View Full Version : Problems w/ Filters and Constant Record Processing


Carmen Mattei
05-22-2000, 01:05 PM
We have recently upgraded to Alpha 4 v6 from Alpha 4 v2. Everything transferred correctly, except we are having problems locating records. When we do a search for someone, using a first name/last name search, the record does not come up. Sometimes when we type in HU for the last name, it brings up McN. The records is definitely there, but we can not bring it up.

At the bottom right hand corner there is a note that says Filter A. Could this have something to do with our problem? How do I inactivate Filters?

Also, everytime we do a Find or use the arrow keys to see another record, teh system processes all of our records. Why does this occur and how can we stop it if that is possible?

Thank you.

Tom Devlin
05-22-2000, 03:25 PM
If you are not in an application, Go to the Alpha Main menu
and press Index Range F7 0 {enter}. You are now out of your filter
and Can choose an index and find a record.
You get stuck in ranges w/filters because someone used a saved Range.
Tom Devlin