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John Hadley
04-30-2002, 02:51 PM
I have been using A4V3 to A5V6 and A5v3 to A5V4.5 for many years.
I have two A4V6 apps still being used (networked on Win98), which I would like to convert to A5 but as they are both very complex I will wait for A5V5.

The most complex is a menu based document archive system that stores boxes (170,000), files in the boxes and documents in the files for 200+ clients. It tracks movements in and out of the warehouse and produces automatic monthly and quarterly invoices without user intervention. There is also a manual invoice system and a routine that transfers client and invoice data to Sage Line50 accounting package. The system produces many reports, both statistical and client based which the clients require. The system is based on 8 linked modules.

I have also produced a number of A5 (converted to A5V4.5) applications a summary of two of them is given below:
A database of Charitable Foundations which can be searched on behalf of other charities to see if they will fund their project. If suitable matches are found a full report is automatically sent to the requesting charity with full details of the matching Foundations, and how to apply. Automatic feedback request are sent after 6 months and 3 months later if no reply is received, the replies are used to produce statistical reports, which are used to improve and update the database.

A database of disadvantaged young people attending special training funded by the European Social Fund. Tracks course attended, progress and hours spent on each course and produces a number of statistical reports. Data is also exported to Excel for further analysis