View Full Version : Landscape printing with dot matrix


Bob Giebner
07-07-2000, 02:42 PM
Is it possible to print using a dot matrix printer, such as a Citizen GSX-230, laterally; i.e., landscape?

If so, how?

Daniel B. Murray
07-18-2000, 02:33 PM

Sorry I took so long to respond. Short answer, if the printer supports it,
it should be possible. What do you use for drivers for that thing? I noticed
only one standard print Citizen driver, and when I looked at typeset, they all
(or almost all) had the model # and then "Epson Mode" or "IBM Mode". There
did seem to be a few typeset printer drivers though. Have you tried any of
them ? Have you tried selecting from Portrait to Landscape under
I formerly used a Panasonic KXP-1124 dot matrix, and I remember printing
a article on the Alpha Board about Landscape printing with it.
Went looking for that article, and found that under Alpha 4, Tech Support, FAQS
"There are no frequently asked questions about this product."
Strange, Eh?