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Bob Giebner
09-06-2000, 12:28 PM
From Win95, we used to be able to run multiple copies of A4V3. This was handy when you needed a one-time visual crosscheck of data between two data sets without developing another more complex one. As long as you had enough licenses to cover the instances of Alpha running, it worked fine. We can't do that any more.

Also, if Alpha locks up for some reason, closing the application manually with Win95 can be done, but you get this Error message when you attempt to restart Alpha:
LAN Error: duplicate adapter name - please reboot

and, of course, you must reboot if you want to access Alpha.

Now the fun part: This does not occur on all our computers on the LAN. It seems to me that this has occurred since upgrading from Netware 3 to Netware 4 on our server. I can't find any settings that are different between those that are still performing as before and the ones with problems.

Anyone got a clue?

Dan ONeill
09-12-2000, 06:16 AM
Bob, I assume you are using Windows98.

I found what seems to be a GREAT solution. I've been having a lot of File Locking problems lately. I noticed that when I pressed F3 (running A4v3) some of the Windows machines would take a long time to display the User Count and when it did the count was wrong. The machines that did this would always show the Network Type "NetWare/NetBIOS".
Also I noticed that when I started up A4v3 these machines took a long time before the "LOADING..." message would come up in the lower left. Machines that showed "NetWare" as the Network Type run much faster and display the correct User Count.

Here is what I did:

Double click the Network icon in Control Panel.
(We're using "Client For NetWare" of course)
Add protocol ... Microsoft, NetBEUI
Double click NetBEUI to modify Properties
Set as default protocol under the Advanced tab, click OK
Now double click the Ethernet Adapter to modify Properties
Under the Bindings tab UNCHECK NetBEUI, click OK
Go ahead and let your system reboot

Of course NetBEUI won't show up now under your installed network components but this little procedure will give you a clean "NetWare" network type for Alpha Four.

This fixed my "Duplicate LAN Adapter" problem too by the way.

Hope this Helps,

Dan O'Neill

Bob Giebner
09-12-2000, 08:58 AM
Wow, it works! Now how on earth did you figure this one out? Let's see...give it NetBEUI protocol then take it away from the adapter so that Alpha's user count works right. Awesome. Actually, it sounds like a glitch in the user count app that needs fixing.

This one needs to go into the FAQ as a bacon saver. You have no idea how irritating this problem has been. My users were resigned to dozens of reboots throughout the day. Incidentally, it also works on my Windows 95, OSR2.1

Dan ONeill
09-13-2000, 02:18 PM
How did I figure it out? Serendipity baby!
This problem was giving us a lot of grief too.
I noticed that one or two of our machines seemed to run without any problems and then noticed the "Network Type" (F3 in A4) just said NetWare. So I started to play around with the network settings based on some of the advice I received from this forum. I stumbled upon this little setup routine pretty quickly. I don't really know why it works but I would like to know. Anyway, our system has never run better. Glad I could help.

By the way Bob, thanks for the Virtual Beer.


Bob Giebner
09-14-2000, 07:21 AM
You're welcome...I can't stop grinning.

Paul Hafer
05-10-2001, 08:43 AM
Dear Dan (et.al.), I was excited to see the "LAN Error..." postings with the possible solution, and I hate to be a moron on this subject, but I need to ask if someone can provide a little further direction for me. I'm running A4V3 on a WIN98 computer that is networked to a WIN2K server. The program and data resides and is used exclusively on the WIN 98 station. I only encounter the LAN error after first having a different issue: I was preparing to print mail labels and upon executing the final command to print, A4 dumped to WIN desktop with this message: This Program has performed an illegal operation and will be terminated. Quit all and restart. Fault location: 0028:01D2 OK. If at this point I attempt to open A4, I THEN (and only then) get the "LAN Error: Duplicate adapter name - please rebbot" message. And A4 WONT run until I rebbot. Anyway, not knowing if following your suggested remedy would correct my print problem in A4, I at least thought it might accomplish something since I seem to have an if/then situation. So, I follwed your directions up to the "double click ethernet" . . . there is where I get a little stupid, I don't see "ethernet adapter".
If by this you mean TCP/IP (and I don't think you do), then when I click it and click the Bindings tab, I don't see any NetBEUI to uncheck. I realize I'm comfortably over my head in this, but if you can offer a little more detailed suggestion/direction for implementing the LAN Error fix, and the print error, I would be very grateful. Sorry this is so long, and thanks very much. Paul

Dick Cazier
06-30-2001, 11:40 AM
This discussion is great. I've got a slightly different problem that I need a solution for. I'm running A4V2 on a stand-alone PC. Not part of a network. Recently replace hard drive and upgraded to an AMD 800 mhz cpu and mother board. My tech reinstalled A4 from my original installation disks and put a shortcut on my desktop.

I can access the program, add, delete and modify data, but the LAN Error shows up when I try to print a report. I can get all the way through the printing selection process, until I hit F10 to print. Then I get the Windows "Illegal Operation" message. I shut the program down and then reopen it from the desktop shortcut. That's when the LAN Error: duplicate adapter name. Please Reboot message appears. Any thoughts on solving this.

Ken L Herrold
07-02-2001, 10:21 AM
To Paul Hafer

Paul, I'm doing A4v6 on four different clients all using Win98 as thier network. Sounds like yours???

I use the Windows98 default settings which are TCP/IP with NewBios enabled. F3 displays 'NetBios' as the network and NO CRASHES. I have one client with 6 machines being 'hammered' 8 hours daily generating invoices and NO TROUBLE.

I hear these others rave about NetBeui and , frankly, with my experiences, I'd hate to even try it. L:ike fixing something that isn't even dented - much less - broken.

Now... Doesn't that blow your mind.


Mitch Blau
09-12-2002, 07:02 PM
I tried this fix for the error message above but it didn't help. I am using A4V4 on stand alone PCs and enjoy using multiple sessions of Alpha on the computers that it works on. I can't figure why it works on some and not on others. I am also having a problem with one computer that's been mysteriously locking up on . After closing Alpha with a Ctrl-Alt-Del, when you try to restart alpha, I get the same message and have to completely restart to get going again. By the way, this computer is one that does not allow for multiple sessions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mitch Blau