View Full Version : A4V6.2 hangs during load


Dale Hartshorn
06-07-2000, 03:31 PM
I have used a4v6.2 for several months on my Win98 machine. Lately it sometimes hangs while startin A4 and I have to reboot. I do a ctrl-alt-del and shut down alpha but nothing else works either and I have to reboot the machine. I end up with run32.dll as the only thing left in the dialog box that pops up with the ctrl-alt-del.

This usually happens later in the day. I have loaded other software programs in the last month but nothing that should affect how A4 loads up.

Other machines in our office run without problems. Anyone know of any quirks related to A4 and other programs that I should know about?

Thanks for listening

Ken L Herrold
06-13-2000, 12:28 PM

Is the startup batch for you application on this machine using 'alpha.exe' or 'a4.bat'?

I recall one time I had this problem and it was because I was using alpha.exe. The a4.bat checks available upper memory and writes to a file whose name I can't recall, within the program directory.

Just a thought.