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Laurie Dahler
07-05-2002, 06:19 AM
Are we going to be able to upgrade directly from V1.02 to V5.0?
How expensive is v5.0 for multiple users? Is V5.0 as safe as v1.02 as far as not allowing the users to play with the programs????? Is there a runtime program for V5.0?
I would really like to upgrade but have many concerns....

07-05-2002, 11:51 PM

Version 5 has the runtime. Prices have not been anounced. I think the sooner you upgrade, the better. The longer you wait, the harder it will get, and version 4 and up offer a wealth of features that version 1 could only dream of. (I agree, it was a great program and still is in many respects, but it has grown into so much more!)

Here's the scoop...

How difficult the upgrade depends a lot on how intense the app is.

When you do the upgrade, make a new folder for your version 5 files and COPY your version 1 files into it. Always keep a spare back up, too. Protect the original files!

Before you copy version 1 files to the new version 5 folder, you should undelete/unmark the deleted/marked records in every table. It might be wise to do this on a spare copy of the files; again, protect the original files! This is very easy.

There are some minor differences in a couple Xbasic statements. If you wrote custom XBasic scripts, you will need to review and modify them to the new XBasic format. How easy this is depends on how much custom scripting there is.

You undoubtedly have buttons (made with the version 1 genie that writes the scripts for you) that you will have to recreate with the Version 5 genie. This is drop and drag, and is very easy.

You will also need to open every form, browse, card stack, report, operation, etc. once and save them (automatically) with the latest format. This is easy.

There were a few small changes in the way certain functions handled arguments. This may or may not affect you, depending on whether you used those functions or not. I do not recall which functions were updated. After completing the above procedures, run the original version 1 app (a demo copy) next to the updated app, watching for errors.

This board doesn't get much attention anymore, but watch this thread for a few days for feedback from others that I may have missed! It's been a while since I've upgraded a Version 1 app. If memory serves, it wasn't too bad, but there were a few "exception" errors that would kick you out of Version 4. Just watch what you are doing so that if this occurs, you know what you did to cause it. You can repair it from there...


07-06-2002, 06:47 AM

On a hunch, I double checked something. "Card stacks" are no longer supported in version 5. The new concept is to use forms based on a "dummy" table. You will need draw out your card stack and recreate it in version 5.


Thomas Henkel
07-09-2002, 06:34 AM
All of Craig's comments are apropriate. We are in the throes of converting to version 5. We have a MASSIVE ver 1 aplication with many ver intense xbasic scripts. The learning curve is slow, but it seems to be geting better. Ver 5 offers so much more that you won't need quite everything you wrote in ver 1. You will certainly need to get used to the "modeless" data entry that is new in ver 5. It is definitely worth the time and effort to convert. One thing I noticed is that many of the scripts underneath buttons on a form have dissappeared. You will need to recreate them. The card system doesn't exist. Your typical "return" button has a "card_return()" under it. THAT WILL NOT WORK. Just be aware and it is not so bad.

If there is anything else I think of, I will post it. If you have specific questions, e-mail me. I will try to help. Most people who frequent the Forum upgraded years ago, and may not remember most of teir tribulations. We are right in the middle of te conversion now.

Good Luck,


John Magno
07-31-2002, 08:55 PM
I have just finished upgrading a very complicated Accounting app from 1.02 to 5.0 with very few issues. Mostly db_reset stuff. See my post in the code archive for automatically upgrading your forms to v5 with the xbasic code I posted.