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09-04-2000, 04:04 PM
I am curious if anyone would be willing to share a completed checkbook application with my school. We have read and tried out several "parts" of checkbook applications from Peter Wayne and others and they are great. Its just we would like to see how a completed application works when it is completed and be able to use that as a basis for our own school needs. We did this with the INVOICE application that came as a sample and it was a great way to adapt it for our needs.

BTW, the "Quickens.." etc, just don't do it for our needs.

Can anyone help?


Dave Theoharides
Mattanawcook JHS
Lincoln, ME 04457

robert bannerman
10-04-2000, 02:22 PM
Sorry no one has responded. I'd send you a check book program if I had one, however, there was an article listed that showed how to balance a check book. Good Luck.

Stephen Williams
10-04-2000, 03:44 PM
I do not like Quicken myself, but it is very powerful. I use MYOB which is much tidier and simpler to use. I then use Alpha Five for the 'management' functions. I have decided NOT to write an accounting (=check book) program as if I wanted to do anything MORE than I get with MYOB, or even Quicken, it is going to add a layer of complexity that would worry me with respect to the accounting integrity of the package. Just because the progran says it is so DOES NOT mean it is in fact so. Bugs crawl in! And they do not have to be the fault of Alpha Five.

I was told recently at an MYOB seminar that MYOB has been bug free since 1992...I have export and import routines to move invoicing from Alpha Five to MYOB. What is nice about this is I have the confidence of a commercial, and therefore widely proven, accounting tool for preparing P&L's and Balance sheets, plus the flexibilty of Alpha Five, where I do budgeting, estimating, invoicing and job costing.

I am curious what you want that Quicken or MYOB could not provide. It is certainly much cheaper to simply buy this accounting portion than build it in Alpha Five and worry about the bugs...and then use the export/import tools available.

Steve Williams

robert douglas
03-06-2002, 04:32 PM
have a full a5v4.3 Checkbook application within the purchase ledger and sales ledger much the same as Sage Line 50.
I have no problem sending you a Speech/Videocome training version for your approval.