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john sadler
05-29-2000, 05:51 AM
We just transfered an app from a single user to a multi user situation and I am getting "File not found or Access denied" over and over and over... (ugh!).
I'm running a peer to peer, Win98 network on just 2 machines. I've got "NetBios" when I press the F3 key on both (I've been reading some great answers here already and have already tried to debug with those solutions).
The error only occurs when I try to switch betwwen sets. I have one set that is fine on both machines at the same time, but all my others give me that error.
Sorry to ask for answers to a question I see out here already, but I'm stumped. I'm not running index updates or reports when i try to switch from set to set, it's just a simple switch (using the A4 "switch" command).
Anxiously awaiting loads of help (please please please *grin*).
John Sadler

Gerry Barton
06-22-2000, 11:42 AM

I have hade this challenge myself. I hope this helps.

The "Access Denied" error has occured for when I did one of two things.

1) try to run a second copy of the Alpha program at the same time, asWindows is multi-taking, Alpha is not. (this can happen easily if you run in full screen mode and cannot see the Windows taksbar)or 2)did not create the desktop file (*.dtn) while running in a network file "Shared" mode. If you are unsure, re-create your desktop in the network mode, save it and overwrite.

Cheers - Gerry

john sadler
06-23-2000, 06:49 AM
Thanks so much for the help. Just 48 hours ago I stumbled aross this myself purely by chance. I noticed that on one compouter my sets in my desktop were Exclusive where on the other computer they were Shared. I opened them outside the desktop and they were Shared so I made a new desktop of my sets from within the network and everything was magically fixed. What a simple "repair". Made me want to dance and sing!
Thanks again.