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Mike Sneyvalt
06-13-2000, 06:47 PM
Databases work great, but the colors hurt my eyes. What settings am I missing to make screens look the same as they were in w98.

Robert Picard
06-14-2000, 08:25 AM
Hi Mike

The problem cound be your video driver. The driver you use in WIN 2000 could be different from WIN 98.

The other thing is to check the colour depth settings for your videw board. WIN 2000 might have reset them during the change over, i.e. from 64k to 256.

Hope this helps


Albert Cain
06-18-2000, 09:46 PM
This is the first I have heard of someone using Windows 2000 with Alpha Four successfully. Am I correct that you have Alpha running well in this new operating system with the exception of the color problem? Would you recommend Windows 2000 as a replacement for 95/98/NT?

Al Cain

Mike Sneyvalt
06-19-2000, 02:53 PM
I now use W2K exclusively, although I have set up a dual boot system with w98. I did'nt know how A4V3 would react with my work computer, so I could always go to w98 to operate these databases. Alpha four has been stable and reliable, although the curser acts a little slow, may some tweaking will fix that. The colors are weird however, I heard that some damage could occur to my databases if I tried to customize them in w2k, so I edited the colors in windows 98 to make them look better in w2k, still not the best, but once you get your computer working good in 2000, you'll never go back to w98.

06-20-2000, 09:03 AM

The difference is Mike is using A4V3, not A4V6. A4V3 does not use a DOS extender, and would not experience the same problems (not to say there are not other problems) as A4V6. The key problem with version 3 is getting 585k or more of free DOS memory to make it run reliably.

As to your problem with colors, try to run win 2000 in 16 bit or higher color, try full screen mode, and as a last resort try -C on the command line which forces A4 into an "EGA" mode (OK - who out there still knows what EGA was?! :?)


Ira J. Perlow
Computer Systems Design & Associates

Robert Picard
06-20-2000, 09:27 PM
I do ! I do!!