View Full Version : Why do files stay open after close?


Jeff Fried
08-04-2000, 01:52 PM
Strange, but true. After quitting out of a session of Alpha Four on a Win 98 network, some of the files remain open. Do any of you geniuses know 1) why they didn't close and 2) how to force them to close?

The problem is, if they do not close, it eventually leads to problems requiring a reboot. I can of course close all files by rebooting the server (where the A4 data is located), but I expect this shouldn't be required.

Thanks in advance for your help.

russ Boehle
08-07-2000, 01:39 PM
I suspect (but could be wrong) that what is happening is that you are closing Alpha in a way that does not use the normal quit menu item. The program does this when it crashes and dbf's aren't closed. it then requires a reboot to get past what appear to be the user limits.
I see this most when I am developing on a single user machine and screw up creating a loop which requires closing by using ctl-alt-del. The operating sys (win 98 in my case) sees the file as being in use on a single user system and requires a reboot. On a network with the unlimited runtime this is not an issue.