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Jerry Hyland
07-19-2000, 09:36 AM
Does anyone have the A4 decimal printer codes for an Epson 740 printer?
The codes would be similar to an Epson LQ-870, 1170, 2550, 570, etc.
We are trying to print reports that have lines on them and the
standard A4 LQ Series driver prints the lines as alpha characters
rather than lines. We are using version 6 and use the lines on the
reports as separators or to create boxes for packing lists, invoices,

I called A4 tech support and was then referred to Epson tech support.
Epson would only provide a web site with a 69 page Adobe document to
setup the printer, www.ercipd.com/isv/edr.htm

I wish Alpha had the personnel to write these drivers. I would be
willing to pay them for the driver. They could easily sell them
from their web site. I have seen numerous requests for printer drivers
in this forum.

Jerry Hyland
07-19-2000, 11:37 AM
I found a fix from a previous post from 7/7/1999.

I changed the setup code for the Epson LQ Series to:
27 64 27 116 01

This was posted for an Epson 850 but allows line drawing for the
Epson 740 as well.