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Jason Faircloth
06-30-2000, 12:16 PM
I am trying to think up a way to let our person doing inventory post any number of kits of a certain part number. Right now a kit contains various amounts of 19-20 items. I could make a database defining the kits. But how can I make it post all those line items against our inventory? Any suggestions?


Ken L Herrold
07-02-2000, 05:47 PM

I had a similar situation I solved with a script that actually went to the items database and entered these receipts.

If the kits always contain the same 19-20 items - Yes - make a database with all those items in a slngle record for each kit. The script would then set variables to each of the items; open each line-listed part in that other database and add the number received. If you're in A4V6 you can easily open the records using 'find'; then use field_enter script command to increase the count for that single item. The script that I did ran unbelievably fast taking little more time than it took to display the activity dialog.

If you'd like more help, it's kherrold@csinet.net


Mike Konoff
07-03-2000, 06:19 AM
I tried something similiar to this a couple of years ago. I was using a SET.

Parent was PRODUCTION, child was PARTSBOM.

Entering the work order number in the production table returned the part id from the ORDER file. The part id would relate to all records in PARTSBOM matching part id. All component parts and finished assemblies had one record in PARTSBOM. The parent PRODUCTION was set to add-post to the field in PARTSBOM "stckqty" (stock-quantity) and the related components listed from PARTSBOM were set to subtract-post also to PARTSBOM for the parts that were used to make the completed assembly.

However, the only posting that occured was the parent PRODUCTION record, that would get add-post to the correct record in PARTSBOM, and the "first" and only the first related record in PARTSBOM would get subtract-posted. I fiddled with it, but could never get all the related parts in PARTSBOM to work correctly.

I'm sure some work with scripting could get the desired results, but at the time I was not familiar with scripting to do that. Maybe not even now.

But anyway, that's how I tried to tackle the issue.

Kindest regards,

PS: I did find that if I tabbed to the related PARTSBOM region in the Production Record entering screen, highlighted each related record and put each child record in "change" mode and then saved by pressing F10, the post would work for all related records. I didn't think the time required to do that to post anywhere from 2 to 25 components used would be worth the effort unless done automatically.