View Full Version : a5 folder alias functions


Melvin Davidson
07-16-2003, 04:34 AM
Here are two new a5 folder/directory alias functions.
The first, a5_isvalid_alias(), checks to see if there is an
existing a5 alias.

The second a5_add_alias() will create a new folder/directory
alias, after first checking for a duplicate alias and valid
This is the same as chosing View, Settings..., Aliases from
the Control Panel.

pass a5_alias_name without "[]"
eg: "New_Alias"
pass path_spec with or without trailing "\"
eg: "C:\SomeDir\SubDir" or "C:\SomeDir\SubDir\"

dim alias_exists as L
dim result as L
dim My_Alias as C
dim path_space as C

My_Alias = "Data"
Path_Spec = "C:\A5v5\Data" + chr(92)
alias_exists = a5_isvalid_alias(My_Alias)
If alias_exists then
result = a5_add_alias(My_Alias, Path_Spec)
end if

Kudos to Selwyn for his help with this.

Regards to all,
Melvin Davidson