View Full Version : SImple Busy Screen Technique A5v5


Melvin Davidson
12-13-2002, 05:29 PM
For A5v5 or A5v4.5

My original intent was to display a full screen "busy" form, while the script was running. I originally intended to hide all the objects on the form, change the form background bitmap and make it stretched, then restore everything after the script completed. Well, I thought it over, and aside from other obstacles, it was just too much work.

So here is the simple solution.

1. Add a bitmap to the form and make the size cover the
entire form.
2. Make the attributes absolute and hide.
3. In the script, make it Visible, Stretched, Show() and
4. When the script is done, change the attribute back to
invisible and Absolute.

Attached is the simple form to demonstrate this.
Press the button and the bitmap will show for 5 seconds then disappear. No muss, no fuss.