPerfect and tried to print to the Officejet, I dare say.

-- tom

01-23-2002, 03:58 AM
To follow up on Tom's reply ... we use an HP Officejet 1170 Pro C for our colour printing when producing A4v6 typeset reports. (By the way, I also have V7, but am currently just "testing" it and do not use it for typeset reports.) I believe our Officejet is a very similar-type machine to your G55. However, there is no specific DOS driver for these machines for A4. I use the "HP Deskjet 850C, 300 DPI" print driver (under DOS) which I believe is included with A4v6 and it works perfectly! Try it and see if you can get some better results.