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Bob Whitaker
04-15-2002, 12:00 AM
With Ira Perlow's thoughts posted in response to my message "It seems a shame" We should not use this board for anything other than very UK specific postings otherwise we dilute the vast resource of technical knowledge contained within the forum. I think we should mainly use it to introduce ourselves and what we do in order that we can try and get a coherent UK user group going. So to that end here is my profile.
Bob Whitaker
Based in Birmingham
Used Alpha since DOS version 3
Have written an application for running Funeral Director's businesses (this is allied to our mainstream business which is the manufacture of coffin fittings - somebody has to do it !)
We now have 130 sites all over the UK running our product.
Have also done some "one off" work for a market research company and a jewellery wholesaling business as well as maintaining a membership register for a local youth theatre and tennis club.

Jenny Earnshaw
04-15-2002, 02:22 PM
This is to introduce myself:

Jenny Earnshaw
Letchworth Herts
Used Alpha since Alpha Four Version 3.
Now using Alpha Five Version 4.5

Have written several applications with imports and exports to Sage Line 50.
These include:
Stock Control System for a Warehouse.
Picking System which calculates charges for removing cartons from Pallets for a Warehouse.
Estimating and Scheduling System.
Self Storage System which includes invoices for Storage periods.
Invoicing System for Fruit/Vegatable resellers.
Invoicing System for Haulage company.
All the above include export invoice rouitines to Line 50.

Apart from the Alpha databases we are authorised resellers for Sage Line 50.

Thomas Holt
04-16-2002, 03:17 AM
Hello All,

Just a short note to introduce myself
Thomas Holt, Based In Watford, Hertfordshire
I have been using Alpha for almost 3 years now. In that time I feel I have grown hugely as an Alpha developer (although I still have a MASSIVE amount to learn).
To date I have only developed databases for the company I am employed for.
These have involved applications for Travel, Pet, Home Insurance and Bill Protector, Generating quotes, Processing sales, Producing all relevant paperwork sending and receiving data to and from the underwriters. Processing various types of Bank Payments. Other apps developed to date include Telecoms and Fuel supply systems. All systems deal with full customer history of queries, complaints, payments, etc (and all other relevant things I can’t think of at the moment)


Keith George
04-17-2002, 12:55 PM
Hi All,

I also agree with Ira & Bob, I think we should ONLY use this board for specific UK issues. At the moment I can't think of any issues that could ONLY be addressed by UK users alone. It would be a pity to split the available resorces, this I feel would not benefit anyone. I have often found, the answers for some of my problems have already been posted in other threads.

Keith George

01736 763730

04-29-2002, 01:50 PM
Yet another in agreement:

My brief details are as follows:
George Hutchin
Solihull Business & Computer Services. Solihull West Midlands.
Have been an Alpha user since 1991 (Version 1)
Have written many applications and have clients all over the UK. The biggest application is used by the record industry for collecting and mailing out for "pop" bands. In exccess of 4.5 million names and addresses.
Have migrated to Alpha 4.5 for several application but still like Alpha4 Version 7.

Looking forward to the new version and the "re-launch" of Alpha Software in the UK.

Shaun Holt
10-27-2002, 09:12 AM
Hello All,

I am new to Alpha V and have been involved with a small migration project from Alpha IV to V v4.5.

I am slowly developing my knowledge of this product and hope to become a meaningful contributor.

Best Wishes


James Whitehead
01-03-2003, 03:09 AM
James Whitehead
Only started to use Alpha 5 today
I have used Access 2.0,95,2000 and SQL Server 7.0 and SQL 2000.

I am looking for a better front end than Access, I want to use Alpha for my SQL backend databases, is this possible not had much chance to look in great depth..