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Tom Haynes
05-17-2000, 06:53 AM
I upgraded the memory in my PII-233 from 32Mg to 160Mg.
Prior to that time, Alpha4v4 was running in a window under Win98
just fine. Now I can reach the program and opening menu for any
database, but when I select "View Records", I get the Error
Message, "Out of Memory!". This is obviously wrong insofar as
the total memory is concerned. Can anyone suggest a solution
that will allow me to get up and running again. Oh by the way,
I reloaded the program on a different drive and it will run in
DOS mode, but not in a window in Win98 either

05-17-2000, 07:06 AM

Create a shortcut to run Alpha 4. Edit the properties of the Shortcut as follows;

Program Tab: Close on Exit should be checked
Memory Tab:
Conventional Memory=Auto
Expanded (EMS) Memory=None
Extended (XMS) Memory= 6144 to 8192
Uses HMA can be optionally checked
MS-DOS protected-mode (DPMI) memory=6144 to 8192 (same as Extended)
Misc Tab: Backgroun Always Suspend must be unchecked

This should solve your problem. Incidently, this problem only shows up when you have 64 Megs or more in your system.


Ira J. Perlow
Computer Systems Design & Associates

Bob Torstenson
07-17-2000, 12:05 PM
Yes! Thank you for that bit of Information. I have had the "out of Memory" error happeneing to me on several occasions.. it has caused me to have to change to a different machine to get it working.
This was when I tried to View or Browse..
Thank you Again!

Bob T.