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Ross Watkins
09-08-2000, 08:06 AM
I can NOT believe that I can't figure out how to get this problem solved ... so here goes:

I print out receipts for customers. Each receipt has a 5 digit number. After the information is typed in, the record is saved. Then I go to the MAIN MENU, press Print, press the appropriate keystrokes for the correct range settings, then print out a receipt. This works just fine. Even when I want to print out a PAST receipt, I simply type in the receipt number, view in on the screen, press the MAIN MENU, then Print it out.

As long as I am inside the actual Alpha Four program, everything is just fine. But, when I make up the application and try to accomplish the same
thing, NOTHING is found in the range - therefore, nothing is printed.
The application is a very simple one ... and all it does is press all
the keystrokes in a MACRO instead of typing in all the keystrokes by
hand. Logically, there should be NO difference ... but after many
hours of "debugging", I am at a loss.

I am using Version 2.1 and I have a lot of experience setting up
numerous applications. This is the first time that I've had to print
SINGLE forms. Usually, I print complete reports and have NOT had the
need to print out SINGLE receipts until now.

I've read the manual over and over - read the various help screens
over and over. As of this post, NO LUCK!

So, I will anxiously await any helpful suggestions.

rick blanka
09-24-2000, 10:38 AM

Printing a single form assumes "current or 1." What happens when you are in the Alpha front end, is that the print is default to current, why because the index defaults to "record" and the record defaults to current. When you use the application side, the indexes are subjected to "range" change. You are possibly reindexing when you go to your app. This is where you have to force the indexing and range to be current. "Current" is the last form edited or created. The process to make this all work better is to create a saved search queue by entering G U global update. You will need to include this macro in your print menu (application). You can also create a print tool using scripts. Look in the A C (application create), and see if you have placed the appropriate database and index in the startup macro. If you need more help please
contact me.